Confirmed: SwiftKey Flow Beta launching in less than 24 hours for VIP members


I hope your bodies are ready because Joe Braidwood, CMO of SwiftKey has just announced via Twitter that SwiftKey Flow (beta) will officially be available within the next 24 hours. SwiftKey’s advice is to make sure “[email protected]” is in your email contacts so you don’t miss out on the beta. Of course, you wont be receiving this email unless you’ve already signed up for SwiftKey’s VIP forums, in which case now would be a good time to do so.

Shouldn’t be too much longer, folks. Can’t even remember the last time I was this hyped up for a simple keyboard replacement. Might have to reevaluate some things in my life… Anyway, are you guys ready for it?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Wait, is it beta, or is it launch?

    1. Launching first as a beta, then after it’s been tested, will arrive in the Play Store as an update to SwiftKey 3.

      1. Awesome! I’m glad it’s an update and not a separate app.

        1. Even if it were to be a separate app, it would be worth the purchase I am sure.

      2. DEFINITELY looking forward to trying this, if it works at least as well as, or better than Swype, they’ll have a convert. I’m so tired of dealing with Swype’s silly not-in-the-market distribution scheme. !!!

  2. Eh, I’ll stick with SwiftKey 3 for now. I used to use swype, and I wasn’t that big of a fan of constantly dragging my finger everywhere.

    1. I mean, you can just TYPE on SwiftKey Flow as well. The “Flow” part is just an added feature. Lol

      1. Really? I was under the same impression as johnny989. If they can make it like the stock Android 4.2 keyboard where it acts like a normal keyboard but also accepts swipes, I would love it.

        1. Swype is the same way, tho. You can just type on it, you don’t have to, um… swype.

        2. It’s both! There’s no such thing as a swipe-only keyboard! :p

          1. Oh wonderful! Thanks for explaining Chris. I am not an keyboard expert!

          2. No worries. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do :)

    2. I guess things could get quite messy, depending where ones finger has been…….

      1. You just had to take it there, didn’t you. O_o

        1. Like shooting fish in a barrel,coundn’t resist. ;)

  3. Exciting. Hopefully it works properly in browsers and certain apps well. Swype needs a manual press of the space bar in some instances.
    Looking forward to trying this out.

  4. oh YES my god what a birthday gift :P

  5. i cant wait for swiftkey flow. swiftkey is already brilliant as it is

  6. Is it here yet?How about now?

    How about now?

    How about now?

    How about now?

    How about now?

    1. Dont’ make me come back there.. O_o

      1. Tread lightly my friend……you don’t know where my finger has been…….

        On that note,I don’t know where it’s been either…….. :P

        1. kolio do you have a secret romance with chris? ew

          1. Don’t be hatin’, you’re welcome to join, but, ya might wanna check w/CC first,don’t wanna be speaking for anyone but myself….. :-P

          2. id love to join, but i might get jealous if i see u on CC we’d have to share CC’s C

          3. I’m good, I’ve got my own “C”ellphone. ;-)

            Seriously though, I hope everyone here will share their opinions on the SwiftKey Flow, looking forward to trying it out, even though I’m not a huge fan of SWYPE – STYLE keyboards.

    2. Obviously, some of us here don’t have their sense of humor w/them today……

  7. Yeah, it looks so slick. Swiftkey is the best keyboard out!

  8. Is it swiftkey flow tablet and swiftkey flow and have to pay double for it? :P

    1. Well, SwiftKey tablet and SwiftKey 3 have been separate for quite some time, so….

  9. Cannot wait. Been a SK user since it first appeared on Amazon. Bought it on the market not long after (Amazon was(is?) horrible about updates, and it was totally worth it).

    Love the fact that they updated ‘x’ users to 3; Wonder if they will do the same for Flow.

    Would buy it again anyway, even so.

    1. This will be an upgrade to 3 (said for the millionth time). :p

  10. I’ve never been so excited to use a keyboard; it’s downright silly.

  11. Now if I have SwiftKey 3 do I automatically get flow free?

    1. When it’s finally available in the Play Store, yes.

      1. From what I understand, it’s not gonna be a separate app, just an update to the current app.

      2. Since I don’t know, I’m probably not one. But how do I know if I’m a “VIP” member?

        1. Try loggin into their VIP forums. If you can’t, then sign up!

        2. You can sign up for the Beta on the front page of their website (

      3. This has nothing to do with the conversation, but I cannot find your comment that you posted a while back about why you prefer the Super AMOLED screen in the GS3 over an IPS?

        1. Just the color saturation and black ratio are unmatched on SAMOLED. Refresh rate is also amazing in newer panels.

          SLCD2 and SLCD3 are a really close 2nd, with IPS coming in dead last. :/

    2. Yeah. It’s more of an update this time around!

    3. For the millionth time…………… Yes.

  12. This will work quite splendid with the Galaxy Note 2 stylus!!! SwiftKey is the best keyboard out there hands down!!!

  13. Hell YEA I’m hyped! Swift Key is bar NONE the BEST keyboard out there. ALL it’s been missing is the Swype-like feature.

  14. I can’t wait! SwiftKey 3 is awesome but I really want to be able to swipe.

  15. As an avid swiftkey fan.. I can’t wait to use it again. It has earned my loyalty but, I’ve also enjoyed the aosp 4.2 keyboard..

    Back to Swiftkey! They have really come a long way.

  16. I hope swiftkey will include some new skins because the ones they have are pretty ugly. Thats the only reason I uninstalled. Anyone know of new skins?

  17. When registering, don’t answer that your favorite keyboard is Swype. It won’t accept that answer as valid.

    1. I did the same.

  18. This better not be like the Ingress beta where you guys tell us how awesome it is but no one can get an invite! lol

  19. Is it ready yet?

  20. Every time I try to log into the swiftkey forum I end up with an error of some sort. Last time I wanted to try one of their betas I had hell getting an account set up. Now it won’t link to my Facebook account to log me in, so I’m having to make a new account just to log in. Anyone else had similar issues?

  21. Has anyone tried the SK for medical professionals??? It looks rather promising..

  22. This could be what converts me from Swype.

  23. its been live since the 3rd of dec :) u just need to signup on their vip forums… n download the apk

  24. I was able to download this without being a member of the vip community.

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