Mysterious 6.1 inch Huawei Ascend Mate phone has us saying “enough is enough”


The “bigger is better” attitude that has hit the mobile world seemed fine for a bit. We’ve gone from the 3.2 inches featured on the original G1, went up to a more respectable and balanced 4 inches, stretched the bar with 4.7 inches, and we’ve even accepted a 5.5-inch wonder into our good graces. But what if I told you we were about to go even bigger?

Well, Huawei sure seems to think that there is room for about 6/10ths of an inch more before we start hitting that boundary that asks us to decide whether or not it’s a phone or tablet. That’s right — a 6.1 inch smartphone (if you can even call it that anymore) called the Huawei Ascend Mate may be in the works.

The rumored specs are amazing — It’s said to feature 1080p resolution, 2GB of RAM, a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, and a 4,000mAh battery. Say what you want about Huawei devices, but any phone with that collection of internals deserves a second look.

It’s hard for us to swallow that screen size though. At 6.1 inches you’re less than one inch away from being a 7 inch tablet. I wouldn’t even call this thing a “phablet.” I’d call it a tablet with the ability to make calls. This phone, if true, simply steps too far into the direction of a tablet for me to respect its status as a phone.

While I can’t judge how wieldy the device would be without any images, I imagine things would get a tad cumbersome if Huawei sticks with the industry-standard 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio.

For comparison’s sake, the 5.5 inch Galaxy Note 2 is even easier to hold than the 5.3 inch Galaxy Note as Samsung’s engineering process has allowed them to increase the screen size while still keeping roughly the same overall size. I can palm a Galaxy Note 2 no problem, and though one-handed use is not a possibility for me I do not consider it a problem to need to use two hands.

Going a bit above this Huawei device, the Nexus 7 is 7 inches large, and I can fully palm that tablet. I can even stick it into my front pockets if I so choose. Hell, the original Galaxy Tab 10.1 could be palmed with one hand in portrait mode.

But does that mean it should be a phone? Absolutely not. As I’ve said, I can not accurately judge this device without anything to reference, but the sheer thought of having a 6.1 inch phone has me screaming “enough is enough.”

  • Bigger is not always better as you can tell with the rising popularity of 7 inch tablets vs 10 inch tablets.
  • The saying “everything’s bigger in Texas” actually makes me not want to go there.
  • If my phone is bigger than some of the steaks I’ve eaten then I have a serious problem.
  • If my phone is bigger than my head then I’ve officially made a concerted and conscious effort with Huawei to make myself look like a dolt. And I don’t like making myself look like a dolt.

And while I’m not the voice of the people by any means I think many share similar sentiments when I say that there needs to be some sort of unofficial cap when it comes to these display sizes before you. I’d vote for 5.5 inches personally, and even a centimeter above that should automatically be considered a tablet.

I’d be surprised if any carrier would even consider such a phone. It would be a difficult task to market this things, and most consumers I know would easily mistake such a device for a tablet at the point of sale. Perhaps this thing will be perfect for some niche market that exists in a realm I’m not a part of, but I just don’t see this being an ideal size for pretty much anyone.

We’d love to hear what you guys think. Would this phone be way too big for its own good or is Huawei’s desire to stretch (no pun intended… I think) the market even further than Samsung was daring enough to do ingenious? Sound off in the comments below!

[MyDrivers via AndroidForums.com, thanks Earl!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. the tmobile g1 had a 3.2″ screen. just fyi

  2. I can see a 6″ QHD screen possible being okay, but as bigger sizes come out (I remember when everyone thought 4.3″ was HUGE) we’re all skeptical at first so we should just wait and judge when it comes out.

    1. Agreed. While my first instinct is to say, yeah, too big (and this would be the first screen size I would say that about), you are absolutely correct that we should wait and see the device in person. And besides, those specs!! :O

  3. The moment a phone is unable to be used fully by one has is when it becomes a Phablet, when you have to hold it with one hand and use it with the other is the moment it becomes a Tablet

  4. oh damn…. just damn

  5. We don’t want you in Texas then. Stay home lol.

  6. Before I had my SII, I thought the 4.5″ screen was huge… Now that I’ve had it a while, I would love a bigger screen. I’m sure I would feel the same way if I had a note.

