Dec 18th, 2012 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 9:11 pm

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t launch with the beastly 3,100mAh battery that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 did, Samsung’s looking to offer more juice for those who absolutely require it. The company has started to ship extended batteries to resellers that will give users about 900mAh more power than the one that ships with the device. That’s right — you can now buy an official 3,000mAh battery and be just 100mAh shy of its bigger cousin’s power output.

The difference, of course, is that you’ll need to sacrifice size for juice as the extended battery will no doubt add a bit of a hump to the Galaxy S3. Its chassis simply wasn’t built for a slim profile while maintaining a battery of such capacity. That’s a small price to pay for many, though, as it’s important to be able to go an entire day without having to tether yourself to a power outlet.

Typical extended batteries exist, but the difference with an official Samsung unit is that the battery door will come with the NFC contact points the device requires for using NFC. Most third party battery doors, you’ll quickly find, will not come with these contact points. Whether or not that’s worth the extra money is up to you to decide, but if more juice is as important as NFC then there aren’t many other options.

One price that isn’t small, however, is the monetary cost itself. Retailer MobileFun has it listed for $65 including VAT. Again — it comes down to whether or not you want NFC, because there are a lot better deals you can find for an added 900mAh. Head to the source link if you’ve been waiting on something like this.

[via MobileFun]

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