Is Youtube’s Android & iOS favoritism fair to Windows?


In the mobile platform wars one of the defining weapons is the size and quality of the application arsenal. Lack of said artillery could be considered the death knoll for operating systems such as WebOS and Blackberry, but recent gains by Windows Phone (and now tablets and other Win 8 devices) have critics wondering if Microsoft will soon become a solid 3rd player.

That remains to be seen, but Google certainly isn’t itching to help them out. Microsoft’s VP & Deputy General Counsel, Dave Heiner, today made a blog post criticizing Google for not creating a Youtube app for Windows Phone. But Heiner’s comments go beyond plain criticism and into the legal realm by tossing around terms like FTC, Department of Justice, and antitrust.

You might think that Google would be on its best behavior given it’s under the bright lights of regulatory scrutiny on two continents, particularly as it seeks to assure antitrust enforcers in the U.S. and Europe that it can be trusted on the basis of non-binding assurances that it will not abuse its market position further.

However, as we enter 2013, that is not the case. Here’s just one example: We continue to be dogged by an issue we had hoped would be resolved by now: Google continues to prevent Microsoft from offering consumers a fully featured YouTube app for the Windows Phone.

Proprietary offerings have become a staple of the platform wars, with Apple long leveraging the success of services such as iTunes while Google played their own features close to the chest, for example Google Maps and Google Navigation. On the surface it seems like the obvious move: use your own products and services to your advantage so that your own platform is more powerful than that of the competitor.

Sounds like Business 101, right? One would think, but given the size and oligopolistic nature of the industry, antitrust issues may become a part of the picture. With an ever expanding set of services, Google has more recently become familiar with antitrust challenges, but Microsoft is an industry veteran: they settled an antitrust suit regarding internet browsers way back in 2001, when dial up modems were still prevalent.

From a business perspective, Google has often taken the approach of doing what’s best for the consumer, and assuming that the benefits will naturally follow. This is how they’ve treated the majority of their properties and it’s a strategy that has paid off handsomely. But have the platform wars altered that approach and could it come back to haunt Google in the years to come?

There’s no denying that Youtube users would benefit from having the service offered on as many platforms as possible. It’s available on Android, it’s available on iOS, and heck… Youtube is even available on the Nintendo Wii U. Some recent hiccups could be attributed to Nintendo’s own implementation of the Youtube API, but the Wii U does in fact have Youtube. Yet Windows Phone doesn’t…

If Google were treating Youtube as its own entity and a separately owned business, there’s no denying they would have launched a YouTube app for Windows Phone by now. They could argue that the platform doesn’t have enough users to justify the development, but I would call that a lame excuse. With an entity as big as Youtube, not to mention one that graciously accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in losses before turning a profit, you’d assume the investment in creating an app for Windows Phone would be easily justified.

Google might say the platform doesn’t have enough users to justify creating a Youtube app, but I think at least half their absence is due to the potential of Google-owned services like Youtube, GMail, Maps, Navigation, and others helping to make Windows Phone a better product that leads to the critical mass on Windows Phone which Google themselves are using as an excuse to not develop for the platform.

Personally, these are my two takeaways from this latest technology tiff.

Hey Microsoft: Nobody likes a crybaby
Personally, I think Dave Heiner’s public blog post on the matter seems like little more than whining. Nobody is going to feel bad for Microsoft, themselves one of the largest tech companies in the world. Microsoft dropped the ball in the mobile world years ago, now that they’re playing catchup, why should their competitors have to give them a helping hand? If there’s some gigantic void in your offering because your competitors aren’t playing nicely… do what Google and Apple have done numerous times: take your billions of dollars and build your own competing service.

Hey Google: Don’t forget where you came from
While withholding Youtube from Windows Phone is in the best interest of Android, it’s not in the best interest of Youtube, which shows how quickly Google’s priorities have changed. Doing what’s best for the consumer on a product by product basis has gotten pushed aside for doing what’s best for an entirely different company property. But with mobile shaping the future of technology, can you blame them? Not really, but I think it would be smart of Google to acknowledge this cultural shift and not stray too far from what made them successful before Android was born.

Hey Reader: What do you think?
What do you think about Google’s refusal to built a Youtube app for Windows Phone? Is it just smart business or unfair?

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  1. How about actually showing the numbers, such as the user base for Windows Phone. Also, would a YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 work with Windows Phone 7 or 6? What about all the companies not writing software that work with Linux (or sometimes even Mac OS)? Isn’t that the same argument?

