Huawei exec confirms Ascend Mate coming in early 2013 with a 6.1-inch 1080p display


When it comes to marketing or just plain ‘ol bragging rights, when it comes tech, the bigger the spec, the better. Guess Huawei is feeling a bit of “little man” with their current line of Android devices struggling to hit that coveted 5-inch mark. Well, in effort to 1-up Samsung and their “either you love-it-or-hate-it” Galaxy Note 2, they will be bringing their own phablet to market in 2013, packing a — wait for it — 6.1-inch, holy @&%$ display.

Huawei Senior Vice President Yu Chengdong (yes, that is his real name) has confirmed the Huawei Ascend Mate — the one we told you about back in October — will be launching early next year with the aforementioned 6.1 inch 1080p full HD display, 2GB of RAM, a high capacity 4,000mAh batter, and 1.8GHz quad-core processor. All of this in a slim 9.9mm thin package (by comparison the Galaxy Note 2 comes in at 9.4mm). In order to get a better feel for the competition in terms of user experience, Chengdong has been using both the Mate and the Galaxy Note 2 as his daily drivers.

It’s unclear if this will launch outside of it’s homeland of China, but it’s not a stretch to expect carriers like MetroPCS or other regional carriers picking this up as Chengdong specifically mentioned the Mate will be a lower priced than the Note 2.  Of course, the question still remains: how big is too big? While I’d normally say that all depends on the specific user, 6.1-inches is definitely pushing it. What do you think?

[via MyDrivers | ITechnews]

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  1. Wow, 5″ is pushing it for my front pockets, don’t think I could handle 6″…it would be a good excuse to start wearing a fanny-pack around.

    1. Woah…. I didn’t even think of that. I think it’s time, Jordan. Time to bring back the fanny pack O_O

      1. lolwut

      2. Where is that?

        1. Yosemite. That’s my hiking gear.

    2. There is a joke to be made here that I just can not be the one to make. If I made the joke the world as we know it would diminish into pure zombetic nothingness. I just can’t make the joke. Hint its not about the fanny pack.

      1. I suppose the fanny pack could be worn under the pants. This would save our friend the embarrassment of being seen with one, maintain the utilitarian features, and simultaneously compensate for lacking traits elsewhere. Kinda like some of those specialty push up bras with compartments instead of pads. Yet, extracting the phone from the fanny pack would require a certain degree of discretion…

    3. If they ever get Wallet or the like accepted in the market, you will no longer feel the need to de-masculanize yourself. Even keys are being replaced by the smartphone.

    4. …JNCO pants. you could fit a ghetto blaster in those things…90’s flash..back…hurts…my….hammer….time…

    5. Cargo pants pocket?

  2. Really? Nothing should be larger than the Galaxy Note. 6 inches is reaching tablet state. I don’t need a phone trying to compete against my Nexus 7 in size. I think that needs to stay in China. Sorry.

    1. Well it does look pretty cool. So I guess I can let it slide. =.3

  3. soon a 10″ phone.

  4. I’m seriously considering this. Since the downfall of my Galaxy Nexus, I’ve been finding that lugging my kindle fire around for daily use isn’t too bad after all. It even nearly fits in my pocket comfortably, which makes me hopeful that this one will be the perfect new phone. Plus, once I have this, it’ll just be the tablet/phone and not a Kindle Fire + a Nokia Nuron. I’m pretty sure I’d use a bluetooth for calls, but that’s not even really a downside, aside from having another device to remember to charge at night.

    As far as the phone’s actual performance, we’ll have to see. My primary concern is going to be lack of developer support, as I know I’ll root it if I buy it. Coming from the Galaxy Nexus to a Huawei might be a little frightening in that department…

  5. Considering how small that bezel is, if it’s the same size (or close) as the Note II, I wouldn’t have a problem using a 6-inch phone. Also, Google needs to start putting out Nexus phones with bezels this small since they’re using software buttons, though I have no problem with the bezel size on the N4 and G-Nex. Still, a smaller bezel would be better.

  6. Read somewhere that that isn’t going to be the finalized design… Thank God. Something similar could definitely work, though.

  7. The only time a man could brag about 6 inches, and yes that .1 inch will be emphaSIZED.

  8. All jokes aside that thing is pretty sexy.

  9. Note2 fits nicely in the pocket of my jeans. This Huawei would be snug, but should be just perfect!

  10. That is a nice looking phone, well designed. One of Samsung’s secrets that is taken to an extreme here is maximizing the screen area to face area ratio. This should make the overall dimensions tolerable for most. The weight is what will likely be a show-stopper, not the size.

  11. Seeing how I’ve actually wanted to use my hacked Kindle Fire as a phone (sorry: no Bluetooth), I would definitely be in the market for something like this. The key will be the phone width, something Samsung got right with the GN2 and LG definitely got wrong with the Optimus Vu. If it’s just narrow enough to fit into pockets it’ll work!

  12. Hi honey, what’s that in your pocket, you happy to see me…
    No I just got the new six inch Huawei! ツ

  13. say no to fanny packs. Say hello to pants with a hidden cargo pocket where a fanny pack would rest! all the utility, none of embarrassment!

  14. old people gonna be loving this. they can read the screen! for reals though I work for a school district and lots of older folks (teachers, staff) who talk about new big phones brought up a good point, they can read what’s on the screen better than ever with this new trend.

  15. Epic monster phone with an equally sized battery.
    Might as well get a 3G N7 and make that work as a phone the way things are going!

  16. I believe the development code name for this phone was “Somebody PLEASE notice me?”

  17. Those are amazing specs, 1080p for a 6 in screen also they were smart and 86’d the buttons and kept the Bezel to a minimum…

  18. 2013 will be the year of the 5″ devices …iPhone 5s? 4″ screen AND YOU’LL LEARN TO LOVE IT, BlTCH!

  19. chinese? no thanks

  20. This will probably come out right around the time that Samsung starts selling the S4 with the flexible unbreakable display, and yet again Huawei and many other manufacturers will be behind the curve.

  21. 6.1 inches? yeah that’s about right

  22. 4,000 mah battery, 6.1 inches, 1080p, and I’m sold.

  23. No U.S no care.

  24. Eventually we all will use 10″ phones. :P

  25. I remember when 4.3 WAS a super huge phone (now 4.3 is small) so, I wouldn’t be surprised… curious.

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