Trusted XDA developer outs HTC One X+ specs


The long-rumored HTC One X+ has been slightly detailed before, but one person has decided to tweet the specs he believes the device will have.

The person who tweeted the specs is an XDA developer, and he’s the same developer who gave everyone the rundown on the Windows-enabled HTC Accord before it launched.

According to him, the HTC One X+ will sport a Tegra 3+ and 1GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and HTC Sense 4.5 on top of Android 4.1. It’s sounding more and more like the phone we expect it to be, but it’s always imperative to remember that these specs are unconfirmed.

Should such a phone release without these exact specs don’t go reaching for the pitchforks the first chance you get. Otherwise, I’d say this doesn’t sound too far from what we’re all expecting to see from this beast. [Twitter via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Give me an HTC phablet for middle east already!

  2. So much for their new plan of not releasing phones every couple of months with slight upgrades.

    1. Maybe they should’ve picked a better name than ‘One’ if they are going to release 1 million different variants.

  3. So just a processor bump. Let’s see if the quad core and 32GB comes state side. Doubt it.

  4. I thought that they would have increased the screen some, hope they do

  5. ugh… so over tegra. why couldn’t it have been the S4 pro :(

  6. Needs more RAM!

  7. htc One buyers must be livid…already a 0.1 better new version out…

  8. Still only 1 GB of ram? This is why the original One has the problems with multitasking that it does :/

    1. It’s more likely because of Sense.

      1. Absolutely. Sense phones don’t multitask, that’s the main reason I don’t run Sense.

    2. i use a custom rom based on sense (android revolution hd) and i have no issues with multitasking and using sense together.

  9. s3 beats this phone by a mile

  10. WHY NO 2Gig’s RAM WHYYYY…..

  11. Make the screen smaller

  12. The need to add more RAM and improve their LCD screen technology!

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