Dec 13th, 2012

It’s bad enough that people are on the roads while intoxicated or without proper driving skills. Add the addiction that is smartphone withdrawal into the mix and you’ve got a lot of people distracted by these nice, big smartphones being released today. That’s why AT&T has been as aggressive as it has been with its It Can Wait initiative, reminding us that our smartphones are not the most important things to tend to while on the road with a huge machine that can cause major damage if you’re not careful. is a great way to get yourself aware on the dangers of texting while driving, and would be a great URL to forward to friends and family whom you’ve noticed can’t seem to put the phone down and drive. The site features a pledge button where you can assure the world (or just your Facebook friends, really) that your eyes are always going to be on the road while the car is moving. It also features great resources such as stories, promotional kits and more to help you spread awareness to others as much as you take it in yourself.

That’s not the only way you safe drivers can help the cause, though — you could win some nice gear today that’ll help you spread the word to your comrades and promote a safer road. Courtesy of our friends at AT&T, Phandroid is giving away the It Can Wait gift pack! It’s a pretty big pack so let’s dive right into what you’ll be entering to win for your efforts:

  • 1 Samsung Galaxy SIII (No Service Included!)
  • 1 “It Can Wait” branded case for the SIII
  • 1 “It Can Wait” T-Shirt
  • 2 “It Can Wait” Thumbbands
  • 2 “It Can Wait” Stickers
  • 1 SkinIt coupon for one free large device skin

There’s no way you can’t adorn yourself in an obvious manner with this great message after winning all that. By now you’re likely wondering just what it is you have to do to win all of this gear. It’s simple: tell us which apps and accessories you’d recommend for making phone use while driving safer.

For instance, AT&T’s DriveMode app can be configured to automatically reply to text messages while you’re driving. You can tell someone “I’m driving, I’ll have to text you back when I’m done” without ever having to touch the phone. It’s an invaluable tool that should be one of the first things setup for many of you who purchase an AT&T smartphone for yourselves or loved ones this holiday season. Let’s take a look at the full rules and regulations, shall we?

  • You’re entering to win one (1) AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 It Can Wait gift pack as described above.
  • You must be a resident of the United States of America to qualify.
  • How to enter: leave a comment suggesting great apps, accessories and other tools that help keep your hands off the phone when they should be on the wheel.
  • One comment will count as one entry, and only one entry per person is permitted.
  • Entries will be gathered until 11:59pm Eastern on December 13th, 2012.
  • One random winner will be selected to win the prize pack. If the winner doesn’t respond to contact efforts within a reasonable time frame (typically 24-48 hours) we will move on to select another winner. This process will continue until a winner has been determined.
  • Please use an email address, a REAL email address, on your profile. It’s only visible to us, and it will go a long way toward helping us reach you sooner if you’re the winner. If you do not use a real email address there is no way to contact you, and thus you will not be able to win.

And that’s it! We want to give a big thank you to our friends at AT&T for allowing us to spread this great message and cause with a nice giveaway for the greatest readers on the planets. Let’s get those comments rolling in so we can all begin equipping ourselves with the tools we need to prevent dangerous and potentially fatal road accidents, and help spread the message that AT&T has with the It Can Wait initiative since 2009. Oh, and there’s a nice, eye-opening 10 minute documentary above that’ll show you just how important it is to keep your hands on the wheel when you’re operating a vehicle. Take a day break and press play whenever you get the chance.

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