Dec 20th, 2012

When ESPN originally launched its ScoreCenter app for Android I was a bit excited. As bad of a reputation as the sports outlet has gotten over the years it is still one of my favorites for keeping up with my team. Why wouldn’t I want an official app on Android that could keep me updated on scores and league happenings? Well, the app they produced wasn’t particularly flattering. In fact, I quickly abandoned ESPN’s app for other options like Score Mobile and SportsTap, and stuck to the mobile browser whenever I wanted to catch up on the latest stories.

ESPN might have won me back with its latest upgrade, however, as ScoreCenter now looks like it belongs on an Android device. The app was updated with a brand new user interface to fit the Holo design guidelines Google set for Ice Cream Sandwich and beyond. The app properly utilizes things like swiping to change views, a slide-in menu and a pull-to-refresh function to make for a smooth experience.

The core app still offers much of the same functionality as it provides you with the latest news, video, score alerts and more for your favorite teams across many different sports. The difference is that it now looks great doing so, and doesn’t perform like an absolute hog. With Google Now delivering my sports scores rather late I have been searching for an app to send reliable, up-to-the-minute (I’ve accepted that up-to-the-second is just impossible for these companies) score updates, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Go ahead and download it to see if the app is back up to your standards.

[Google Play Store]