Jan 7th, 2013

In previous years at CES we’ve seen several different interesting waterproofing technologies, for example Liquipel’s magical waterproofing last year and Zagg has similar solutions. In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Hz0 either: you may recall when we reported their waterproofing of the Galaxy S2 way back in November 2011.

Well they’re back and this time they’re bullying demo Android devices with beer, orange juice, fruit punch, water, and other nasty liquids. If anyone was foolish enough to think beer and Android didn’t mix delightfully, think again:

The difference between Hz0 and their competitors? Hz0 representatives claims it’s the difference in sealing technology. Hz0’s product is based on nanotechnology, allegedly less porous than the competition and therefore offering greater protection. According to Hz0, that’s why Liquipel and Zagg wouldn’t dare rip open the battery case, expose some internals, yet still drop a phone into a bucket of water with music still playing.

If you ask the folks at Liquipel and Zagg, I’m sure they would tell you a much different story. Regardless of what story they tell you, I want to hear the story from OEMs and carriers: why aren’t these waterproofing services included by default on every phone you offer? Oh, let me guess: because you make more money selling replacements for broken water damaged phones than tacking on additional costs on each device.

Exactly. Let’s hear from you in the comments if you think the majority of high end phones should be waterproofed by default. And, well, let’s hear from you if you disagree as well.

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