Multi-window update now available for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2


As promised, T-Mobile is now delivering the multi-view update for their Samsung Galaxy Note 2, bringing users the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously in a windowed view. The update, which measures in at 73.29MB, also fixes a few bugs including missing calendar events and an unresponsive Gmail app. The update keeps the same Jelly Bean version as the phone’s previous software, Android 4.1.1.

Multi-window view is one of the most unique features to be added to Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, and it is designed to take advantage of the abundant screen real estate of the Note 2. However, not all apps will be compatible. Developers still need to add a few snippets of code to provide plug-and-play usability with Samsung’s fancy multi-tasking method.

As of this morning several members over at the XDA forums have reported receiving the new update. If you own the Note 2 on T-Mobile, you might try forcing the update via the settings menu.

[XDA via TheAndroidSoul]

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  1. Still waiting for my update Telus…

  2. lol, T-Mobile was first to release N2 but last to get multi window?

    1. Reasonably certain AT&Fee doesn’t have it yet, no?

    2. the death star network still doesn’t have it. And you know what T-Mo has? Wi-fi calling!

  3. I pulled mine down this morning. It looks more “complete” than what Verizon managed to half-bake if complaints about Verizon’s version are accurate. I wouldn’t know, because it wouldn’t even work on the demo model I tried at VZ a few days ago. o.0

  4. Just bring multiview to the Sprint S3

    1. You think that’s fair to the other Note 2 users? That’d be an incredibly stupid move for Samsung, COMPLETELY skipping over the other users who paid extra for that specific feature. So wait your fucking turn.

      1. that didnt call for such a harsh attitude

        1. You… you’re right. That was uncalled for. I don’t know what got into me.

          1. +1 yeah i hear ya. im guilty of such hostility as well. But I realized being pissed and mad at online comments is a very sad / embarrassing way to live.

      2. Yeah!!!
        Go back to the line…

      3. Yes its fair. The internation s3 already has it and has for quite awhile. So put that in your pipe and smoke it you selfish shirt lifter

      4. You want to outside man? I will murk u if u ever get out of line with me like that again. I don’t give a damn about a Note 2 that I don’t have, I want it for my S3. Pfft, talking to me about what’s fair, go sit down somewhere… Trick.

        1. hahaha.

        2. What? You’re on a message board. I apologize for being a douche earlier, but threatening over the Internet? Grow up.

          1. I see your a douche and don’t understand sarcasm, ur 2 for 2!

  5. still waiting for stock flashable recovery zip.

  6. Got it and was just about to root this thing until I saw the disclaimer on the Redbox app. Shoot!

  7. sweet just updated

  8. I have 13% battery …… when I try to uodate…….it tells me to charge my battery……. phone is plugged In wall socket? ?? Battery does not charge actually it drains while on the web when the phone is plugged in the wall……is this normal?? I cant use my phone when its low on battery. …like self the web…….shouldnt my phone be charging while im viewing webs site at the same time???

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