Dec 17th, 2012

In today’s edition of “let us tell you something you probably already know,” a Google exec has spoken out about the unfortunate situation that has been transpiring with the Nexus 4 delays. Many customers put orders in more than a month ago, and some of those customers still haven’t received a device.

The initial corporate response, as it always seems to be with big delays of any kind, was that demand exceeded Google’s wildest expectations. You can only go so long trying to flip this big of a negative into a positive in that age-old way, though, and it seems Google UK and Ireland’s managing director is ready to put the bullish excuse away.

Dan Cobley spoke directly to users on Google+ (after they bombarded a post about Zeitgeist with complaints about the Nexus 4 debacle) as he looked to empathize with them regarding the situation. He says the delays are unacceptable, and that the teams are working around the clock to meet all of its orders and get back on track. Cobley wasn’t looking to help soften the fire under LG, either, as he implicated the OEM for its scarce and “erratic” supply. We’re not sure what, exactly, is meant by “erratic” but we’re going to guess he’s talking more about the process of shipment opposed to problems in manufacturing.

Cobley says Google is still at fault, though, as communication to customers regarding these matters have been admittedly poor on their part. He’s right: when customers throw hundreds and thousands of dollars at you then the ability to let them know what’s going on with what they paid for is imperative.

Having said that, Cobley took the opportunity to be more clear about the status of orders that were originally taken on the December 4th sale. Those orders were originally given shipment times of 3-5 days, and while a good amount of customers received devices in that time frame there still appear to be a lot who haven’t.

Cobley assured everyone that the rest of those orders would be shipping out early this week, however, and any other orders that were originally scheduled to arrive before Christmas will make their way to customers’ doorsteps before the biggest gift-giving date of the year. Let’s hope Google is up to the task of meeting that estimation, because if there’s one date you absolutely cannot miss when shipping orders, it’s Christmas. How many of you are still without Nexus 4 devices?

[via The Verge]

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