Android-controlled toilet is Japan’s latest bathroom innovation


Studies have already shown that the bathroom is one of our favorite places to pull out our smartphones, so why not take it a step further? That’s exactly what Japanese company Lixil did with the creation of their Satis commode, a toilet controlled by an accompanying Android app. The app makes things like touching a potentially germ-covered toilet seat a thing of the past through a variety of “hands-free” interactions.

Users can raise the or lower the seat, initiate the cleansing blast of a bidet, and even stream music to a set of speakers installed in the toilet all with a few touches of the My Satis app. You can even monitor your toilet usage, which may or may not provide a snapshot of your digestive health (chances are you won’t need an app to tell you when your system is acting up, though).

Leave it to the Japanese, a culture that has already achieved innovations in the bathroom that others around the world only dream of. In comparison to some of the other high-tech toilets found in the country, the Lixil Satis in reality is only a slight bump up in loo luxury. Here in the US we’re still waiting for the day a robotic toilet can pamper us while Phil Collins serenades from somewhere below the bowl.

[Lixil via Inquistr]

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  1. If only this toilet could wipe too…

    Then it would be truly hands free :P

    1. lol

    2. It probably has a built in bidet… So they got ya covered.

      1. The TOTO toilets will spray your butt with warm water, then they will blow you dry. No sh!t

    3. I think it has a Remote Wipe feature :)

  2. Would be perfect for public bathroom

  3. I guess the Thunderbolt isn’t the only Android controlled toilet in town.

  4. Does it come with a Reader’s Digest app preinstalled?

  5. I really hope no front facing camera.

  6. hmmm…what if the toilet were to get hacked? can you imagine the horror…

  7. What button do I press for a blumpkin?

  8. Watch out apple will prolly patent it after the steal the design and call it an iCrap. Wait they got a whole line of iCrap already.

    1. I think the have a couple lines of iCrap already…

  9. It’s cool, but it’s not $5000 cool

  10. I hope someone figures out how to root it. I’d love to overclock this thing!

  11. They didn’t include the hands free wiping because apple has already patent it and threatened to sue.

  12. Approx $2265 ….crazy. I read the source and converted to English and then converted the Yen price to US Dollars.

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