SwiftKey 3 updated, only $1.99 for the holidays


An update to SwiftKey 3 is now available in the Google Play Store. Just in time for the holiday, version brings a new Berry theme, a perfect touch of Christmas red. The update also enables support for more languages, including Armenian, Hindi, Irish, and Latin American Spanish. The full change log, which includes a split keyboard for “normal-sized devices” and improved key layout, can be found at the SwiftKey site.

Along with the update, the popular software keyboard replacement is on sale for holidays. 50 percent off its normal price, at $1.99 you have no excuse not to pick up the latest version of the eerily accurate predictive keyboard.

SwiftKey recently launched the Flow update to their keyboard in beta, which will eventually be available as an upgrade to owners of SwiftKey 3.

[Google Play]

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  1. $1.99 is a great deal considering it is well worth the normal $3.99 price.

  2. Glad to have Latin American Spanish support finally!

  3. Personally I like the new Samsung keyboard better than Swype, SwiftKey or anything else. Even better it comes free on any Samsung JB version.

  4. A great deal if you don’t already have the keyboard. Not worth it if you do. I’m wait for them to get Flow working well.

    1. Of course it’s not worth it if you’ve already got it. You’ve already got it.

      1. Well for example I got it free through Amazon app of the day. It might be worth it to buy it again to get instant updates

  5. No Chinese keyboard. So disappointing. Guess I’ll have to stay with the free Swype keyboard that has a Chinese input option.

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