Apple and Google join forces to purchase Kodak patents


Apple and Google did what?! That is right, the two greatest smartphone rivals are said to be joining forces to purchase 1,100 of Kodak’s patents. Anonymous sources claim the two companies will spend over $500 million to jointly acquire these patents. Such deal could help ease tension between these enemies, as well as help Kodak pull out of its impending bankruptcy.

The sweeter part of this deal is that it should also help eliminate some of the court room drama. Both parties would have rights over Kodak’s patented technology and make the smartphone world a little better. This strategy could prove to be the beginning of a better relationship between Apple and Google, but will it stop the patent wars? At least not soon.

It can be argued that Google should have tried to take all 1,100 patents on its own. Though it would have been more expensive for the company, it could become a weapon to use when defending themselves against Apple (known to be a patent troll). Ideally, the companies could purchase many patents together and live in peace, but it might be a bit more sane to believe in fairies. Apple will more than likely continue to bully Google and all its partners over every other patent it owns.

But hey, it could all just backfire on Google if Apple bids higher for Kodak’s patents. Then we would surely be in trouble if any of these patents are infringed on by Android. Sometimes it just might be better to play nicely and share. Don’t you think so? Or would you rather have seen Google try and snatch these from Apple’s hands?

[via Bloomberg]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. >>implying any of us our happy about this.

  2. people who write these articles are ill informed, Kodak patents are so widely licensed that the value of the patents drop, and whenever a huge patent sale happens, there usually are conditions. In no way shape or form does this mean APPLE will ease up on Google when it comes to patent infringement because they work together in other areas…Microsoft, google, apple…all of those companies have worked together in some form but have also clashed legally.

    1. Well I did state the same in the article… just in different words.

  3. I think that in this case sharing is ok. The cost of buying all of those licenses would probably be superior to the future benefits. There’s no need of rushing into a patent collection ;-)

  4. They should’ve tried to snatch them all. Better to have & not need than to need & not have.

  5. If i were rich, i would have purchased all those patents and handed over to Google and said: F*** these patent trolls! I would have definitely paid one billion for it!

    1. but that’s not how this business world work.

      1. Christmas is right around the corner

    2. Wouldn’t be one billion if they were competing for them. If it was an open bid the sky would be the limit, if it was closed each side would have to put out a much higher bid, again would have to be more than one billion. This is just a business move so nether side would have to pay billions, now they can move on, nothing’s changed.

  6. Best first sentence of an article ever! :)

  7. I would personally like to see Apple squashed under the boot and turned into Apple sauce. I want fair competition for all and to see the consumers win. This patten war has to stop and go away.

    1. What Patten?

      1. General George (Patton)

  8. Again simplicity, sensationalism, and speculation trump facts on Phandroid.

    1. No one ever tried to claim that Phandroid was the WSJ. It’s a blog. 0.o

  9. apple sucks go snatch some other iDEA

  10. I actually like this. I wish the cell companies acted more like the auto companies. The auto industry shares tech and each auto maker can still innovate their own tech as well. You don’t see BMW suing Audi all the damn time do you?

    1. I don’t think cars sell like cellphones. Though I’m not going to even go there. I completely understand your thought. You’re right. I’m tired of Apple suing and for the patent office granting them stupid patents.

    2. Funny you say this. Volkswagen actually owns rights to the standard three point seatbelt, yet they believed it was such a great safety enhancement, that they gave it to all other car companies to use as well. Maybe Apple, Samsung, and Google could all do this with phones. Just a thought?

      1. Actually, it is Volvo that owns that patent, but you are right about them licensing it for free

  11. Why not joining forces the alternative would be both companies bid the price through the roof and the winning bidder would then have to get the dough back through price increases and hopefully licensing fees.

  12. like this idea, if both ios and android have the same patents, then they can’t sue each other over it in the future, which considering things probably would happen no matter which one got them

  13. I think this will be a good practice of sharing for the two companies. The authors question to the readers with the idea of Google stealing the patents last minute is stupid. That would be very uncharacteristic of Google, they’re a nice company. Plus, Apple has substancially more money than Google so they could go on a rampage and buy a ton of patents just to fire back at Google. Sharing is the best option for both.

  14. Apple a patent troll? You do know patent trolls are non practicing entities right? Don’t throw
    around phrases you dont completely understand, you’re a writer!

    1. Sooooooooooo…. all those vague patents Apple was/is using to try and sue the pants off of everyone, is not trolling?

      Maybe I’m just a simple, beer drinkin’, gun shootin’, V8 drivin’ Canadian… but that sounds like like trolling to me.

    1. Blow job?

  15. You’re not serious, are you? Apple will still try to sue Android OEMs over the jointly owned patents. And they will probably win too.

    1. That seems unlikely for the larger manufacturers that produce “Google Experience” devices. I’m sure that any manufacturer paying for GApps is also getting patent licences/indemnification included in the deal. That will include Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Asus, Acer, Sony, ZTE. That just leaves Amazon as a significant OEM and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have their own deal.

  16. lol apple still gonna sue google regardless… apple is scared of the big G hence why they are willing to work with them. i bet if the samsung.. apple wouldnt do this type of ‘partnership’

  17. Apple has way more money than Google, and they could have easily outbid the latter if they wanted to. It’s nothing but a good thing for Google that the two are teaming up.

  18. Google should acquire Apple. : D

  19. Dec. 21st

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  22. cheaper to buy together than have costly lawsuits and patents from Kodak being held up in court because of the sale.

  23. Haha. They will then sue each other because of the ownership of these patents they ‘jointly’ acquire.

  24. I think it’d be cool if they just merged to create the perfect super phone. Running on Android of course :)

  25. Google should pillage all things from Apple

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