  7. I say that this is the absolute max a screen size should go for a phone, while I can fit my nexus 7 in my pocket it’s heavy and its sometimes tough getting it into my pocket, However the bezal on the nexus 7 is huge. So if they can make a very small bezal, I say it well work

    1. You put your Nexus 7 in your pocket? What the hell kind of pants do you wear?

  8. i think a 5 inch phone would be the max for me. 6.1 is just out of control

    1. My thoughts exactly.

    2. 5in is over my max.

      1. thats what… she said…

        1. hahahaha. Thank. You. Sir!

    3. Mythbusters is still saying this is plausible… Hmmm…interesting

    4. Depends on the ratio. At 2:1 or even 2.35:1 (2.35:1 is the ratio most high-end movies are shot in) I could see it working at this size. It wouldn’t be any wider (portrait) than the Note 2, but would display movies with far less top/bottom black bars displayed. Of course, that would make the resolution (at 1080p) 2538×1080, which might not work for some people and would likely put a real drain on the battery. But what a FUN multimedia device! :)

  9. I myself thought that 4.3″ was huge. At that time I had the OG Droid. Now I have a G-Nexus 4.65″ display and its just fine. Next year or whenever my G-Nexus starts slacking off in stability I”ll be looking to buy my next phone with at least a 5″ display especially if it has the over all dimension of the G-Nexus. The G-Note 2 looks nice with its 5.5.” display but……I’ll leave it at that.

  10. Phones should stay between 4-5 inches and tablets 7-10.. Huawei is crazy!

    1. Maybe crazy, but give em credit for pushing boundaries…when you do that, it could blow up in your face, or it could be a great success for you.

      1. Can’t put that in pocket, what kind of phone is that? Manufacturers need to use common sense

        1. But…how do you know you can’t? It’s not out. I can fit the Galaxy Note in my pocket easily. We don’t know what the actual handset dimensions will be.

        2. Based on that standard we’d still be using phones with 3.5″ screens the way the tight jeans faction complains so much

        3. Quit wearing skinny jeans. A. They’re ugly 2. They aren’t functional and C. If you wear skinny jeans you probably also carry a man purse, so just put it in there.

          1. I can easily fit 5 inch phone in my pocket

          2. If you can “easily” put a 5 incher in your pocket why would you say you cant put a 6.1 inch one in?

          3. 6.1 isn’t 5!

      2. It’s not pushing the boundaries, it’s just plain dumb. Typical…

    2. What should fill the 5-7 gap then?…….Phablets!

  11. NO NO NO! Too big!!

    1. That’s what she said lol sorry couldn’t help myself :-P

      1. Lol

        Sent from my EVO 4G LTE

  12. 4.5 is the sweet spot IMHO with about 5 being the max for a phone but 6? Are you kidding me? That’s not a phone anymore that’s a freaking tablet!

  13. 5 to 5.2 is the new sweet spot.

  14. The asus padfone is the best concept if you need a bigger screen just put it in the dock.

    Instant data transition – 4.7” phone 10.1” pad16 hours talk time – 36 hours talk time when docked in pad649g total weight – Ultra-thin phone and pad

  15. Oh man, why does this have to be made by Huawei?

    That’s an awesome phone, but I don’t want to buy it from a company that our government strongly suggests we not purchase from.

  16. 6.1 inch is no problem. Smart phones are for web browsing, videos and such contents. If the main purpose is for making phone calls, just buy feature phone for $19.95.

    1. Valid.

    2. in that case, get a tablet. Smartphones are for web browsing, videos, multimedia and the like but it still is a phone which is it’s main purpose…..it’s just more enhanced than a feature phone.

    3. I disagree, smartphones are about adding web browsing, videos etc to a standard phone so that it’s convenient to carry around.

      I use my smartphone a lot, and I spend more time playing games, web surfing etc than I do on the phone, but while I spend more time doing that, the essential function of the phone to me is still being able to make calls, especially for situations like my car braking down etc, with texting being the next most vital function.

    4. So making calls is not the main feature on a smartPHONE now? If that were the case, why even build these devices with a full duplex radio in it?