    1. This isn’t about Google developing for WP8 you idiot. It’s about not allowing access to it’s APIs, both against Microsoft and it’s developers.

      Although Metrotube does a damn good job with their app, for not have access to those APIs.

      1. From what I understand, the iOS version is from Google, by Google, not through a 3rd party with access to API.

  2. Uh… Doesn’t Windows Phone 7 and 8 and Windows RT all have web browsers compatible with YouTube?

    I don’t think a YouTube app is needed if there’s a fully working web app available to that user base.

    1. I think I agree.
      Tempest in a teapot.

    2. I think we should force Apple to develop iApps for competing platforms as well.

      1. and what happens if Apple sue the developers who did that? Perhaps, that’s why I don’t see any Bluestacks app for iPhone/iPad apps.

      2. hahaha to develop you need to innovate, apple is to busy suing everything that moves, that’s their new way of innovation.

      3. I agree. It’s favoritism that iTunes, Game Center, iCloud and FindMyiPhone are all only available for iOS.

    3. But is IE on the device actually standards compliant :-)

      IE jokes never get old.

  3. smart business. F…orget Windows phone! Ya snooze, ya lose!

  4. LOL @ the idea someone is worrying about someone bullying the company that continuously used its virtual desktop OS monopoly in the 90s to drive competitors into the ground.

  5. My heart bleeds for the company that killed all the services for my Omnia 2 before my contract had even expired.

  6. I use Linux for my desktop OS. Do you think Microsoft or Apple will develop apps for Linux? Should they? Must they? Why is Windows Phone 8 special?

    1. Thats what im saying. Whats next Microsoft? You gonna cry because Sony and Nintendo dont make any of their games for the 360?

      Why should they have to make an app for you? Open your browser and bookmark Theirs your app.

      1. A key comment is that Microsoft has an app ready to go, Google won’t allow them to legally use the API so Microsoft can’t publish the app. They aren’t asking for Google to write a youtube app, they are looking for legal permission to publish one they have already created.

  7. I vote that Google shares YouTube once Microsoft shares Office.

    1. does not seem fair to me, on WP there is only one Google search app. If MS plays that game with Google i think Google will remember where they came from! If MS blocks all G services on MS devices G will simply bend over and let MS have a go.

      1. You realize that’s ILLEGAL?
        You can’t just block a service.
        Youtube is NOT blocked for Windows 8 devices, they just don’t have an official app.

        1. And Google keeps messing with the 3rd party YouTube apps on WP to make them stop working every few weeks or months.

          1. really? prove it.

            I see so many 3rd party apps for youtube it’s not funny. Surely if they’re making it harder there wouldn’t be third party apps too.

            Or you could be shillin it up/ignorant.

          2. Oh, name calling, how mature.

            Shilling? At least I can spell shilling. And I wish I were getting paid by someone to write comments, articles, etc.




            There are more. Just YOU go looking.

          3. Why yes, clearly my spelling was accidentally. Really, you think that when using proper grammar my simple lack of apostrophe = I can’t spell shilling?
            Sure, yes, that must be it. I can’t spell.

            I didn’t say 3rd party on windows. I meant 3rd party period. To act like this is windows entirely instead of only metro mobile being affected means the issue is unimportant.

          4. Yep, Google is purposely messing with Microsoft and the consumers are the losers in this game. Google, please quit screwing with people!!


          5. Metrotube the best alternative 3rd party app now gone 5 star review and it was the most downloaded YouTube app for windows phone. I.stand corrected its fixed now sorry

          6. are you sure and it not just those developer?

          7. So what? Facebook does this all the time – it’s not deliberate on their part, they just don’t feel the need to curtail their development activities based on some third parties hurt feelings. Deal with it – all the FB alternative app devs manage to.

        2. Actually, users of WP8 devices cannot access the mobile YouTube site. Until recently MS actually offered a shortcut to the site that they called an app however, it no longer works. There are 3rd party apps, none of them work either. It sure seems like Google is making sure that they block the service from use on WP8 devices. This comes just after the official word that they are shutting down their EAS support and leaving Exchange supported users on the platform out of luck. Sure, WP8 folks can always convert their contacts and calendars, but why should they? Google offered up CalDAV and CardDav as a solution to iOS users.

          Things like this make me feel better about leaving the Android platform and have me hoping to drop the entire ecosystem, soon. It is very hard since I have been such a big supporter for so long and I am so deeply entrenched. I really hope they can just learn to play nice.

      2. if they did that, Google search can censored MS on all of their services… now, who lose more?

