Dec 17th, 2012

Studies have already shown that the bathroom is one of our favorite places to pull out our smartphones, so why not take it a step further? That’s exactly what Japanese company Lixil did with the creation of their Satis commode, a toilet controlled by an accompanying Android app. The app makes things like touching a potentially germ-covered toilet seat a thing of the past through a variety of “hands-free” interactions.

Users can raise the or lower the seat, initiate the cleansing blast of a bidet, and even stream music to a set of speakers installed in the toilet all with a few touches of the My Satis app. You can even monitor your toilet usage, which may or may not provide a snapshot of your digestive health (chances are you won’t need an app to tell you when your system is acting up, though).

Leave it to the Japanese, a culture that has already achieved innovations in the bathroom that others around the world only dream of. In comparison to some of the other high-tech toilets found in the country, the Lixil Satis in reality is only a slight bump up in loo luxury. Here in the US we’re still waiting for the day a robotic toilet can pamper us while Phil Collins serenades from somewhere below the bowl.

[Lixil via Inquistr]