Don’t forget to sign up for Droid World in San Francisco this February


With CES looming (our team is headed out to Vegas as early as tomorrow!) it’s hard to realize that anything will be going on afterward, but don’t forget that February will yield a lot of great events. One of those events is Droid World, a natural extension of Apps World where developers will converge to speak about the exciting and challenging world of mobile application development for Android.

The event will feature a lot of key speakers and panelists, and a few new folks have been added to the list of those you’ll want to lend an ear to once they take the stage at the Moscone Center starting February 7th. Folks like Tom Chavez, a NOOK Developer Evangelist for Barnes & Noble, will be on hand, as well as Android Developers Cookbook author Jim Steele, Comcast’s Eric Schrag and more.

Everything will be discussed, from the business aspects of application development right down to the nitty-gritty manipulation of code itself. There will be two days of workshops which will be free to attend for anyone interested, so if you can make your way to San Francisco and are interested in development for the biggest mobile platform there is, then there’s no reason you should miss it. Be sure to head to the Droid World site for more information and to register for what is sure to be a great time in Silicon Valley.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is in my backyard. Sounds really boring though.

  2. I’m going.

  3. my boss won’t let me leave for vacation. stuck in Hawaii …..

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