Samsung said to be bringing flexible 5.5 inch display to CES


Samsung has been the biggest player in the mobile space when it comes to pushing the flexible display movement forward, and while it’s nothing new — we’ve seen flexible displays come in 4.5 inch and other flavors before — Samsung could be looking to go even bigger and bringing their latest achievements along to CES. CNET has learned Samsung would be bringing a flexible variant of its 5.5 inch AMOLED display to the Vegas trade show this January.

For Samsung, flexible displays will bring the trait in function as well as in engineering freedom. They’ll give Samsung more options when it comes to building its phones. This particular screen size is identical to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s. While it might be easy to guess where Samsung might want to go with that, we can’t make too many assumptions. Still, we imagine the OEM will be looking to ready this display for an eventual third installment in the Samsung Galaxy Note line.

The display would still have  the same 1280×720 resolution of Samsung’s current Super AMOLED HD panels. It’d be nice to see some of these panels outfitted with 1080p resolution at some point, but 267 ppi is still nothing to sneeze at in this day and age. Samsung has spent a lot of time and money in research and development trying to perfect this technology.

It’s hard to keep getting excited for it without seeing how it can contribute to the overall design of a smartphone, but we’re hopeful Samsung isn’t spending all this time and money for no reason. In fact, Samsung has been rumored to be implementing a flexible, unbreakable display in the Samsung Galaxy S4 due early next year.

While it’s not certain that the S4 will enjoy the same screen size being discussed here it’s indication that Samsung could indeed have something ready to go. We’ll see just how far along they are come CES, but for now just know that the train is moving on this flexible display stuff and it feels like we’re awfully close to seeing this in Samsung’s hottest devices.

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  1. Nice! Although I’m more interested in a scratch resistant screen myself. Gorilla Glass 2 is a crock! :)

    1. You mean glass. The screen and glass aren’t the same thing.

  2. Need 1080p! Samsung is falling behind!

    1. yea right lol it’s sammy we’re talking about, im sure they got something awesome

    2. HAHA. Troll harder.

  3. I’m not believing this until I actually see video of it taken at CES.

    1. This was 2 years ago:

  4. Here’s a question: how will you arrange the capacitive grid on a flex OLED? usually they put a capacitive grid inside a layer of glass. With flex screens, we also need flex grids.

    1. good point. although for now it seems like they’re just using it for thinner, more robust phones and devices. if they ever intend to make a flexible device they would need a flexible grid.

  5. I don’t know what would be the point of this technology… How would you implement it on a phone?.. Unless the Galaxy S4 will be made out of rubber…
    Maybe I can put this bad boy on my wallet. Look like a boss walking around playing Angry Birds on my wallet

    1. i think FOR NOW the main point is to get thinner, more robust devices…however, the flexibility of it may become a factor in the future.

  6. For all doubters: flexible means shock resistant means unbreakable screen means not having to pay $100+ for screen replacement means duh!

    1. Mainly the digitizer will break, but the screen won’t crap out. Though the other parts are still breakable if given enough force.

  7. I’m more excited for thinner hardware. That means they can squeeze a larger battery in these quad core monsters.

  8. What do they do about the weight? Is it getting rid of the glass that makes it work? Since we got 4GLTE here in Atlanta, I’ve been tempted to get the Note 2 with AT&T; taking notes would be great. But that 180 grams; heavy! Now they’re coming out with an even bigger one. Really? And, can you write notes on this? Confusing.

  9. They say this every frickin’ year…
    I do want flex gestures, however.

  10. Okay, so the Galaxy Note 2 is ginormous – and very heavy. And they’re talking about an even bigger Note 3. Now this? I wanted the Note 2 (on At&T, 4GLTE) here for my New York graphics work to jot down visual ideas but when I felt its weight I knew it would end up on the floor quite often. This looks like it would end up under my foot!

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