      3. More like microsoft will bend over since it’s mobile division is irrelevant.

      4. On a declining market of ~1% I don’t think Google will ever care if they make their services available for Microsoft…

        Sorry, WP seems pretty cool, but it has next to no market-share and is therefore very nonthreatening to Google…

        1. Then why does Google go out of their way to block Microsoft from their services? Google is the one doing evil here.

          1. Google gave their reason for blocking access to Maps from WP:

            “In our last test, IE mobile still did not offer a good maps experience with no ability to pan or zoom and perform basic map functionality. As a result, we chose to continue to redirect IE mobile users to where they could at least make local searches. The Firefox mobile browser did offer a somewhat better user experience and that’s why there is no redirect for those users.”

            Read more:

            So get off your high horse.

    2. so like next month or so? Office is on the way…

      1. Works for me.

      2. Works for me. Heiner is quoted as saying, “Google continues to prevent Microsoft from offering consumers a fully featured YouTube app for the Windows Phone.” I would expect the same in return. A FULLY FEATURED Office app. Mark my words that MS will not deliver in that department.

        1. Consider them marked. Office with full 365 support, much like how OneNote is identical on every platform… a product from the Office family…

          1. Oh, and we want it for free like You Tube

          2. Office was never free… nor is YouTube, unless those companies aren’t paying for those commercials.

            Matters not to me. I get the full Office suite for 10 dollars thru the MPP.

          3. Microsoft is suing all the android manufacturers, charging more than $15 for each android phone sold for protection of their own patents and expects that Google give away their apps for free on a platform with a very small user base (Ms is not providing sales figures of Windows phone). The YouTube web app should work ok on the Windows phone browser in html5.
            Demanding a YouTube app is like demanding Apple to provide a icloud, applemaps, itunes for other OS or demanding Ms to provide a full Office app, SharePoint app or Lync with audio, video and desktop share for android.

            Microsoft also complains about gmail no longer supporting exchange sync, when they charge a fee to use exchange in android.

            Do not complain if you do the same or worse things….

          4. Microsoft will be providing a full Office app… and Lync app… just like they already have full OneNote, SkyDrive, Xbox, and SmartGlass apps…

          5. Win. 7 Ultimate, 8, and Office free since I’m in school. =.3

            But YouTube is free for the consumers. Don’t twist things up. LoL!!
            I think they should have a free office, like a student edition. Like Word and Powerpoint. They don’t have to add Excel in the free one.

          6. OneNote is anything but identical on all platforms.

      3. office isn’t out in a month, and even if you’re somehow magically lucky enough to have a beta in a month you’ll be lucky if it functions properly or on more than one phone model in 3-6 months.

        You should see how generally failworthy Lync on android is at the moment as an example. Constantly timing out with a constant connection, sleep problems, etc.

  8. Easy your fanboyness is showing.

    1. You realize this is PHANDROID right? What are you expecting?

  9. And has anyone seen MS’s outlook app for android???

    1. It’s utter crap…

  10. its almost as fair as blocking other browsers from the platform. I want a real browser and a real choise on my windows rt tablet.

  11. Why waste time and money programming an app for a dead OS? Can Microsoft argue that a lack of a Youtube app is preventing sales? I’m sure it’s not even a consideration for the die hard loyalists that bought a winmobile phone…

  12. Why are people so angry today toward each other in these comments sections today ? Don’t get it ?

    1. Holy crap. Yeah, this has gotten WAY out of hand. Time to pull out the ban hammer…

      1. I was thinking handcuffs ;) , no wait wrong site. Yeah Chris put the smack down :)

  13. What I need in a phone is Google Maps (or a way to import my G-maps), threaded Gmail app, YouTube app, multiple media stores (not just one like iTunes), a stream-able music player, a Browser with syncing bookmarks/history, … and last but not least, ability to set my own defaults for file extensions. Right now, Android is the only one that has all of these. I refuse to buy a Microsoft or Apple phone until they can match it. And from the sounds of it, Google is keeping them from developing this. But, it seems that all sides are playing this game; Microsoft just happens to be entering the game late, and doesn’t have enough tools in their bag to play tough. Though, as soon as Google starts forcing me to buy only from their Play store, or forcing me to use their Browser, they will loose me as a customer. The main attraction for me to a phone is openness, allowing me to use the phone like I want to. Unfortunately I have a bad feeling that all the companies, including Google, are slowly moving to their own walled gardens, much like Apple’s model =(

  14. windows phone got the same market share as bada, so why should google favorites WP?

