Dec 18th, 2012

If you’re not with a carrier whose name start with “V” and ends with “erizon” you might feel like LTE launches are coming in at a snail’s pace, but AT&T’s looking to pick the pace up as it has announced five more cities are getting 4G LTE. This is on top of several more which will be getting expansions to provide even better coverage.

The new markets include Green Bay, Wisconsin; Oxford, Mississippi; Tucson, Arizona; Springfield, Massachusetts; and Melbourne, Florida. On top of that, those in Phoenix, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; New York City, New York; and Salt Lake City, Utah will all benefit from even better coverage wherever they go within their respective towns.

AT&T has made very nice on its promise to quickly and effectively roll LTE out as it enjoys regular launches on — at the very least — a monthly basis. The carrier straddles the line between its biggest competitor, Verizon, and its closest counterpart in Sprint in terms of both volume and frequency of rollouts. Verizon tends to roll new coverage out at the same rate as AT&T, but in bigger chunks, while Sprint isn’t doing as many launches but promises that more cities are being added to a list of eventual launches all the time.

We suspect Sprint will want to make sure it builds up its coverage a bit so that it can drop a bombshell on the American airwaves as the carrier has long promised that it would get a vast majority of its network complete by the end of 2013. Sprint 2013 will likely be the carrier’s target point for beginning rollouts, but it has been mum on the roadmap outside of the bigger picture.

As it stands, though, America is getting drenched in LTE by the day no matter which carrier you decide to stay loyal to (unless, of course, you’re with T-Mobile, but your day should be coming at some point next year). In the meantime, folks with an AT&T LTE phone should turn that 4G radio on without delay and experience just how fast it can be for themselves.

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