Nexus 4 going back on sale in the UK today


With all the Nexus 4 craziness going on here in the United States it’s easy to forget that our friends in other parts of the world are also having a tough time getting their Nexus 4 units from Google Play. The UK and Australian stores had just as many problems as the US store, and it looks like Google has finally gotten some more units in to help meet demand for our those across the pond.

That’s right, UK consumers will have another opportunity to purchase the Nexus 4 later today. The sale will go live at 5pm GMT, and remember that there’s a chance things could go live early so give yourself enough time to get online and prepare.

That means there’s just about an hour left so hurry to the Play Store and make sure your account is ready as you’ll want to do everything you can to shorten the checkout process. Set your cards up on Google Checkout, double check your billing and shipping addresses, and do whatever else you have to do to give yourself a better chance.

Unfortunately a second sale doesn’t immediately guarantee units for all those who missed out the first time around. If the US relaunch is anything to go by then there’s a high chance that the Play Store could experience just as many problems, and there’s no telling how much stock Google has to meet demand.

Be sure to circle back and let us know how everything goes as we’re interested to see if Google’s finally made strides in both server capacity and customer service to help facilitate this second launch. Any strays out there still looking for a Nexus 4?

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Why is it that I didn’t get notified about this? And I’m in the UK!?!!?

    1. Haha goodluck i’m in the UK too but I won’t be joining in on the purchase

      1. I’m literally going to try once or twice.
        If it fails, then I’m not wasting my time.
        I’m not that desperate for the phone.

        1. I am. So if you can order it I’ll match what you paid, plus a $50 convenience fee ; )

          1. What about shipping fees to America :P I’ll wait until they bring a newer Nexus out, Galaxy Nexus is fine at the minute

        2. By the way…They’re late!!!

  2. Good luck getting it. I’m still waiting on my order from Nov 13th. Been reading in the forums that people are getting their orders from the 27th already while I sit empty handed. Really pissed at google at this point.

    1. Yeah that is bang out of order m8 – it must be so frustrating as there’s not much you can really do about it either – except WAIT & WONDER what the heck is going on ? Your not the only one if
      any consolation.

      1. Yea I know i’m not, still see others complaining in the forums. I just get the impression that despite Google CSRs seeing my order, my order is not actually in the shipping center. Now i’m worried my 2nd order on the 27th is going to be the same deal because in the google play “My Orders” it shows 2 orders on the 27th that link to the same order number which indicates there’s some sort of bug. I guess my wallet account is just screwed or something. Of course all Google CSRs will tell me during every call is “It’s going to ship tomorrow, you will receive a shipping number as soon as it goes out”

        1. Then you need to call them again and explain that you have had enough, that despite having been told repeatedly that “it will ship tomorrow” it hasn’t.

          Next you TELL THEM [don’t ask] that you now want to escalate the matter to a superior. Then demand some answers – you have EVERY RIGHT to, you have paid for the device right ?

  3. I would really love getting one of these but I’d rather not waste my time playing scramble with the low volume numbers they are releasing. My trusty SGS2 is still running fine so should see me through until the demand dies down and the supply ramps up. It’ll also give me a chance to check out the phone in a store in person to make sure it is something I actually like.

  4. cool, just got one 16gb

  5. OMG OMG OMG! I got it!! *does the happy dance*

    It wasn’t as difficult to get it this time around.

  6. Even though the Price is good. I am going to Get the Note 2

  7. Thank you all the people who didn’t bother this time. I completed my order within a minute of them going back in stock

    1. same here ordered at 4:55 no problems at all.

  8. when i purchased at 5.07 it was saying 1 to 2 weeks delivery but now 5 to 6 weeks delivery.

  9. STILL IN STOCK at 7:19 am [14hrs 29mins after going back on sale] Shipping states 4-5 weeks !

  10. In Germany steh Google-Smartphone Nexus 4 16GB ist still available!

  11. 8 Gig now Sold Out – 16 Gig STILL in stock 26 hrs after Launch 2

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