Is this really our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S4?


Alright, put on your skeptic’s hat. The above image is making the rounds with the claim that it is our first look at the Samsung Galaxy S4. If it is, it looks like we will finally see Samsung ditch the physical home button and possibly move toward Android’s virtual navigation buttons. We say possibly because there is always a chance that capacitive navigation buttons are present but simply not illuminated (we have seen this on previous Samsung handsets).

It also appears that Samsung is looking to squeeze a rumored 4.99-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display into the smallest frame possible by deploying a nearly bezel-less setup. Other reported specs include a 2GHz quad-core Exynos chipset, 2GB of RAM, and a 13MP camera.

The design itself seems to return to the roots of the Samsung flagship franchise with a look that resembles that of the original Galaxy S more than the most recent device in the line, the Galaxy S3. While it’s probably a bit much to call that original design a classic, it would certainly be nice to see Samsung pay homage (if that’s the intention, anyway).

Now, we’re not saying this definitely is the real deal. We’re not saying it isn’t. Either way, it’s worth giving this particular image a good, hard look. If it does turn out to be genuine, it raises another intriguing question. Will we see the Galaxy S4 at CES as initially rumored?

[via SamMobile]

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  1. i dont think this is it

  2. I dont think its the S4. I believe Samsung’s design of the S3 is a direct result of ongoing patent battles with Apple, and a move back to rectangular with rounded corners would land this back in Apple’s crosshairs. As much as I would prefer the rectangular design, I think its off the table for Samsung

    1. You know I find it completely ridiculous that even though many other OEMs use the very same design shape they are not getting sued in even close to the manner Samsung is. Why? The only real difference I see is that Samsung has consistently been successful thus pulling market share out of apples hands. Jobs wasn’t mad because he though he invented the rectangle. He was mad because someone was wiping the floor with him at his own game. To me it’s 100% clear they are using patents to try and take out the competition instead of what they were meant for. If they really felt how they say EVERY OEM that makes a rectangular phone would have a HUGE lawsuit on their hands, but they don’t. Only the most successful one/ones. Sorry /rant

    2. good point there

  3. I would be very surprised to see Samsung go away from the current design of the S3 and Note2. They seemed pretty proud of that design and put a lot of work into it. Also, it seems to be working.

  4. Whatever it is, its beautiful <3

  5. nope. this is a n2 without the home button

    1. Note a Note 2 per se. Light sensors and Camera too low, side power button too high. Could have photoshopped them that way. Bezel is also too small on the sides.

      1. all those points are true, but really believe it’s just a photoshop job. the note 2 would be incredibly easy to photoshop into this image

      2. Look like the took a Note 2 and photoshopped the camera/sensors from the SGS3, made the black part for the screen larger, and removed the buttons.

        1. You’re right. Look at the phone screen. There is a predominant diagonal line going through. Light gray on the left, and black on the right. Also the camera flash seems to go through to the black side. If the flash of the light made it to that black side, there would be a gradient from light gray to black. The colors just change to abruptly.

          Also the light from the white light from the flash goes straight from the phone onto the table. How is it the same amount of light from the flash is being reflected? I’m sure the phone screen would be able to reflect more light than that table. And that’s also another thing. The phone screen isn’t reflecting anything. If you took a picture of your phone screen. you’d see something, the photographer, ceiling, something. Your big head. LoL!!

          I obviously have way too much time on my hands. =.P

          1. You do,but you are definitely speaking the truth.. :P

  6. Time to start this again already huh? No matter what image we spy until anytime within a month of launch is BS. I’m sure Samsung will be using fake housings like last year since it kept the actual phone under wraps very well.

  7. I thought htc is coming out with a 4.6 inch 1080p phone in a even smaller frame and more ppi. M7 the one x successor in a few days CES13!

    1. I’m pretty sure its 5″ just like the Droid DNA.

  8. The specs leave something to be desired. Other than the 1080p screen my Note 2 is just as powerful. Good to see the Note 2 is going to be future proofed for at least a year.

    1. Really? Your note has a a15 processor in it?

  9. Gs2 epic 4G tough anyone,,?

  10. Rectangle? Rounded corners? They are soooo gonna get sued!

    1. That’s what I was thinking, call the lawyers.

  11. I rather prefer the slightly bowed sides of the S3 and am not a big fan of the completely straight sides shown here.

    Also, fwiw, I’d rather stay with the slightly smaller 4.8″ screen and retain the physical home button.

    In short, if this is what the S4 is going to be, no thanks.


  12. Don’t move away from capacitive buttons!

    1. Don’t move away…RUN away!

      1. seriously dude? Capacitive buttons are awesome…i’d hate to have the soft buttons take up real estate

        1. Yeah, seriously…dude.

          48 pixels is 48 pixels. I’ll live.

        2. I tried out the Nexus 4 for a week or so, and wasn’t sure if I was going to like software buttons, but I really did. The screen real estate was smaller than my S3’s though, so it felt like a step backward in that respect. But If the S4 screen is going to increase to 4.99″ then I’d happily ditch the physical and capacitive buttons. I’d hope for some new way to wake the device though, aside from the power button. Something like the Nokia N9’s “double-tap to wake” would be perfect.

  13. 2GB RAM? I think it’s time to move on to 4GB.

    1. We just got devices with 2GB of ram in the 2nd have of this year, a little too pushy.
      With the N4 even after days of usage I still have like 700 mb of free memory.
      And I never use any task killer, or even manually kill apps, unless it’s stuck, which rarely happens anymore.
      Not saying I wouldn’t take it, but to act like their dragging their feet is crazy. 2GB of ram is very roomy for Android, plus adding more ram generally leads to lower battery life, unless their is some advancement in ram technology.

