Samsung offers up official 3,000mAh extended battery for Galaxy S3; costs $65


While the Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t launch with the beastly 3,100mAh battery that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 did, Samsung’s looking to offer more juice for those who absolutely require it. The company has started to ship extended batteries to resellers that will give users about 900mAh more power than the one that ships with the device. That’s right — you can now buy an official 3,000mAh battery and be just 100mAh shy of its bigger cousin’s power output.

The difference, of course, is that you’ll need to sacrifice size for juice as the extended battery will no doubt add a bit of a hump to the Galaxy S3. Its chassis simply wasn’t built for a slim profile while maintaining a battery of such capacity. That’s a small price to pay for many, though, as it’s important to be able to go an entire day without having to tether yourself to a power outlet.

Typical extended batteries exist, but the difference with an official Samsung unit is that the battery door will come with the NFC contact points the device requires for using NFC. Most third party battery doors, you’ll quickly find, will not come with these contact points. Whether or not that’s worth the extra money is up to you to decide, but if more juice is as important as NFC then there aren’t many other options.

One price that isn’t small, however, is the monetary cost itself. Retailer MobileFun has it listed for $65 including VAT. Again — it comes down to whether or not you want NFC, because there are a lot better deals you can find for an added 900mAh. Head to the source link if you’ve been waiting on something like this.

[via MobileFun]

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  1. I have a 2950mah battery which is the same size as the original 2100…

    1. So you think, lol.

      1. to be fair its does last longer and obviously takes longer to charge, so it doesn’t matter if its 2300/2350 it gives me extra power for the same size as the original…

    2. what brand and how much, thanks!

    3. You do realize there is no industry standard concerning how to test/rate mAh. Silly consumer.

    4. Where did you get that battery and how much does it cost?

  2. My God…what took so long ??

  3. The NFC is built into the battery, not the phone cover. the contacts on the phone are for future wireless charging capability (that was supposed to be released in September).

    1. Yeah I was gonna say cuz I have a stock vzw gs3 and there’s nothing on the back of my cover that touches those contacts

    2. Ah the batteries on the S3 must be different compared to the Note 2 then. On the Note 2, the NFC is built into the battery door and has two metal contact points to transmit the data to the phone. I could have sworn it was that way on the S3 but I guess not.

      1. yup. All the more reason to purchase official Samsung batteries. Otherwise you run the risk of not even having a NFC antenna. :-/

      2. If I’m not mistaken, that’s the antenna for the NFC, but the actual NFC chip is embedded in the main PCB. I think on the GS3 the NFC antenna is embedded in the battery.

  4. $65?!?!?!? Screw that!!! Get an extended battery from another company on Amazon.

    1. Don’t be so cheap! I paid 88 bucks for my 4600 from Mugen Power and couldn’t be happier!

  5. Hmm, 2950mah and yet the same size as the original 2100mah, how is that possible???

    1. You just have to believe. If you believe it, it has to be true.

  6. What im wondering is, are all back covers the same on where the snap points are? So that we know this will work with vzw, sprint, att, and t mobile, etc?

  7. I got a 4500mAh battery from Gorilla Gadgets with NFC for $23.99. Comes with a nice back plate that matches the phone.

  8. jesus too expensive. i want one that dont want me to add any new back cover.

    1. The highest mAh battery you’ll find and be able to keep the back cover is a 2300 mAh and that will only give you an extra 8-10% battery life. Hardly worth it. You’re better off buying an extra power cord or two. Most people don’t have that issue though as they’ve got plenty of spare cords laying around from previous smartphones. Such is the beauty of the micro usb! :)

      1. and those 2300mah batteries are falsely advertised 2100mah batteries. When they test them, they just reduce the volt draw to increase the (mili)amp-hours

  9. Now we need to learn how to eat once a day in the morning so we can use that energy for a whole day.

    1. LOL

  10. I would definitely have to see a pic before buying but likely makes the phone look like it has been visited by Dr. Frankenstein much like virtually all other extended batteries do.

  11. Imagine if it fit the slim profile. I’d it buy today.

  12. Wonder why SAMSUNG isn’t selling this themselves? Oh well, lots of less expensive options that have a lot more power w/NFC anyway.

  13. I’m sure it’s safe to say that you’d also have to go and buy a new case that supports this fat bastard, so tack that cost onto the top of the battery and cover.

  14. Do we have a Picture?

  15. Why bother with charging? Just get a media dock with a spare battery. OEM…less than $50

  16. Forget the hump, just buy a spare battery, it takes seconds to switch out….

  17. I wonder if this will still fit the Samsung external battery charger. Meaning…will the charger door still close since the 3000mah battery is thicker.

  18. is it fatter

    1. You’re fatter

      1. Tell me something I don’t know. LOL. I love that…..

  19. yeah I agree, just get another battery. Screw the hump.

    1. not everybody enjoys charging and carrying around multiple batteries everyday

  20. Just bought a ‘my charge’ 6000 mah from BestBuy recently as a Christmas gift for the lady. Charges multiple devices.


    1. Trust me, these 12-20 dollar batteries on Amazon are worthless and actually last less than the stock 2100 battery.

  22. hope that the Android-flagship out the South Koreans now with this battery will have enough power

  23. I purchased a 4600 mAh battery from Mugen a couple of weeks ago (88 bucks) and it’s definitely worth every penny! It easily lasts more 48 hours with light/medium use, but I average 26-28 hours with heavy usage. (8-9 hours screen on time) The saying, you get what you pay for really does apply to smartphone batteries. Purchase a 20-30 dollar battery off of Ebay or Amazon and you’re going to be disappointed, I can assure you of that. The back plate comes with a built in kickstand. (and NFC of course)

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