USB Audio Recorder Pro brings first USB audio recording capabilities to Android


Audio professionals who were dying for a USB audio recording on solution on Android can finally rest easy knowing that one has arrived in the Google Play Store. exTream has introduced software that will allow folks to record and playback audio over USB without effort at all. Written from the ground up, USB Audio Recorder Pro features custom code to add this much needed functionality that Google’s mobile operating system currently lacks. It’s something iOS users have enjoyed for quite some time.

The software utilizes USB host functionality found in many devices released today to transmit high quality audio as if you were hooked up to a Windows or Mac machine. Direct connection peripherals like Yeti’s easy Blue series work just as well as complicated setups from the likes of M-AUDIO, Behringer and more. You can find a full list of known compatibility here to see just how much equipment you can now use to record audio sessions on the go.

Recordings are saved as standard .wav files so you can export them to your desktop and even other apps on your phone and tablet just as easily as anything else. exTream even provides its very own multi-track sequencing app so you can mix tracks on the go. Folks are already raving about the functionality in the Google Play Store, but we’re interested in just how far the company is willing to take this.

It would be great to see them work with Google to get this functionality integrated into the core of Android, or work with OEMs to include it as part of the custom skins and codecs they tend to use on top of Android. It would no doubt be a great marketing point for any OEM, but exTream hasn’t confirmed plans to do anything of the sort as of yet.

It would also be nice to see the technology licensed to other developers in order to see a boom in professional audio recording apps in the Play Store, but we imagine that’s a bit of a long shot right now. We’ve asked about exTream’s plans for the future regarding USB audio recording on Android, and we’ll look to get deeper insight into what’s looking to be done with this technology to help advance the audio landscape of Android even further. The app costs $4 in the Google Play Store so head over there for the download if this is something you see yourself getting a lot of use out of.

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  1. Note that the Devs include a url to their trial software in the app description so you can make sure you like the software before buying it!

  2. Woot. Finally. As a musician and Android fan, I am glad I can stop envying iOS this. Was annoying. Pretty excited, been searching for this periodically for years now.

    1. ditto. I refuse to buy into the iOS ecosystem; but I was very jealous of their music apps. Now Android just needs to figure the touch lag issue out. Project butter was a big letdown in that regard.

      Now, we need a Garage Band clone to interface with our USB audio inputs.

  3. Fucking nice! I have been badmouthing Android for two years for not having any usb recording abilities. Finally, I can hook my Roland UA25 to my phone. Personally, I use it for recording my friends and I when we get together and play music. It will be nice to know that when my laptop shits the bed, I will still be able to use my UA25. I wander if it records in mp3 too? a two hour jam can create humongous wav file.

  4. This is the start of something amazing…I have a focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and this’ll be awesome with it…now I don’t have to lug around my laptop and all that to get a good sounding rough demo of my band.

    1. Could you go ahead and let me know on here if it works out for you? I have a Nexus 7 and I am thinking of picking up a 2i2 just to use with it. Including whether or not you had to use a powered hub to get it working in your response would also really help me out. Thanks in advance

      1. I’m guessing I need a powered hub. I emailed the dev and nothing back yet. I’ll let you know.

        1. Hey was just wondering if you had any developments on the situation. Still holding off on the interface till I hear it works for someone. Thanks

  5. This is awesome. I assume their goal is for Google to buy them out and for Google to introduce it into the next android version.

  6. Just tried it with my focusrite 2i2 on my galaxy nexus and it seems to record but I can hear anything after it’s done…I don’t know if its compatible with the GNex..can anyone test this of they have a galaxy nexus and a USB interface that’s on the working list? Please and thank you.

    1. I can’t**** hear anything after it’s done.

  7. Works great with my S3 and the Art Dual Pre, including playback. Playback in Tape Machine a bit wonky though.

  8. Could Audacity for Android be possible?
    The mind boggles at the possibilities.

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