Dec 4th, 2012

Samsung will be selling a rebranded version of their S Pebble music player as the Muse in the US. The player, which is equal parts companion to popular Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note 2, can store up to 4GB of music.

The idea behind the Muse is that it gains most of its functionality via its connection to a smartphone through the use of a sync app found in the Google Play Store. You can move music from your Galaxy phone to the Muse easily and rely on the small, ultra portable player to listen back to your tunes with enhanced SoundAlive technology.

While it might not be chock full of features, the Muse makes up for it with its $49 price point and stylish looks. Still, most users will likely be left asking why they need an additional music player when they can skip the hassle of transferring songs and listen directly from their phone.

[via SammyHub]

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