Samsung finally reaches one million Galaxy Note 2 sales in Korea


Samsung has reached another milestone in its Samsung Galaxy Note 2 endeavors, but it may not seem all that significant compared to some of the others. The South Korean manufacturer has finally reached one million units sold for the “phablet” line in its home country.

For comparison’s sake, it didn’t take the Samsung Galaxy S3 nearly as long to reach one million (in fact, the device sold 2.5 million units in just 100 days in Korea) but it’s hard to compare the two due to their different circumstances.

First of all, you have to wonder whether or not more people in Korea prefer the size of the Galaxy S3 line over that of the Note 2. The market has shaped up that way for the entirety of the world, too — the Samsung Galaxy S3 reached over 10 million pre-sales worldwide leading up to its launch, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, as of late November, is just over 5 million.

Secondly, smartphone culture in Korea might be a lot different than what us “westerners” are used to. A lot of people the world over tend to stick with the smartphones they fall in love with a lot longer than most, so perhaps they just haven’t been compelled to upgrade for one reason or another.

Without access to more trends and numbers I can’t say why, exactly, the Note 2’s growth hasn’t been as explosive as the Galaxy S3’s, but I’d still wager to guess that size is the most significant factor. If rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4 are true we should be seeing the next smartphone in Samsung’s flagship lineup come with S Pen support, and the performance of such a device (we imagine it’ll be around that 5 inch range but not quite as big as the Galaxy Note 2) will help further determine which factor has folks favoring the Galaxy S line a great deal more than any other.

[MK News via SammyHub]

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  1. After my beloved Note 1 went for a dive in the bathtub because of my own damn stupidity, i’m eating the exception upgrade costs with AT&T and getting a Note 2 at long last this week. Needless to say, i’m gonna treat this one like it was licked and kissed by Eva Mendes and ditch Asurion and their craptastic $200 deductible crap

    1. asurion is the biggest rip off out there. about two years ago, i shattered my mytouch 3g slide which was over a year old. by the standards of the then current smartphones, my phone was a low end to mid range phone. they wanted $120 to replace it. brand new at the time it was about $200 elsewhere. complete rip off considering the month free for the 12+ months I was paying them.

      1. Yeah, I know now this, the hard and expensive way.

    2. Best Buy actually has a fairly solid warranty. You just have to keep in mind you get a refurb back and I’ve had a couple that were worse than the broken phone I swapped out.

      1. I remember taking my s3, got drunk and went swimming with clothes on and phone was still in my pocket. Best buy actually grabbed a brand new phone off their shelves for me. I expected s refurbished device but they gave me a new one. :) I still attend by Best buy for mobile devices.

        1. They grab a new one when their service center has no reurbished (or when they mess up and think they don’t). But when I owned a 3GS (yeah, boo hiss) they always had refurbished phones. One I got wouldn’t make it 8 hours on battery in my pocket lol.

    3. 200$ isn’t bad for what the device is though its absolutely crap that they switched to tiered smartphone rates like not oly the deductible is raised but now the monthly costs.

      1. $200 isn’t worth it when a much better device is available, so hence I couldn’t justify putting it into an older phone

  2. I want a Note 2 also as well.

  3. The big upside to this is the more power Samsung gathers, the more likely it will reach the level where Apple has been since day 1 – telling the carriers to keep their bumbling hands off the hardware and the software of the phone and use a common model (for Apple, it took them a while to get to a multi-carrier model I know, but at least they had full control since day 1). Finally Samsung has common hardware (except for radios), now they just need to get the software end dialed in.

    I’ve had a Note II for about two weeks now and I’m not making the adjustment to TouchWiz very well. I have a Nexus 7 too, and would have much preferred the Note II’s hardware with the Nexus 4’s software. My plan now is to flash them both with the a commonly available ROM, but this is complicated by the splintering of the hardware – ROMs available for the international version are not available for AT&T (though the porting efforts are moving along at XDA and I’m still optimistic).

    1. I hope samsung gets there so that they can dethrone apple off of their high pedestal and run them into the ground.

    2. i can understand where you’re coming from. i found it hard to get use to touchwiz as well. while I love it on my tab 2, on the phone it’s not as nice. I think it has grown on me. I may flash some cyanogenmod 10.1 based ROM in the future, but I like stock on this phone simply for the s pen and stability. this is probably the most stable stock firmware I’ve ever been on.

  4. Its a fab device afterall . I wish the ppi density and resolution was a little up . An even better cam would have been cherry on the cake . Very capable device Even without that.

    1. Sounds like an S4 is what you want

      1. its yet to come mate . cant say anything until i see the actual thing

  5. I wish you a happy new year and look forward to many wonderful innovations in 2013 Sammy!

  6. Asians have smaller (and mostly non-“fat”) fingers.

    Just a genetic (etc.) fact of life.

    1. Weird and completely untrue statement. Lots of Asians have very fat fingers. Have you ever actually lived in Asia? Or was this just a joke?

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