MetroPCS announces Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G, available now for $169


Today MetroPCS has released an updated version of their Samsung Galaxy Admire, this time with more power, a larger screen, better battery life, and 4G LTE support for good measure. The Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G features a 3.65-inch TFT display, 1GHz CPU, and a 3MP camera. The Android 2.3 device comes pre-loaded with john, a service offering ” an intuitive way to unify mobile-to-mobile communications and use enriched services like integrated instant messaging or chat, WiFi and video calling and simplified content sharing.”

The Galaxy Admire 4G is available today online and in store, and retails for $169 before tax. Service plans start at $30 per month, with an unlimited 4G option currently offered for $55 per month, contract free.

MetroPCS Adds Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G to its Collection of Powerful and Affordable 4G LTE Smartphones

New 4G LTE version of popular Galaxy Admire delivers versatility and high performance with incredible value

DALLAS (December 6, 2012) – Just in time for the holiday season, MetroPCS Communications, Inc. (NYSE: PCS) is welcoming a new member of the Samsung Galaxy portfolio with the introduction of the Galaxy Admire™ 4G from Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile).

This new smartphone is an enhanced version of MetroPCS’ popular Galaxy Admire™ and features a faster processor, larger battery, bigger screen, the addition of a front facing camera and of course, the 4GLTE connectivity that gives consumers the ability to quickly navigate the Web, stream multimedia and stay connected with friends and family. Beginning today, the Galaxy Admire 4G is available online at www.metropcs.com and in MetroPCS stores for $169 plus tax.

With tax and regulatory fee-inclusive 4GLTE service plans beginning at $30 per month, for a limited time, MetroPCS is offering consumers an unmatched value without being shackled by a long-term contract. For consumers interested in unlimited talk, text and 4GLTE data, MetroPCS delivers with the $55 per month promotional plan, which is perfect for unlimited 4GLTE browsing, content streaming and application interaction.

Samsung Galaxy Admire 4G Features at a Glance

  • 3.65” HVGA TFT screen
  • 1 GHz processor for multitasking and quick navigation
  • Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system with access to Google Play™
  • Support for MetroPCS 4GLTE Mobile Hotspot service (available for an additional monthly charge)
  • joynTM- capable for an intuitive way to unify mobile-to-mobile communications and use enriched services like integrated instant messaging or chat, WiFi and video calling and simplified content sharing. The official joyn app can be downloaded via Google Play and the @metro App Store™.
  • 3MP rear facing camera and VGA front facing camera allowing for easy video capture and chatting
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  1. Metro PCS is not a bad idea if you live in a metro area with coverage.

  2. Less than android 4.0 is poop!

  3. So this is a Galaxy Exhibit 4G in a new shell with it’s WVGA screen replaced with a cheaper HVGA one, with MetroPCS radios instead of T-Mobile’s. No thank you…that phone may be inexpensive, but it runs GB slowly. It will never see ICS.

  4. Here comes the zealots crying about 2.3 on a budget phone :P

    1. What does budget have to do with having a current O.S.??? They STILL had to build this OS from Source, so why contribute to fragmentation and limit the consumers choices with newer updates to Android?? Anyone that say the contrary is probably not technically enabled enough to understand this is not okay.

    2. I know I wouldn’t expect to get windows xp on a new budget computer. I think budget android devices running old OSes make android look bad bc they can’t (properly)run some apps and will most likely never be updated. I guess that’s the downside to an open OS

      1. XP is a bit much don’t you think? Had you said vista i’d understand but really? XP?
        I am sure the demographic of people who actually will buy this phone(which excludes most of phandroid) will likely not know what 2.3 is or that there is a 4.2 update out.

  5. I’m preloaded onto this phone lol but the lg motion is a better deal with 4.0.4, s4 processor, 1gb ram, for $150 they can keep this

  6. Now THAT looks like an iPhone. I think Samsung may have finally given Apple legitimate grounds for a lawsuit, even if it’s coincidence

    1. Really? Really? Reeeaaally? *Miz voice*

  7. Why are phones going into 2013 with Gingerbread still?? Google should REALLY have a sit down with Samsung like “Look guys..you and these Huawei losers are f*ckin up our distribution charts..GTFOH and build from ICS on up or else.”

  8. Preloaded with “John”?! Does that me it comes preloaded with me, or does it mean that it has a built in toilet?

    1. I had to double check, its a y. Lol. I laughed pretty hard though. Kudos

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