  17. I would bet that if the galaxy note II had no bezel at all, it would be 6″ easy. Limit the size of the phone, not size of the screen. But, yes, I’m sure this “phone” is too big for me…

  18. Wow, I miss that beautiful Nexus One design :-(

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing… *sob*

      1. lol, the ball and capacitive buttons are so retro now!

        I still have my N1 and will not be giving it up, I don’t know why, probably sentimental connection.

        1. That is what I LOVED about my DROID Incredible. I still pull it out and play with it. Haha. It’s running ICS now. ;)

        2. Me too! Gotta love the Nexus one folks!

        3. I really miss the trackball/pads. I hate tap tap long press drag tap tap tapping trying to put the cursor in the rightspot to fix a word/sentence.

        4. Same here… and I know why… it’s because I’m out of contract and I like not being wasteful. The only thing which is annoying now is how apps I’ve always used are increasing in size, facebook is like 30mb, which considering the miniscule internal-phone storage is pretty paralysing for my nexus and forces obsolesence through software rather than hardware (like in the good ole days).

    2. I don’t miss the old ugly YouTube app, though!

  19. Bigger is better. I used to drag a Nokia Communicator along back in the and I was happy with it. My Gnex feels tiny and has not enough screen estate for me. I wish Moto would do a six incher.

  20. 5 inch screen is BigCiX’s max.

  21. We don’t want any of their stuff if they are gonna spy on us. Too big. Max I’ll go is an HTC 5 inch Nexus. Don’t wand Huawie in TEXAS! Period!!!

  22. I must be a wimp because even 4.7 or 4.8 in. phones feel too big for me.

    1. It’s all just personal preference…but it is funny how some people get all worked up if it’s a size that they don’t agree with.

  23. Has you saying enough, I welcome it. Speak for yourself.

  24. I would love a phone this size as long as it’s form makes it manageable. The bigger the better. If my Nexus 7 had very little bezel I could rock that. I’m sure if this was done by Apple and not Huawei people would say its brilliant and it would sell millions.

  25. honestly if it had ZERO side bezel, just enough bezel on the top for the speaker, and on screen buttons…

  26. You know a phone is too big when it’s approaching the length of above average genitals

    1. Hey some of us are just used to being above average. O.o

    2. That’s about average? LOL damn

  27. I say let them built it, no reason to artifically limit the size.
    Once they pass a real max size, they won’t sell enough to profitable
    and the problem will resolve itself.

    That said 6.1 is probably too much for me, but to each their own :)

  28. A device loses ‘phone’ status once you can no longer do everything you need to do using 1 hand, IMO. I think my SGN at 4.65″ is at the absolute limit. I would actually prefer a smaller Nexus at 4.5″ max display size and with less bezel.

    1. Since when did Apple become THE standard for what is and isn’t a “phone”?

      1. Where in my comment did I mention Apple? I’m just giving my personal opinion about 1-handed phone use.

  29. While I love my GSIII, I think it’s pretty much hit my personal limit for screen size. Maybe push it to a full 5in if you can shrink the bezel enough to keep the overall size the same, but no more than that. The note is too big for me. While there isn’t that much difference, I’ve compared them side by side, and while the GSIII feels comfortable in my hand, the note just felt bulky.

  30. “Enough is Enough ” ?? Really . I am surprised.This is not iCrap. This is what Android is all about – Choices and variety . Dont like it , dont take it .Simple.

    1. Quentyn Kennemer = simpletonistic iDiot

      If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. This isn’t the only Android handset that is released for the year. Personally, I wouldn’t rule this out. If they achieve a true edge-to-edge design, yes.

    2. Doesn’t mean people can’t have an opinion on it. I think a 6.1 inch phone screen is laughable. I even think the Note is ridiculous.

  31. after having used both a 7″ and 10″ tablet, I NEED a 10″ tablet. 7″ is just too small for what I do on a tablet.

    Anyway, on a phone, the 4.xx” GN I carry around is plenty big.

  32. I agree it’s going a bit too far.
    5.55″ feels like the limit(and ideal size) for me.
    it feels like I hold a phone to my ear rather than a toothpick, and if I really need to I can use it with 1 hand.though I really like browsing and swype-typing with a stylus.
    and that stylus is also a reason why I expect this phone to do a lot worse than the galaxy note 1 and 2.

