Dec 26th, 2012

They say laughter is nature’s greatest cure, and while I can’t say it’s helped me shake off a few common colds it does bring a lot of bright moments in otherwise dull and boring days. That’s why I couldn’t help but watch this clip that was sent to my inbox earlier today. Comedian Dan Ahdoot did a set at the Laugh Factory recently, and one of his segments was regarding mobile advertisements.

Specifically, Dan touched on how the iPhone ads created this perfect, loving world where Siri could somehow tell if your wife was pregnant or not. Meanwhile, he likened watching an Android commercial to being molested by robots after being slipped a couple of roofies in a dark alley.

There’s an obvious negative connotation which comes with Dan’s description of what he sees, and it’s clear his last impression of Android ads are a bit outdated. He’s likely referring to Verizon’s primitive DROID ads when the original Motorola DROID launched back in 2009. Verizon boasted about circular saws cutting through bananas and all sorts of craziness.

Things are a bit different these days, though. For instance, Samsung — the most iconic and influential Android manufacturer there is — has taken a much more lighthearted (and humorous) approach for its Galaxy line. Verizon’s own-produced ads for its DROID line are still a tad aggressive in tone, but not nearly as dark, cryptic or robotic as they once were.

Perhaps I’m over-thinking this, but it’s tough to swallow the idea that people still allow simple 30 minute ad spots to dictate their perception of a phone without doing any research of the phone itself. This guy was only out to make a joke, of course, but it does raise interesting questions regarding how the world perceives Android in this day and age.

How do you feel about it? Do Android ads make you want to take self defense classes or do they simply make you want to buy a phone? Take a look at the short clip above (I thought it was a bit funny, but your mileage may vary) and let us know in the comments below!

[Thanks Justin!]