Android Overload: Updated Nexus 4 manual, Action Launcher, HTC Butterfly and more


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  • Nexus 4 manual updated, may never have USB OTG support [Google]
  • HTC DROID DNA heads to other markets under HTC Butterfly name [intomobile]
  • Action Launcher released by Tweet Lanes creator [Google Play]
  • Sony and Box extend free 50 GB offer through 2013 [Engadget]
  • Swiftkey Flow to come as an update to current Swiftkey 3 app [Swiftkey]
  • ASUS Padfone receiving Jelly Bean OTA [FoneArena]
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  1. Why wouldn’t the Nexus 4 have USB OTG support? I though it was now built into Android since ICS.

  2. The N4 manual should state somewhere “The N4 is the product that has the worst launch in the history of Google. We never gave a crap about shipping in the order that they were purchased in. Press the ‘sob button’ to show how sad you are that you wont get it for Christmas. It’s located in settings -> etc.”

  3. They should of did pre orders for the nexus 4

    1. They basically are now… they just wont admit it.

    2. They should have done a lot of things, Removable battery bigger storage hire/train their csr’s better, keep us informed about our orders on a weekly basis at least, if you aren’t going to charge shipping actually don’t charge the shipping when its all said and done. Offer it to be sold through more outlets other than just t-mobile and their website I mean partnering with best buy, radioshack, generally places that have mobile divisions. Get nexus out there.

  4. What fanatic nexus fan boys are saying about GOOGLE (and not LG) Nexus 4 :
    no sd slot -> not a deal breaker
    no removable battery -> not a deal breaker
    no USB OTG mode -> not a deal breaker
    no availability -> not a deal breaker
    no robust phone -> not a deal breaker
    no LTE -> not a deal breaker
    8GB of internal storage -> not a deal breaker
    bad screen respons time -> not a deal breaker

    F**k google and f**k Nexus brand even for 100$ less

    SGS3 stays on the top

    1. I don’t know what you’re talking about, but the non-removable battery became a deal breaker for me. My Galaxy S2, a Samsung product, battery went out after a year. I have no idea why, but the battery became bloated and soon stopped holding a charge. It’s a good thing I was able to change the battery.

      This was the 1st phone to do this, and it was a Samsung. I’ve had 3 other phones for 1+ year and the battery life didn’t drastically change like that.

      It could have been a bug, XDA members were having the same issue on some of the latest modems. I guess this is what happens when you try to jump ahead on test leaks.

      But imagine if the phone had a non-removable battery. I would have been stuck with a phone that can’t even hold a charge for one more year.

      1. or if you have insurance, you can that joint replaced on the spot…

        but thats with carrier branded phones anyways, i dont know how insurance works through playstore or if it even exists

        1. insurance through play store is 1 year. It is reliable from my point of view, as i have got a replacement n7 a month back. It took them 1 day to send a new one

          1. Not so much here.. Galaxy nexus stopped taking a charge (bad usb port).. Google referred me to Samsung, and Samsung (you guessed it) referred me to Google.
            And it was well within the first year

        2. Also get free insurance via bank account (on any electrical goods) with Barclays – also get free Kaspersky Internet Security for PC & Mobile worth £40 / £20

      2. every samsung phone i have ever had has done this from the original galaxy and up. i have said this a million times, there is more to batterys than mAH. My desire HD is a backup device but it still holds i charge for days (I´m not kidding, days). galaxy dies if i try to use google nav for more than 20Km.

    2. Hmmm, ? What S3 fanboys are saying upon realising that there is now a better phone available – called the Nexus 4 – see above by nessim !

    3. This comment gave me cancer.

    4. “F**k google and f**k Nexus brand even for 100$ less” where can you get a unlocked SGS3 for $100 less or withing $100 price range from the the N4?…

  5. Its so funny, the amount of bitchy people on this site is way too high. You pay half price for a phone, and you still complain when you don’t get certain things

    1. not that i bought a nexus, but its understandable why people are upset. Especially since many of them probably would pay for a more expensive model with all the bells and whistles, they just dont have that option. So they are “forced” to pay half price for a phone. They have every right to complain.

      1. then why not buy something that you prefer. Why do people go ahead and buy something knowing full well that they wont like it. You are not forced to buy anything.

        1. Your commentary is dumb, the people buying this Nexus obviously want the latest nexus from google where the heck else is someone to go for that huh? its ok I’ll wait… Oh so you mean google only made 1 smartphone device a nexus every year and we have no other device options for a smartphone nexus? you don’t say get out just go somewhere and think about what you say/ type before you post it. People Like the Nexus you fool they however don’t like how google handles the release of the nexus because its very amateur how google handles it.

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