Dec 7th, 2012

It was only a few days ago Samsung began rolling out the Android 4.1.2 update to the international Galaxy S3. As we told you guys a few days ago, there were a number of improvements coming along for the ride, all having to do with new features and apps inside TouchWiz.

Samsung, who’s always been rather proud of their TouchWiz “enhancements” is calling it their Premium Suite Upgrade. They decided to upload a video to their YouTube channel highlighting the new features making their way to S3’s. If you have a Galaxy Note 2, there’s not much to see here, as these improvements already come out of the box on that device.

In video part 1 (of 2), we see firsthand features like Multi Window, Page Buddy, Contextual Menu, enhanced photo tagging, enhanced NFC capabilities, Reader Mode, and new Facebook ticker on the lockscreen. Second video will be coming soon, and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s uploaded. Of course, Samsung mentions availability of the Premium Suite Upgrade is subject to the carriers and region, which means if you’re here in the US, I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon.

[Samsung Tomorrow]