Dec 12th, 2012

Skype might have a seemingly deadly grip on the VoIP conferencing market, but that won’t stop competitors from trying their hand at taking it on. Voxeet’s claim to fame won’t be through multi-way video conferencing or a robust text-based chat platform. Instead, it’s starting its humble trek as a straight forward calling app. Their x-factor? Crystal-clear VoIP technology that they say is so impressive that people might drop Skype in droves just to use.

They call it “Natural Conferencing,” and it uses a proprietary algorithm for delivering high definition audio between multiple parties. Voxeet promises it can eliminate the annoyances that tend to come with your typical VoIP experiences, such as voice echoes, robotic voice syndrome, voice overlap and more.

An even more interesting element of Voxeet is its “Immersive 3D” sound technology that can detect who’s speaking at any given moment and deliver their voice to specific sides of your ears. For instance, if you want to hear the call moderator on your right ear and have others come in from the left or the middle Voxeet will facilitate that with ease.

Even cooler is the ability to seamlessly transfer your call to your mobile from the desktop version of Voxeet. There have been a ton of scenarios where I’ve needed to tell someone that I’d call them back because I was switching to mobile, so something like that is nothing to sneeze at.

Voxeet acknowledges its software is probably best served for folks who find themselves on regular conference calls with colleagues, and that’s fine — it’d be a tough job to get all your casual friends to migrate to a platform without video chat. But give it a shot with your co-workers or a buddy or two, and see if Voxeet’s promise of a superior conference call experience can live up to its own claims. Find it in the Google Play Store.