      1. Is your middle initial “G”?

        “Call J.G. Wentworth. 877-Ca$h-Now!!”

    2. If I don’t have enough RAM to run a production web server off the S4 it’s definitely a deal breaker. 64 GB of RAM or go home.

      1. At least someone else understood that I was joking.

    3. 4GB? Why not 8GB, ram is so cheap these days. Heck, throw in 16GB, might as well since they already charge $700 for a phone that should really retail for $299 unsubsidized.

      1. It might be a little early to say that they should be retailed for $299 unsubsidized, but I wish they all were. I only payed $300 for my Nexus 4 :)

    4. No, phones are good with 2gb of ram. But I think its time for tablets to get 4gb or ram.

    5. I think you guys are overlooking the fact that all production ARMs are 32 bit, hence android is a 32bit operating system so it won’t be able to handle anything beyond 4GB.

  14. Kevin we can only dream they announce this at CES next week, doubt it though. CES sounds like an big disappointment this year unless your into LG wash machines. Seems sad that CES has almost become a joke for the most part.

  15. Ahhhh you smell that? The fresh scent of lawsuit.

  16. Looks just like the iPhone 5

    1. please stop the bs. looks nothing like that elongated thing

  17. conjectures & heresay!

  18. Photoshop

  19. I hope not, I think Samsung needs a new design route.
    This design can’t compete with htc as far as looks go.

    1. And the GS3 couldn’t compete with the One X when it came to looks last year either, but that turned out pretty well for Samsung.

      If this is the GS4 then I think it looks “good enough”, just as the GS3 was “good enough” in the looks department. It’s what a phone can DO that I really care about.

      And normal consumers will flock to it when they see advertising for the features they can’t get on the “market-leading smartphone” (I’m not naming it).

  20. Samsung will launch the Galaxy S3 at their own launch event, not at CES. They’re second only to iPhone, why wouldn’t they use their own press event?

  21. No one gonna comment on the PENTILE display reflecting out?! Hahaha.

  22. I want my physical home button. There, I said it… it’s convenient.

  23. Fake because you can see the mirrored reflection effect at the bottom of the phone that you can do in photoshop and the flash effect was just added to this image. With the flash you should be able to see a slight silhouette of the person taking the picture.

  24. I doubt that it is real but, with that said, if it is real then we should know in a few days.

  25. Design looks ok, not really concerned, Samsung normally does fine on desgin.
    I hope one and only one thing is definitely true.
    The lack of capacitive buttons, it’s time to drop the capacitive buttons, go with that idea
    whether or not this is a valid render.

  26. What’s it called the Samsung Galaxy S3 S ? looks exactly the same – just no Home Screen buttons (which I like)

  27. Apparently the big new specs game is over now, OEM’s are going to concentrate on their brands this year – – according to an article I read today.

  28. apple gonna sue in 1 2 3.
    plus its fake anyway. though im excited for it

  29. “reliable sources” kinda like the “reliable sources” that had the information on the new JB features, right? It’s obvious this is just a bad Photoshop job. That’s probably the main reason they took a picture of the monitor instead of just sending in the actual image. think about it and stop posting obvious bullshit.

  30. I really hope they dont drop the physical home button, but until i hear an official press release from Samsung ill just wait to criticize

  31. I seriously doubt it. Samsung just updated their Chromebox, with the only difference being the shell no longer reminds people of the Mac Mini (and iPhone 4) because it consists of a white round-ish shell like that of the GSIII. So, that makes me think Samsung is sticking the the whole “nature” and roundness thing.

  32. Nice looking device!! Samsung isn’t a personal favorite but bet this phone is sweet..

  33. Yes, yes it is. Yes, this really is the first look at the Samsung Galaxy S4.

  34. its a photo shopped note 2….guys at phandroid please stop spreading fake rumors.

  35. its probably an early prototype.

  36. I remember when the S3 launched and everyone was complaining how ugly it looked. Its now one of the most popular smartphones ever.

  37. Wouldn’t surprise me, all the Galaxy phones look the same.

  38. and i hate the white color. com on samsung don’t use white on your phones. use blue black or red. but still nice even if its fake

  39. Incomping apple patent complaint in 3…2…


  40. Samsung, my biggest complaint is that you have yet to embrace the on-screen navigation buttons. Enough with the relics!

    I still have had a Galaxy S I, II, and III, but c’mon.

  41. Looks lyk a stretched Epic 4G Touch. =.P

    But yay!! I hope they go with On-screen buttons. I could add a search button, get rid of the recent apps button, and keep my menu button on the screen. That’ll be my setup.

    The only thing I wonder about almost no side bezel is cases.

  42. I also doubt this is the final version but it doesn’t look bad at all.

  43. The colors of refracted light could mean that is an RGB OLED screen ;)

  44. capacitive buttons.. yay. that would be nice. i like them on my Nexus S. i’ve been really looking forward to the release of the GS4. would be nice to see them continue to support microSD, NFC and wireless charging.

  45. I hope samsung didnt use virtual navigation button..
    I really don’t like how those button eat the space of our screen…
    hope they have the capacitive button like epic touch instead… and still keep up external memcard plus removable batteries…

  46. I think the GS3 is much better looking than this, so I’m pretty positive this will not be the GS4

  47. Wish they would reduce top and bottom bezel as much as possible. Put Samsung logo on back, or to left of earpiece. Lower bezel unneeded.

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