Samsung S Pebble coming to US as Muse music player, retails for $49


Samsung will be selling a rebranded version of their S Pebble music player as the Muse in the US. The player, which is equal parts companion to popular Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note 2, can store up to 4GB of music.

The idea behind the Muse is that it gains most of its functionality via its connection to a smartphone through the use of a sync app found in the Google Play Store. You can move music from your Galaxy phone to the Muse easily and rely on the small, ultra portable player to listen back to your tunes with enhanced SoundAlive technology.

While it might not be chock full of features, the Muse makes up for it with its $49 price point and stylish looks. Still, most users will likely be left asking why they need an additional music player when they can skip the hassle of transferring songs and listen directly from their phone.

[via SammyHub]

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  1. I’m in! Take my money, I want it.

  2. Cloud not good for you? Not enough storage space on your phone? Now, you can use the muse for your music needs! And at the low low price of $49, you can buy two and have not 4, but a whopping 8GB of additional music space! Order now!!

    Disclaimer: This was a joke. Please don’t take it seriously. Nothing said here reflects anyone’s opinion but my own, and only in a humorous way at that. Carry on.

    ; P

  3. Definitely adding it to my christmas list this year. Very smart idea behind it that we can transfer music straight from my phone to it, I’m personally going to use it at the gym so i don’t have to lug around my note 2, since I hate people that use their cellphones at the gym….nothing more annoying than waiting for a machine while the idiot on it is just sitting there texting away

  4. I think this is aimed at active people, such as when you go to the gym? It looks cool, but I already have a small mp3 player.

  5. My phone works just a good.

  6. Move over iPod shuffle

  7. As soon as my ipod shuffle dies, im buying one of these.

  8. I’ll skip this one.. PUN INTENDED.

    1. Nice! I tested out 10 puns on my wife and was going to post the one that made her laugh… unfortunately, NO PUN IN TEN DID.

  9. I’m getting this. lt will help my Gnex crappy battery while listening to music or doing anything.

  10. This will work with any android phone it appears; I can load the app on my Nexus 7. Looking at it as something for running/gym that could follow for usage with multiple devices; this could be very useful/convenient even with the small storage capacity. Ideally; you should be able to load it directly off PC also…

  11. I would get a Sansa clip plus instead

  12. Well.. When you own a Note II this would come in handy… my pants fall down when I run with the big thing in my pocket. ..

    1. Pffftchtchtchtcht…..

  13. $50, 4GB, no screen? What a ripoff. This stuff worth 5$ max.

  14. Beeing the music freak i am i’ll probably get this. I’ll add it to 4 ipod shuffle, 2 ipod nano, 4 cowon players, 15-20 no name mp3 players and quite a handfull of smartphones i have. I mostly use the ipods for running but the pebble will get a shot i’m sure ;-)

  15. I’d use it, I wan’t something portable for when I run. Don’t get me wrong, holding a 4.65 inch slab of glass is fun and all… but it’s not great when running or biking etc.

    EDIT: And I refuse to buy any Apple products.

  16. Seems like a big step down from my MotoACTV for running, I would use it when I skateboard though

  17. what ever happened to the wireless charger they were supposed to release

    1. I’m still waiting for the dock for the LTE G-Nexus….Samsung should get their $h*t together when it comes to accessories for their devices. The device and accessories should be made available on the same day not months apart.

  18. Wasn’t one of the Creative Zen mp3 players called Pebble?

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