Feb 27th, 2012

This video truly looks like a magic trick: watch him dunk a tissue in water, pull it out, and have the tissue be absolutely 100% dry. Now take that concept, apply the same special coating to your phone , and you’ll have a lot of happy campers. It will still be painfully obnoxious to retrieve your phone after dropping it in the toilet, but at least under these circumstances, you’ll have a working gadget and not a waterlogged brick.

The company behind this technology is called Liquipel and they weren’t alone at ShowStoppers where this demo took place. At least two other companies with near identical displays and demos were sharing their wares too. Regardless which company provides the services, this is something OEMs and carriers need to get on board with: waterproofing should come standard on the vast majority of smartphone models.

Right now, Liquipel is only offered on about 10 devices including Android Phones like the Samsung Droid Charge, but they’re adding new models to their lineup every day. Simply pay $59, ship your phone to Liquitel, they put it through their special machines that apply the waterproof coating, and ship you back your new impermeable pocket machine.

With so many phones breaking each year due to water damage – whether that means spilling your spiced pumpkin latte all over it, getting pushed in a pool fully clothed, or simply running to your car in the rain – I’m guessing carriers and manufacturers make a LOT of money each year from consumer clumsiness. Liquitel and waterproofing in general is a no-brainer for the consumer and $59 is peas in comparison to how much trouble and money it will save you. Right now, the main concern for consumers is parting with their prized possession while Liquipel works their wonders. From what I heard, it takes about a week to send, apply the coating, and get your device back. I’d suggest doing this RIGHT when you buy a phone but BEFORE you switch over to using it.

If Liquipel had retail stores or a service like this was offered inside a store like BestBuy, would you use it? How about if it was a drop-off today and pickup tomorrow kind of thing- would you be more inclined?