Google Zeitgeist page features Droid Gangnam Style easter egg


If you have been on any tech blogs today, you have likely seen plenty of stories about Google’s Zeitgeist 2012. Google has detailed the most searched items for the year and even put together a quick video highlighting popular terms (and pitching a few Google products in the process).

The video and list are both worth checking out, but the highlight of Google’s page is tucked away at the very bottom. Hover over a nondescript banner of Google’s colors and you will find none other the mascot of the year’s most popular mobile OS doing the year’s most popular dance. Yes, that’s Gangnam Droid, coded up out of CSS and web magic. Pretty darn cool, Google, pretty darn cool.

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Kevin Krause
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  1. Doesn’t appear t work in IE or Safari (I’m surprise by the last…. No… REALLY!)

  2. 2012 was gangnam style all the way

    1. As much as I’m sick of the song now, it was definitely his year. No question.

      1. The 2012 version of the Macarena. It’ll fade off just like the rest.

  3. Google is so got damned inspirational.

  4. I always like these types of videos. Allows me to reflect on what happened during the year and what people accomplished.
    And I’m just sitting here ma-… well, you know where I’m going with this…

    1. Fapping?

      1. >.>

  5. The Background score is nice. Anybody knows what it is?

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