  33. Contrary to this article, I would actually welcome a 7″ phone/phablet. I would even welcome a 10″ phablet. I don’t want to carry around a Tablet & a Phone. I want one device. So somebody make a 10″ 1080p Tablet that I can make phone calls on via-headset!

    1. Yea except 7″ is a tablet. It will no longer be a phablet since it’s now a tablet with 3G.

  34. The phone is evolving into a tablet.

    1. Give that phone an Everstone.

  35. chinesecrap

  36. I’m huge and have huge hands so I welcome this, except that it’s made by a company that I can’t trust :-/

  37. Why not? 4.3, 5 were considered too big. Bring it on!

  38. 5″ is the upper bound, 136x70x9 is comfortable and gives the phone enough thickness to house a ~3,000 mah battery

  39. Hmm… Here are my thoughts.
    Below 5 inch is a phone.
    5-6.5 inch is a phablet.
    6.6-8.5 is a mini tablet
    8.6 and greater is a tablet. Like big tablet.

    So it’s still a phablet in my book. Don’t call it a phone, because it’s not. It’s a phablet, or hybrid.

    1. 5-6.5 is white
      6.6-8.5 is a half white half black
      8.6 and greater is black. Like really black!

  40. How big is too big is very personal but it does seem like the aspect ratio choice for big phones (4.75+) is mostly 16×9 these days. With pretty thin bezels of 4 and 8 mm, this means a 6″ phone fits in about 149×83 mm or about the size of a Note 1 which was very successful. I’m probably more inclined to go with 5.5″ (138×77 mm) but 6″ is still doable and I hope several models come to market. I have a nexus 7 with huge bezels and it is too big for me for my convergence device though others may like that size (with smaller bezels).

  41. come to me …..BIGGER FASTER STRONGER …lol they know the states pretty well…

  42. I would say if there is a market for it then go ahead. We are after all the platform offering choice. If there is no market for it then manufacturers will stop making big phones. Let the free market figure it out. Cell phone size is highly preferential. 5 years ago 3.5 inch phones was fine but my aging eyes demand nothing less than 4.5″ these days.

  43. I can easily pocket my nexus 7, and do practically everywhere, but a single 6″ device may be about perfect. Not that I’d consider a Huawei phone, but if one of the big 3 made it, sure. It better have a 4000mah battery mininum, assuming it’s exceptionally power efficient. Otherwise… no.

    1. I have no drum to beat for HUAWEI … but if size does matter; HUAWEI just happens to be one of the – if not the – largest comms manufacturers in the world. They also really want to get to the front of the handset marketplace too. They’re definitely SERIOUS about this stuff.

  44. I would definitely keep it as a possibility to buy a 6.1″ for myself. The only problem is I’m afraid if I buy a 6.1″ phone and have to go back down in size eventually, I’ll hate it.

    1. thats been my scare. so far ive been lucky to never have to go back to a smaller size. and the 5″ is great

  45. Let’s not forget how much size a case adds as well.

  46. I likes the “bigger is better”. I want to “feel” the substance in my hands and not some tiny plastic rubbery feel. And for sure I want the combo tab /phone comvenience.

  47. I like bigger..heh heh

  48. I’m laughing at the thought if manufacturers actually made phones of tha size on the image.. “HELLO?! YES I’M FINE! HOW ARE YOUUUUU!?” haha

  49. Gs3’s size isn’t actually too big.. Only seems too big next to smaller phones obviously, but when you use the gs3 by itself.. Not too big at all i wish it was a little wider ..

  50. I just want to say to everyone… If you need 1080p on your phone, there’s an issue. It’s acceptable for a tablet, but how close is your face to your screen?

  51. This may work if there is a revolutionary thin bezel on it. Got the galaxy note with a fatass protection case and its mostly about habit. If the price is right and the bezels are slim ill get this instead og opp fiender 5

  52. Finally …. 6 inches makes it into the mainstream. Well done HUAWEI !

    The 6 inch device has always been knocking on the door as the IDEAL POCKETABLE.