  15. I can’t wait to see Halo 4 on the ps3.

  16. Sooo… Microsoft doesn’t have any software developers talented enough to write an app using the YouTube API? Is that what they’re saying?

    Following this guy’s logic, could I say that he’s preventing me from enjoying a healthy meal because he doesn’t send me any lunch money?

  17. Someone explain to me the difference between Google not making a YouTube app for windows phone and Microsoft not making office for android or iOS. Probably is a subtle difference, but I’m not sure what it is.

    1. the not-so-subtle difference is Office will be out for both Android and iOS any day now. They announced it last summer.

      1. And they are only doing it cause Android and iOS are so popular and make up the whole market. So if they want to make money they have no choice. Google doesn’t want to waste time and money on a OS that no one uses. This applies to how most companies approach things unless there is a good relationship between them, which there isn’t in this case.

        1. So Windows isn’t popular? Alrighty then…

          There’s very little difference between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8… same core libraries and code… minor differences otherwise. This makes for simple ports. And since Windows makes up 92% of the computer market… they can’t hold out forever from developing for W8, and subsequently WP8.

          1. Um you can use Google services through the browser on windows 8. At least that’s what I do. I just ignore apps on windows 8 because that’s not what I have a computer for, and it’s redundant…

          2. Famous last words. I’m sure if you use Windows 8 you only have IE and no apps. This might be the worst argument I’ve ever heard. All any computer needs under this logic would be a web browser… since apps and programs accomplish the same things anyone can do thru a browser.

          3. That is my argument. Why are apps necessary on a PC? Why should I have a Desktop browser AND a Metro browser?

            By the way I only use IE to download Chrome…

          4. The web doesn’t replace all programs. Programs are essential for PCs not apps. I can’t code on a browser (at least not to my level of satisfaction). You can’t do proper video editing in a browser.

          5. Way to be Johnny on-the-spot. This story is from 3 weeks ago… and I’m not the one that said you can use a web browser for everything.

          6. Windows 8 does not make up 92% of the computer market. Windows XP which is over 10 years old has 39% market share while Windows 7 has 45%. Windows 8 has less than 2%. I think the question that Google might have is how popular will Windows 8 be. Could it be the next Windows ME or Windows Vista (less than 6% market share)? Not all Windows releases are successful.

            Currently, Windows Phone 8 has 2.6% market share. Is that worth developing for? Even RIM has a larger market share. The question is whether Google should be forced into creating a YouTube app for every mobile operating system. The answer is that would be ridiculous. The real question is what market share would compel Google to create a YouTube app.

            Microsoft is complaining that Google won’t create an app or even license YouTube to them. They also cite that Google did give Apple such access. However, the official YouTube app on iOS is made by Google today not Apple.

            The comparison between YouTube and the browser issue that Microsoft faced is completely different. The YouTube issue is the equivalent of Microsoft not offering IE on either Android or iOS. Also, could the issue be that Microsoft doesn’t want to pay Google what it wants to license the API and is trying to use the government to negotiate a better deal.

          7. Did I say Windows 8 has 92% of the market? Or did I say “Windows” is 92% of the market… big difference between the two. The popularity of each release is moot, a .exe works on each granted it meets specifications.

            Likewise, Windows RunTime isn’t going anywhere, and the adoption of it is moving quickly. A lions share of market belongs to Enterprise deployments, who are slow to upgrade. Almost all of that 39% will disappear into Windows 7 when Enterprise support is pulled or licenses expire and are replaced with W7 licenses.

            Windows, the behemoth, has a 92% market share in the PC world. To not tap into that and have something ready for when consumers upgrade would be folly. Their bread and butter will forever be in generating web traffic… brought about by Windows computers. And if not Windows 8, Windows 9 – which will fall back on an existing app library with RunTime apps – will still bring us to the same conclusion… they aren’t thinking this one thru.

    2. The difference? More people are bound to use Youtube than Microsoft office on mobile and we have other alternatives to that. I hope windows phone dies as a brand completely so that we can get this crap off the desktops.

  18. Its not needed MS should have bought You Tube then if they love it so much but they didnt Google did

  19. Well Microsoft should first look at their Android apps with ugly UI mashup between metro and holo and even with full metro UI like the xbox live. Most of them do not offer the qualities of a good app. They are disgusting. Also, give us office

  20. I think Google is currently in a mode where they want to make beautiful and compelling apps for each platform they are available on. They won’t be content with slapping together a few programmers to learn the development tools and design language of Windows Phone 8 and put together a half-baked YouTube app for that platform just to appease Microsoft. If the users are there, it makes sense for Google to make a good effort. But if not…

    I’m sure if Windows Phone gets enough users, Google will be on it in style.

