Nova Launcher 2.0 adds loads of new features


Fans of Nova Launcher will be watering at the mouth when they see what the latest version — which happens to be 2.0 — has in store for them. There’s a massive list of changes and new options to be had so let’s take a look and see what 2.3MB upgrade will bring you.

Starting with those who own the premium Nova Launcher Prime package, paying users can now customize the size of icons for app shortcuts, and will also be able to perform swipe actions on any of those icons.

The common crop of changes include custom wallpaper cropping, an infinite scroll drawer setting, a new alphabetical list view for the drawer, a setting for making small dock icons, an option to keep the launcher in memory for faster access and more.

Nova launcher has quickly ascended to the thone as the go-to launcher for those on Android 4.0 and higher, and that’s for good reason. No other Holo-based launcher is touching its list of features and customization options, and the app is backed by one of the most active developers you’ll find in the Play Store. Give it a whirl if you haven’t already, and if the Prime version adds even more value for your particular needs you can buy that for just about $4.

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  1. Not really a fan of Nova but will check out the new version. I prefer my launcher clean & simple so I have been using Zeam for a long while now.

    1. I used to like zeam, though development has been non existent.

  2. How is this compared to Apex? That’s what I’ve been using since I got my S3

    1. Apex already has most of theses features. Both are quite complete, but after using both for month, I’m back on the standard home, the performance was never close to it and the “plus” factor was finally not enough for me.

      It mainly depends if you customize a lot or not your desktop and drawer.

      1. Apex can’t create folders in drawer, making it impossible for me to use as I have over 300 apps installed. Nova is the best.

        1. Yes it can. But in the pro version only. Nova just added this missing feature ;)


            Pro Exclusive Features

            Multiple configurable drawer tabs

  3. Thrown, throne…it’s all just a game. ;)

  4. Love this launcher!
    The new features just make it awesome…er!

  5. I was just coming to reply with the same thing. Either it’s voice typing or our educational system has failed us. Ugh.

    1. lol

  6. wait, so it just now has the option to alphabetize your apps?

  7. You have custom wallpaper cropping listed twice

    1. Jeez, I should stop writing at 1am -_-

      1. we figured you really liked wallpaper cropping…

  8. Maybe Apex and Nova can combine?
    Or maybe not. (Thinks of how SmartStay EX worked out.)

  9. I a using Apex for awhile and figures I’ll give Nova a chance. Nova is much smoother so I’m sticking with it. Only thing is with Apex you can hide apps with the free version.

  10. I love Nova! Or do I love Apex? I always get them mixed up. Rassa frassa two four-letter, two-syllable names…

    1. Actually, it reads “thone”, but we get it. :)

    2. It says thone!

      1. Engrish is hard, apparently.

  11. Loved using this launcher before I was CM based. The new features sound great, although I can’t remember thinking it needed any more features when I was using it.

    I hope they still focus on speed and memory too, and not just adding stuff.

  12. Best damn launcher available. Fact.

  13. No launcher touches the list of specs except the Apex launcher which has most if not all these features already.

  14. The first few 2.0 betas fixed my widgets issue… I was unable to place a widget from the app/widget launcher. But with the newer betas, and now the official 2.0 apk, I am no longer able to. Instead, I have to long press the home screen and use the widget list to add a widget. -Verizon Galaxy S3-

    Other than that issue, this launcher is awesome. I especially like being able to make my icons larger; and being able to add secondary swipe functions to my icons.

  15. When Nova adds horizontal dock (bottom) for tablets I might switch from ADW Launcher, which is king right now! Fact! :-)

  16. I’ve always felt like Apex was just a little bit smoother and more intuitive. Plus, how can you say no other launcher touches nova? Apex has had most of those features for a long time now.

  17. Had Nova pro on s2 but bought apex after upgrade.. Nova’s fine but I’m happy with apex…

  18. I’ve used both but bought prime and never changed back it does what i need nothing wring with either just found best fit nova

  19. What about Apex Launcher? Which one do you prefer?

  20. ADWLauncher EX has same feature set as Apex and Nova. What gives it the edge to me is “Dock Reflections” which looks awesome and on my Nexus 7 I can have the dock on the bottom in landscape mode. Apex does landscape . . . Nova doesn’t, and neither have the cool reflections.

    1. BTW, I paid for all three!

  21. I’ve had Nova Launcher on my One X for a few months and have loved it. But since the 2.0 update, I’ve noticed a significant lag especially on the transition effects – it’s just not as smooth as it used to be. Is it time to try another launcher?

  22. Apex and Nova are almost exactly the same. SSLauncher is ORIGINAL, and completely different… just there are some annoying gotchas, like once an app is in a folder, it is not visible anywhere else, and the transitions between pages names cuts on, which is jerky and ugly… but is far more flexible and customiseable than either Apex or Nova. I use Nova.

  23. Weird, my comments keep getting deleted! Hello?

  24. Apex and Nova are almost identical. I use Nova, but IMO they are all very samey. SSLauncher is original, but flawed, so I do not use it… but much more interesting and more customiseable. The new Ubuntu for Android is also a lot more interesting than either Apex or Nova or LauncherPro or ADW or Go… all pretty much the same!

  25. Apex=smoother. Is “smoother” a word?

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