Dec 20th, 2012

T-Mobile’s looking to get some more sales in its book to close out the end of the year (and, possibly, the world) with a new sale it’s administering starting tomorrow and lasting for the rest of the year. This “$0 down” sale will let you get some great devices under T-Mobile’s value plan program, and includes some heavy hitting devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One S, the Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G, and even LG’s Nexus 4.

Yes, that’s right — the Nexus 4. As ironic as that is considering Google’s difficulty in getting stock for the Google Play Store it’s an option that you have to consider if you can’t wait for LG to gets its supply problem under control. Keep in mind that you’ll still have to pay something up-front when you head into a T-Mobile store these last 1.5 weeks .

You’ll have to wait for mail-in rebates to take effect before you get to the down payment prices shown in the charts below. Beyond that, the typical $20 monthly installments don’t get any cheaper than they usually are so the net down payment is the only thing you’re really saving on here. That doesn’t mean this isn’t a great deal, though, so be sure to see if your local stores have any of these devices in stock starting tomorrow if you’re interested.

T-Mobile also has a couple of other devices on sale that won’t exactly have free net down payments, but will still be quite cheap compared to their usual prices. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2, for instance, can be had for a net down payment of $100, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2 10.1. These prices are in effect until the last day of the year so be sure to act fast — remember, the world might not even be here after tomorrow!

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