    I don’t need to restate how well it fits the hands, jacket pockets, trouser pockets and clutch bags of the world’s lads and lasses. I’ve said it all before.

    Don’t worry about holding it up to your face to make a call .. just buy yourself an earphone / mic ‘bud’ and talk away as much as you like – in complete confidence that your phone is OUT OF SIGHT !!

    Christmas is coming … and I know what’s on my list !

    1. I love it! I hope someone takes DELL’s Streak design and market the hell out of it and make billion$ as a slap in Dells face for their oh so stupid moves. Dell could have been the King of PHABLETS, but imstead, coward to their own mistakes and gave up instead of working the golden egg into a cashcow!

      1. How right you are, What Thuh ….

        I am in the last month of my 2 year contract running a Dell Streak 5 and it STILL has never dropped a heartbeat in daily use. Even though I have to be content with Android 2.2.2 !!

        I agree with your comments … DELL really dropped a brick when they chickened out of the tablet market. Their efforts have been – and still are – pathetic.

        Happily my phone supplier sells HUAWEI phones – so I’m smilin’ !!

        1. Thank u Millgate. I still have my Dell Streak. Even got a second one on Amazon just before they got yanked. Absolutely no problem with it all this time. Way outlasted many windows devices ive had.

          I have a Note and still rather my Streak over it. But I am anxious over the Huawei so to givr my streak its well deserved and propper “sending off”.


        2. I still have my Streak as well, although it is about 3 months out of the contract I had. I’ve been considering getting a Note II, but at this stage I just can’t/won’t fork out the money the UK companies want for the phone.

          1. I’m looking into fixing that. I’m sending this from a Chinese 6″ screen Android 4 device that I have imported literally over the past 4 working days..
            I’m planning to market same when I’ve smoothed out the tiny rough edges. All I’ve done is swapped my SIM card and SD card over and I’m in business. Currently, my SD card data has gone missing – but I’m pretty sure I know why.
            Thank heavens fo my Google account !!!
            Watch this space!

          2. 6″ screen! WOW! can you attach a pic on your next disqus post? Nice!

          3. And its so hard to get back into the shopping afena whennthe streak works so well as it is!

  53. This brand sure gets some press nowadays.
    How come?

  54. I want a Nexus_Huge

  55. It’s bigger than a Note. Smaller than a Nexus 7. The size continuum is really smooth.

  56. Do not trust.

  57. Kudos to Huawei!
    BUT, i’d much rather get a tablet…”for much less money”.
    Say, the upcoming Nexus 7 with 32gb of internal, compared to the phone’s 2…
    In fact, i doubt i will get another phone…just tablets from now on.

  58. Chinese manufacturers (the ones who design their own products) never seem to know when to stop.

  59. Agree to 1 thing. 5.3 – 5.5″ are the acceptable phablet screen size tops, 1080p regardless. Trying to put a 6.1 in between that to 7″ tablets are just borderline experimental and another price points’ headache. Maybe with some mms off the side bezels and zero hard keys off the chin but it’ll still be a bit fiddly imo.

    That K3V3 SoC however I’m quite hopeful about so long if Huawei won’t shoot themselves in the foot a’la K3V2’s production hiccup. They’d be late again like they already are w/ these not so new Ascend Quads. A15 and/or maybe Mali T6 GPU class chip equivalent or better.

  60. I don’t hold my phone to my ear anymore, so the only limit for a phone is my pockets’ sizes. I would be more than happy to have phone capability on a 10 inch tablet.

  61. A 7″ tablet fits nice in my inside suit pocket and with bluetooth ear plugs, why do you need a phone that you can put up to your ear. Lets have a phone in my 7″ tablet! One size fits all, it is my phone, and my phone connected computer.

  62. i like it.. if thepeople want itthen they will buy it.

    bgr was crying about the galaxy note being too big… too bad for bgr that samsung sold 10’s of millions of the phone

  63. i want the Huawei Ascend Mate, and will buy it asap :-D

  64. This is great. The bigger, the better. 95% of the time spent on my phone, I’m browsing forums, playing games, or watching videos, so more real estate is always a plus for me. As someone else mentioned, the market will sort out which phone sizes are actually too big for people.

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