Atari classic Pitfall! re-imagined for Android devices, available now


If you’re a fan of classic gaming, you probably have a fond place in your heart for Pitfall!. The free running game set Pitfall Harry in a maze of a jungle where he had to avoid such dangers as quicksand, snakes, and pits while collecting lost treasures. Now it’s back, re-imagined for Android devices with 3D graphics and all new challenges as well as the ability to compare scores to friends on Facebook and Twitter

The updated version of Pitfall! was a big hit on iOS devices in 2012 and Activision is hoping for similar success on the Android platform, where the game is available completely free of charge in the Google Play Store. The game is supported on most newer Android smartphones and tablets.

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  1. Makes Temple Run look like childs Very cool.

  2. I honestly will probably only truly live the original Atari version, but I’ll give it a try as its free.

    1. ok, played it through till I died, and is a lot more like temple run then pitfall. it does incorporate some pitfall tidbits to differentiate itself from temple run, but it still is basically temple run. it is fun though. I can see myself wasting some time playing it.

    2. I’m with you. The original Pitfall was my fave game on Atari.

  3. Stupid running games… This isn’t pitfall! This is temple run with different clothes and palm trees.

  4. why do they care if it is a big hit, if its free?

  5. Yeah this was disappointing, it’s not Pitfall, it’s Temple Run. :-

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