Dec 8th, 2012

Apple and Google did what?! That is right, the two greatest smartphone rivals are said to be joining forces to purchase 1,100 of Kodak’s patents. Anonymous sources claim the two companies will spend over $500 million to jointly acquire these patents. Such deal could help ease tension between these enemies, as well as help Kodak pull out of its impending bankruptcy.

The sweeter part of this deal is that it should also help eliminate some of the court room drama. Both parties would have rights over Kodak’s patented technology and make the smartphone world a little better. This strategy could prove to be the beginning of a better relationship between Apple and Google, but will it stop the patent wars? At least not soon.

It can be argued that Google should have tried to take all 1,100 patents on its own. Though it would have been more expensive for the company, it could become a weapon to use when defending themselves against Apple (known to be a patent troll). Ideally, the companies could purchase many patents together and live in peace, but it might be a bit more sane to believe in fairies. Apple will more than likely continue to bully Google and all its partners over every other patent it owns.

But hey, it could all just backfire on Google if Apple bids higher for Kodak’s patents. Then we would surely be in trouble if any of these patents are infringed on by Android. Sometimes it just might be better to play nicely and share. Don’t you think so? Or would you rather have seen Google try and snatch these from Apple’s hands?

[via Bloomberg]

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