  21. Google definitely needs to play fair and release an app for Windows. I hate companies that play dirty. I didn’t even know there wasn’t an official YouTube app for Windows. Just seems like a no brainer to provide Google services to every OS. Maybe the only thing they should withhold is their navigation portion of Maps. That should be Android exclusive.

    1. Why should they have to waste time and money to develop an app for it? Let MS create one. Is MS obligated to create apps for their software on competitors OS’s?

      1. Yes, Google should create it for Microsoft. Google made all the Apple apps of its services. They shouldn’t make apps for one OS and ignore another. Google’s services are not exclusive and it wouldn’t take much effort on Google’s part to make a Windows YouTube app.

        1. If Google were a kindergarten student bringing in cupcakes for a party, then yes, if they bring any they must bring enough for all. But Google is a company with the goal of making a profit. They should be free to apply their resources as they wish.

          1. and rightfully they are free to apply resources where they wish. I’m not saying they should be forced to make a YouTube app

          2. Hmm… the way I read it, that was exactly what you were saying. Oh well, I guess we’re in agreement then. :)

        2. Apple paid for a license for Google’s stuff, and then made it for themselves. When Apple decided to stop pre-installing/make it themselves then Google made one because Apple’s marketshare made it worth while. < 3% is not a worthwhile number, not when a browser works just as well.

          1. this seems like the logical reason, but Google should just come out and say it rather than ignore the topic.

          2. ah, very well then :) Thx for the link.

        3. You’re an idiot. Microsoft has been badgering every Android manufacturer under the sun and collecting royalties from them. So it’s only fair Google makes apps for Windows. Horseshit!!! It’s their services with their API’s, they can do whatever they want with them. The reason they made native apps available for iOS is because it’s actually a popular OS with a crap ton of users. Maybe, just maybe if Windows reaches that status they will get some love also. Business is business, don’t get it twisted.

          1. oh the intelligence and maturity is just oozing out of you my friend (complete sarcasm)

    2. Google still provides those service. They are simply a browser click away.
      Why should Google be forced to make a native app for their competitors when web apps are available and work just fine?

      1. You know good and well you’d be pissed if you had to use the browser to watch YouTube videos. and again, it’s about equality and fairness. you can’t go out of your way to provide services for one rival OS and then ignore the other one.

        1. I do watch youtube videos in the browser.
          Only time I really ever watch youtube videos is when websites use youtube to embed their videos. I click on the video in my browser n
          Like magic, the youtube video plays.

        2. They can’t? Why not? That’s like saying since Microsoft makes its Office suite for the Mac OS, it should have to do so for Linux too. I don’t see Canonical crying about Microsoft not developing/releasing their Office suite for Ubuntu.

  22. Might have something to do with Microsoft making more per Android phone (royalties) then Google. The idea was for an open (and free) phone OS environment, but Microsoft (and Apple) don’t want to play along, so why should Google play nice with them?

  23. +1.
    Microsoft, you’re pathetic.

    It’s NOT YouTube app what makes Android the world’s most popular operating system, the world’s LEADING operating system. It’s INNOVATIONS. It’s hard work. It’s freedom. It’s Android brand. It’s Google brand. It’s Android!

    WP has NO advantages over Android or even ios.

    BTW Google Maps and YouTube apps don’t make ios any better, they just fix ios BUGS: Apple Maps and Apple’s YT app.

    1. Windows Phone has an advantage over blackberry though, they aren’t bankrupt yet bahahahaha

      1. For a couple years, anyway.

    2. When it comes to development Microsoft has a huge edge over both Android and iOS, all they need are the bodies to put it to work. Do a GOOGLE search for development of anything. The Hello World challenge was one of the more hilarious ones, though.

  24. Maaan eff Windows Phone

  25. I think Google is doing the right thing, just like when they took Google Maps from iOS users. Don’t help your competition beat you.

    1. Google didn’t take it away from iOs, Apple replaced it with their half baked maps that would give dangerous directions. Google then didn’t develop an app for 6 months to put a spike into iOs fanboys heart showing them without google they are royally screwed. Google makes their money through google services so it would be in their best interest to make an app for wp7/7.5/7.8/8 though their(microcraps) market share is very poor to the point that its absolutely pointless because there is probably only 25000 people in the world using windows phone

    2. Google didn’t develop the original iOS Google Maps app — Apple did so using Google’s API’s. It was actually just a front-end for the google maps website functionality — which is why it lacked many functions that are hardcoded into Google’s standalone Android and iOS apps (turn-by-turn nav, etc). The latest Google Maps standalone app is actually the first one developed by Google itself.

