…and you thought your Nexus 10 was buggy


With Google’s Nexus series, experiencing a bug or two in the latest Android software is nothing new. But how about finding a real bug crawling around under your screen? Such is the misfortune of one new Nexus 10 owner. After several days of normal use he came home to find an ant crawling around between the tablet’s screen and display glass. The ant promptly died, creating the only thing worse than a dead pixel.

How the ant got there in the first place we may never know. Pay tribute to the tiny insect adventurer at the source link below.

[via XDA | Thanks, Atmazzz]

Kevin Krause
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  1. You have ever right to be antsy :p

    1. I see what you did there ;).

  2. Poor Ant :(

  3. Now would that bug be covered under warranty?

    1. Being that it died, I guess so. :(

  4. Google is hinting at a future OS release when they will be following the animal naming convention

    1. ant… barracuda.. crocodile…. i like ittttt

      1. we still have to get to lemon merrang…

  5. Samsung needs to learn what a “clean room” is for manufacturing and assembly…

  6. 4.2 jelly bean has a problem with bluetooth media playing music

  7. Can we get the lizard who plays ant squash over here now?

  8. I know. There have been many cases of devices infested with Lice and Bed Bugs, almost exclusively form Apple on account of poor sanitary conditions in their factories in Asia.
    That’s why I recommend sanitizing all iPhones and iPad devices in the Microwave for 90 seconds on the High setting.

    1. Great idea!

    2. I see what you did there…

    3. lmao

    4. You had me going with your sanitation suggestions for a split second, haha.

    5. OMG, that works perfectly, thanks.

    6. THanks for the suggestion! Tried it on my mom’s iPhone and it is noticeably more usable now

  9. “The ant promptly died, creating the only thing worse than a dead pixel.”

    Only one comment on this: bad luck of the highest order >.>

  10. i remember 4 years ago i bought a new DELL 20″ widescreen monitor for my desktop and after a month all of a sudden there was a small ant crawling under the glass in the bottom right corner. she died after a week or so so im guessing that until this day she is dead buried in the bottom of my screen lol.

    1. “She”? O.o

      1. worker ants and bees are female

      2. Her name was Emma

    2. I had a similar experience with a Dell monitor. A small bug (not an ant, but some kind of small bug) got under the glass. For a couple days I could see it slowly moving across the screen. It finally died in there and it’s still stuck there in its LCD grave.

  11. This is rare, but not unheard of. But before anyone comments about how Samsung builds theses devices in “dirty” or “disgusting” locations, know that this could have happened after delivery as well. Who’s to say the guy didn’t leave the device on the kitchen table or something where an ant wandered into the headphone port? Also, the whole “dirty Chinese factories” argument doesn’t apply here either, since Samsung manufactures these in Korea.

    It’s a moot point anyway, it will be replaced under 14-day return/exchange.

    1. Headphone port? I highly doubt the headphone port would give access to the display even for an ant.

    2. Dude… read the full comment, the dude is trying to tell a joke. Especially the last sentence.

  12. Well, the bug’s fixed now…

    1. witty

  13. This could cause a SERIOUS problem while trying to play Ant Smasher.

  14. (Theme of the Pink Panther) Dead ant dead ant…Sorry had to

  15. There’s been a game called Ant Smasher in the play store for quite some time. Looks like Google is pre-installing it now.

  16. I call BS on the factory ant. There is more to this than we know. Not saying it didn’t happen at the factory, it’s possible… but.

  17. And this is how the term “bug” came to be. Hope he gets this one worked out.

  18. That’s a hell lot higher than retina resolution.
    Even bugs in Android have better resolution than iOS’.

  19. JellyBean inside nexus10? What is sweeter than that. Ant magnet…

  20. This reminds me of a small creepy crawly thing that lived in the speedometer housing on my wifes brand new motorbike. At first we thought it was a cool animation around the digital lcd odometer as it was running round and round the display edge. To our surprice the animationstopped as the tiny millipede thingy got tired if it and ran away, disappearing under the speedo dial. It’s still there curled up in a corner of the dial, RIP.

  21. Nexus 10 ant farm? We may have something here!

  22. Encase him in rosin…

  23. Apple said they had a patent on that!

  24. Looks like apple are upping the ant-e

    1. Yeaaaaaaaaaah!

  25. The Ant must have been confused about the ad that says the Nexus 10 comes with Jelly Bean inside.

  26. he’s not the only one. i got a mite crawl into the center of my Motorola Milestone. :(

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