HTC M7 to be made official during next week’s CES? [RUMOR]


HTC has been doing a pretty good job at keeping a tight lid on their upcoming HTC M7. A device rumored to be packing the highest-end of specs, the M7 will essentially be the GSM version of the HTC Droid DNA for the “rest of us.” Where normally we see major global device announcements at Mobile World Congress, CES may have a little something special for us as well.

According to tipster extraordinaire Football4PDA — who accurately leaked details on the HTC One X+ and Droid DNA in the past — HTC could make the M7 officially official at CES in just a few short days. While this sounds highly unlikely, it’s not too far fetched given HTC could be attempting to get the jump on MWC and the buzz that’s likely to be surrounding the Galaxy S4 and other high-end devices. What’s more, the tipster also mentioned the M7 could come with software buttons ala the Galaxy Nexus, and not capacitive buttons along the bezel. Can’t say I was too happy at that development (if the bezel is just empty space, why not use it?), but keep in mind this was all “indirect” information and not from Football’s normal sources.

As an Android fanboy first and HTC lover second, I can’t even begin to describe how hyped I am for this next generation of devices. While I can’t say I was too crazy about the DNA’s design (too Verizon-ie), I’m hoping HTC pulls out all the stops for their next flagship, showing the rest of OEM’s what true smartphone design is all about.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. if it looks remotely like the concept with on screen buttons, that will be truly the most beautiful smartphone ever created!

    1. No onscreen buttons! >:O

      1. :poop: hmm… I guess it only works on facebook bahahaha

  2. hope it got a 3k mhz battery in it.

    1. That’s a fast battery O_o

      1. haha ops. i meant mah

        1. Hey, no editing or I’ll look like a doofus :p

          1. He said mah, not mph… Can’t u read? u doofus

          2. @JulianZHuang:disqus Told ya :/

  3. Having a “7” in the name of this device makes it sound like this device runs Windows Phone 7. Not only that, HTC’s last GSM flagship was the HTC One X. So why can’t HTC just name this phone the “HTC X2” instead of the M7 so not to confuse customers?

    1. That’s just the codename for it. Like the One X was originally called the Endeavor or Edge. It will change for sure.

      1. I’m glad you said that. I was gonna ask whats up with the “7”. Its not 7″ big or anything so its kinda pointless.

  4. If it has a micro SD slot then I’m sold

  5. Yay bring on the onscreen buttons and give me a 5+ inch screen and I’m on board

    1. No on screen buttons!

  6. I would love this on AT&T.

  7. Onscreen buttons………….Booooooo!!!!!

    1. Possibly. But hopefully not :p

    2. Like Chris said, hopefully NOT!

  8. I am so confused on HTC’s flagship names. Can’t you just name it HTC One X^2? I don’t even know anymore what’s their flagship before One X. was it the desire or the amaze 4g? :firstworldproblems:

    1. meh, I dont care what they call it. Just make it sexyful and release it!

  9. I had read that it would release using Sprint/Verizon’s network. Aren’t they CDMA?

    1. Well, Sprint will likely get it as a sequel to the EVO LTE. I’m sure they’ll change a fair amount of stuff on it adding a kickstand, SD slot, waffle maker and spinner rims.

      Verizon already has the M7. It’s called the DNA. :p

      1. HTC should do what Samsung did! make one device for every carrier and no exclusivity.

        1. If HTC could, they would. Problem is carriers dictate all that stuff. They want something different than what the competition is offering.

          Samsung was able to make a name for themselves by spending $1 billion in advertising to puff up the S3 for its launch. HTC doesn’t have that kinda funds.

          1. They did it with the Touch Pro 2.

      2. What,no fuzzy dice?

  10. I got my hand on the DNA today and I would have to disagree with you. From an external design /materials perspective, that phone was nearly perfect. The software, on the other hand, was a different story.

    1. Yeah, as much as I like Sense’s looks, it’s still manages to bog down the DNA’s quad-core S4. It’s either that or possibly slower RAM. Not sure.

      Looks is always subjective and personally, I find the look of the One X to be pure smartphone perfection.

  11. Totally disagree. I must have software buttons. HTC is looking good again.

  12. This phone is gone be a beast. Hope it works on T-Mobile AWS band.

  13. Chris, I disagree :P
    After the 8x, HTC’s DNA is quite an attractive device…i wouldn’t say the look is “Verizon-ie” LOL as Sprint’s Evolte has a similar color scheme on it, doesn’t it?

    1. Yeah, I guess you could also call it “Sprint-ie” but Verizon’s team colors are red and black so I went with that.

      Personally, I don’t like the red aluminum accents on the side and the general shape of the back. 8X’s design is a winner. I actually have a blue one :)

      ‘Course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some would say I’m a handsome man, though most would disagree. :p

      1. You got an 8x :P

        I’m actually switching my work phone from a T-mobile Galaxy Note 2 and I am moving over to a red 8x on Verizon :P

        I think the delusional android fans who think Nokia will bring a Lumia style should hope that HTC brings their 8 line to android…i could see that being a good selling point for HTC :)

        1. It’s a beautiful phone. Just needs moar appz :/

        2. I agree the 8x style HTC ripped off from Nokia’s Lumia would be a great design to implement with an Android OS. HTC’s recent phone design’s have become a little safe for my taste.

          1. I am a nokia fangirl but i see nothing similar about a Lumia or 8x aside from the use of colors…and even the shades of colors are different :P

          2. You don’t think? The colours are part of what I see as a design copy but more so the bevelled edge to the screen which I don’t think HTC did before Nokia. Very similar looking IMHO (certainly more so than an iphone to a Galaxy S): http://cdn3.sbnation.com/entry_photo_images/5634249/htc8xhandson31_1020_large_verge_medium_landscape.jpg

          3. Arguably HTC have done it better than Nokia, based on that photo. I know which one I prefer the look of.

      2. tryna flirt. I see you. haha

        1. Stop blockin’, bruh. O_o

  14. Alright, software buttons are not cool with me. Whenever I mess with my Galaxy Nexus and type, at least once or twice every few days, I tap one of the navigation buttons. My Galaxy Note II? Hardware home button with capacitive back and menu? Heck yes.

  15. First HTC phone in a while that gave me a chubby… Well HTC, stop with the blue balls and tell me it has a pentaband in it and at least a 3000mAh battery

  16. I do like software buttons for the fact that they can be a little inventive (though haven’t seen much of this yet, the best customization is in alternative ROMs) and they turn every direction you’re holding the device so it makes easy navigation. However I will say I agree that if there’s a bug hunk of otherwise useless bezel why not use it for buttons? Plus having hardware buttons is comforting. And in the cases where you are turning the device every which way you can become disoriented when you no longer realize what is up and down anymore, especially in the dark.

  17. As long as it is smaller than 5″, 4.7″ish screen is better & a BIG battery then this might be my next phone!

  18. better battery and more memory and I’m there!!!

  19. Throw every high end spec on this phone and it will still have sense running all through it. Every HTC phone I have had (EVO, EVOLTE) has lagged all over the place. I dont care if this has 12 processors, Sense is just piss poor.

  20. Lets hope they can show software wise to because I do not like sense. Every time they add more to it it just looks worse. Seems like things are in the way. Not that attractive to me. To cartoon like.

  21. 1080p is nice and all but there’s too much cool stuff in the Note 2 for me to consider something else, meaning the pen and extra software that they’ve added.

  22. I hope to see the new sharp display technology/IGZO and large battery. That’s my buying point.

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