  26. Google is not to blame here. Android is open source. Microsoft is free to implement the required software in order to be able to run Android apps, including the Youtube one, on Windows Phone. RIM supposetly did it. So why can’t Microsoft?

    1. Android is open source. the apps provided by google are a different story, alternatively microcrap doesn’t need a official youtube app they just need someone to develop an app.

  27. Someone jokingly stated that Microsoft should buy Netflix and cut off Android support…It sounds
    petty but i do feel like Google has lost a lot it’s whole do no evil mindset and reminds me quite a bit like apple nowadays. Not completely of course but i just see similarities…

    In all honesty, I think alot of this stuff is petty as hell but this will encourage Microsoft to come up with new ways to fight back. I personally think perhaps if they can’t settle with google perhaps try and pick up some of these other alternatives to youtube. I don’t think they should bring office to Android…focus on IOS and maybe even Blackberry 10 and let Android users stick with what they have in Google documents lol….similar to how Google leaves WP users with Metrotube.

    But Metrotube is a far more attractive and in a lot of ways better client to the official youtube app, tbh…the official youtube app, like the browser version is far too cluttered.

    1. The difference between this and your Netflix situation is that there is already a Netflix app for Android so cutting it off could only be for anti competitive reasons. At least with Youtube you can argue it isn’t worth their time due to small marketshare of Windows Phone. It is still < 3% after all. Plus Windows Phone is still able to access youtube via the browser, something that is not available with Netflix. So if Microsoft wanted they could simply make a browser shortcut to youtube similar to how webOS did.

      PS, the Office division is separate from the rest of the company so it doesn't make sense for them to hold out of 60%+ of the mobile market. They'd only be hurting themselves.

      1. True, Very true…
        but at the same time it really doesn’t makes sense to me for Google NOT to develop for Windows aside from anti-competitive reasons. Not only are they not developing for windows phone(which i can understand to an extent) but Windows 8 as well. For what reason exactly? That itself screams anti-competitive.

        1. They aren’t developing for the Windows 8 app store or what ever it is called. Meaning they aren’t making a box app(sorry, I mean live tile). They’ve never made apps for the desktop so I don’t really see why they’d start now and pay Microsoft for the privilege.

          I could maybe understand if they suddenly blocked IE from accessing any of their data but its not. People on Windows 8 will still have access to all of Google’s services through the browser just as they have since Google came into existence. I just don’t see how it is “anti competitive”.

          1. @Gamercore:disqus @aiden9:disqus

            But isn’t there a youtube App for Blackberry currently? I haven’t kept up with Blackberry as i have no interest in it but if there is an app for Blacberry for youtube, in my opinion that does seem a bit anti-competitive simply because from some articles i have read, WP current market share has topped Blackberry’s and some say that Blackberry still has a higher market share than WP but WP isn’t that far behind.

            if blackberry has an app and google is not refusing to work on their OS, something does seem off here.

          2. @Carmen S.
            There isn’t an official youtube player on Blackberry either from what I can tell.

            All of them are just 3rd party like Metrotube. Are you done grasping at straws yet?

            *edit* In fact I remember back in 2011 Google dropped Gmail(their only Blackberry app) due to BB having such a small/declining marketshare.

          3. I’m not “grasping as straws” as I did explicitly state that i haven’t been keeping up with blackberry so i was not entirely sure. But from what I have read, Google is denying microsoft the apis to make their own youtube app and this affects metrotube as well, who has to go through workarounds to get it to work.

          4. No worries…we’ll see you back on the android side in a year or two. Enjoy your live tiles for now.

          5. Doubtful :P I’m likely to go to IOS if i ever got sick of windows phone :P

          6. Then we’ll see you in 3 or 4 years when Apple completely shits the bed. Or will you then go to Symbian? Or perhaps you have an old Palm Pre lying around?

        2. Well, developing a YouTube app for WP8 costs money, time and resources. It just doesn’t make sense business-wise (for now) to develop for an OS no one is using. At least, that’s the way Google see’s it.

