Dec 4th, 2012

We’ve seen quite a few controller peripherals for Android devices, but we haven’t quite seen anything like the PhoneJoy Play. The latest accessory from PhoneJoy takes everything great about their previous wireless gamepad for Android and combines it with a simple, intuitive mounting system to create a handheld console experience using any smartphone.

The PhoneJoy Play appears like a portable gamepad at first glance, but once you pull apart its two halves to reveal the proprietary easy slider mechanism it becomes much more. The Play can accept any smartphone in portrait or landscape mode, including big boys like the Galaxy Note 2. Once docked your handset takes on a second life as a powerful gaming machine.

What about the games? The PhoneJoy crew is providing an SDK for developers to directly integrate Play controls into their upcoming and available titles. For everything else, an app included with the Play allows for quick and easy configuration of controls. It seems like they thought of everything.

The PhoneJoy pay looks to be one of the most intuitive and unique gamepad experience we have ever seen for Android, and you can be a part of making it a reality. Kickstarter funding just went live, giving all the option to pick up the Play for as little as $50. Provided enough people contribute, the controller ships in April.


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