          1. Chris, Please read the article you’re site is writing about. “Microsoft is ready to release a high quality YouTube app for Windows Phone. We just need permission to access YouTube in the way that other phones already do, permission Google has refused to provide.”
            I agree it makes no sense for Google to develop the app and I respect that but for them to not allow MS to publish an app that uses their APIs which would cost them little to no money is crap.

    2. Um….do you even have Instagram? And you really think WP8 will last:-)

      1. lmfao it’s Microsoft….If they want it to last, they have the money and longevity to do so :D

        and lacking instagram is your argument? :P From what I hear(rumors of course), Instagram may be working with Nokia on something for the lumia devices.

  28. My Lumia 920 is my main driver for phones as I have pretty much ditched Android after a 3.5 year fling with 20-30 phones over the year. I still use Android on my tablet…at least until Surface Pro hits later this year and I’ll be completely out of the system but I do still respect and enjoy Android, just not as a daily user anymore…

      1. Why did I switch from Android to Windows Phone? Simply because, the UI(not just the tiles but the overall look, font, colors, etc) is far more attractive than IOS or android. Although I do love Sony’s UI on Android.

        Add in the fact that, while WP does lack some key apps(which i expect will be fixed this year)….there are things built into the OS natively that don’t require the use of an app. Carrier bloat is not a problem with windows phone as I can simply uninstall all carrier apps…Xbox Music(as crappy as it is) is miles better than google music, in my opinion. Office integration, Xbox integration(with the potential to have that expanded upon)..

        i could go on and on :) I think why I prefer Windows phone over android is because it may be lacking today but there are some key areas that Microsoft has tons of potential in and I am optimistic that EVENTUALLY they’ll get there.

        Besides, I like having a phone not a lot of people have…I used to have a droid and no one had heard of the droid when it came out originally until months later and even then Android still wasn’t completely mainstream…3 years later, 20-30 phones later, it’s gotten tons of popularity and now my Lumia is the same as my droid was 3 years ago :P

        1. My favorites are the integration of services such as Facebook and Twitter and the consistency between all WP devices. When was the last time you picked up an Android device from a different manufacturer and got the exact same UI as a device from another manufacturer unless you stick with the Nexus. Sure WP lacks apps and that is very annoying but it’s nice not having carrier bloatware and being able to go from device to device and all settings and everything are in the exact same places and look the same. Each brand has it’s extras and perks but the basics are the same across the board.

      2. Playa ;)

  29. “Google continues to prevent Microsoft from offering consumers a fully featured YouTube app for the Windows Phone.” How? If Google is actively doing something to prevent Windows Phone from accessing Youtube, that’s not fair, but I’d still have no problem with it. But if all Google is doing is NOT providing an app, then too f’ing bad. Microsoft needs to stop whining, and make Windows Phone what it wants it to be, instead of expecting others to do it for them.

  30. Google should not be forced to offer their services to other platforms, just like Apple is not forced to offer Garageband or iMovie to Windows users. It should be the company that created the services to decide how they are distributed.

  31. How ironic is it that Microsoft is crying to the government after everything they did in the 90s. This is weak sauce plain and simple and Microsoft is no better than Apple.

  32. If Microsoft wants private API acces to Google owned IP and Google isn’t selling it, then whatever, get bent. I’m sure that many OEMs (and consumers) out there would LOOOVE to have exFAT and other Microsoft IP available to them.

  33. Google just gave ios an official maps app with navigation . That’s more than I wanted them to do already. I liked the days when only we had navigation. It was a nice selling point at least to me. I’d say they are doing just fine with sharing apps or else they could have skipped over maps for ios or charged for it. YouTube will eventually be developed for windows phone I’m sure. . This guy is just a whiner

  34. The funny part is if google released their full suite of products and users started using their products more I bet Microsft would put an end to it. Shouldn’t I be able to replace bing with google.

  35. Somebody has to say it, gueess it’ll be me. Death knoll Rob? Seriously?

  36. I am glad Google is not sharing Youtube with Microsoft. Now Microsoft knows how it feels to be crapped on like Windows Phone 7 users were when they came out with Windows Phone 8. We on Android now and have Google Maps, Gmail and Youtube.

    1. How is that remotely the same thing?

  37. Probably if Microsoft would offer YouTube all the money they harvest from the Android manufacturers this might change their minds?

  38. Not sure I totally agree with this one. We have to remember than android is mainly a medium for Google to ensure they have a way of allowing mobile users to use their services.

    IOS is much more of a competition to android than Windows Phone is, but Google go above and beyond what is expected of them to create ios apps. So I think we can reasonably rule out the competition factor.

    It’s in Google’s best interests to have people use their services, regardless of actual mobile OS (of course, they’d prefer it to be android..).

    I think the reason boils down to the fact the effort of producing the app may not be worth while due to the low user base right now. If it increases though, expect that to change!

  39. Google shouldn’t be pressured into building a youtube app, but they should be willing to licence the full api, and put the pressure on MS to make an app.

  40. If there is something I don’t stand is people with two faces. I have some questions for you man:

    Do you provide open APIs in your services to allow others to access them?
    Where is the fully featured xbox live application for android?

    Just because in the very recent past you have decided to create apps for other platforms doesn’t make you a fair player.

    You always abused your dominance and now that others dominate some areas you cry like a child…

    You get what you give. No more, no less…

    1. Your Xbox live app comment doesn’t make sense. Did Google create an app and MS just won’t let them publish it because they won’t let them access the APIs? An app and an API are very different.

  41. Pretty ironic considering how piggy Microsoft have been over the years. Who’s your daddy now Microsoft?

  42. Why develop for a platform with a small user base? Didn’t guy said when more people adopt it then you’ll see some official apps? Let it be. And besides I don’t see Apple or MS creating any apps for Linux so what about that?

  43. I think they should at least make an app for them.

  44. Let’s just look at Microsoft’s track record…how many versions of Windows have they put out? How many did people actually adopt and not hate? There is still a huge market share for Windows XP which is over ten years old…because Windows 7 was the only version since then that was worthwhile to make people switch. Now I am supposed to believe they can build phone software better than Apple or Google? Even though Windows Phone 7 was a flop, Windows Phones before that were a joke and Windows 8 seems very dumbed down (Why do I need tiles when I can make folders? Maybe I’m missing something).

    If Windows Phone 8 was successful enough Google would make a Youtube app…does anyone think that Google wanted to include turn by turn navigation in iOS maps? No, but they did it because there are enough iOS users to make it worth their while. So maybe it isn’t that Google is doing it to spite Microsoft, maybe they are just too busy working on other projects to focus on something with less than 3% market share.

    Microsoft…please just focus on Xbox and realize that it has such huge potential to change the way people interact and think about TV.

  45. If MS gets away with forcing Google to spend their time, money, and resources just to develop an app for WP, then Sailfish, Firefox, Ubuntu, Tizen, Bada, and every other phone OS out there can make the same argument. Dave Heiner needs to wake up and recognize that, and face reality that bullying Google isn’t going to make WP8 take off in sales.

  46. …why can’t Microsoft just make their own app? The APIs are available… Stop being such pansies, Microsoft.

    1. Please read the article before commenting, “Microsoft is ready to release a high quality YouTube app for Windows Phone. We just need permission to access YouTube in the way that other phones already do, permission Google has refused to provide.”

  47. I’m sure all three Windows Phone users are all very outraged.

  48. It’s funny. One of the ideas here is that Google might be withholding a YouTube app to keep Windows 8 down and keep Android as the dominant platform. However the act of introducing a YouTube app for Windows 8 simply helps cement YouTubes place as the dominant video sharing site.

  49. The reason I like Google so much is that they haven’t historically taken actions like this. “Dont be evil”, Google.

  50. Why isn’t anyone mad at Apple for keeping everything they’ve ever made to themselves? No iApps have made it to any other platform (not that I would ever use them).

  51. As others have said, how long has office been available on Android? When the office app arrives, Google should deliver a comparable youtube app, simples.

  52. I think Google is scared of Microsoft, why else would they be doing this? They see WP8 as a threat.

  53. I don’t like your ” nobody likes a cry baby statement” Microsoft has done just that developed their own operating system to compete totally different from the other 2 which is more than I can say about Google who clearly had IOS in mind when they developed Android. Microsoft has built Bing trying to separate them selves investing a ton of money they have office again their product they put millions into development they now have a deal with Nokia to cover navigation and maps and there OS has zero in common with the other 2 built from the ground up by guess who? Microsoft. What the hell do you think their doing with their millions!!!! This is about YouTube and Google did nothing to develop YouTube they simply bought it and it was already rich with a huge user base. YouTube had a say in who they were going to let buy them and no way would Microsoft win over Google because Google has a 4 year head start and over 50% market share.

  54. Microsoft crying “Antitrust!” – that’s rich!
    Screw you, your customers have access via the mobile site, and you can build a wrapper around that if you really feel the need to. I don’t see why Google should go out of their way to provide you with special APIs, when you’re screwing Android manufacturers at every chance you get.

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