Microsoft is at it again, wants to hear your Android horror stories for a chance to win a free Windows Phone


It was almost this same time last year Microsoft launched their “Droid Rage” campaign in an attempt to convert disgruntled Android users “infected with malware” into switching over to Windows Phone. Apparently, they had over 3,200 submissions which left many scratching their heads (really, who could pass up a free phone?). Well, starting just a few minutes ago — they’re at it again. This time it’s the official Windows Phone Twitter account asking people to tweet them with the hashtag #DroidRage, accompanied by their Android malware “horror story.” Really?

Adding insult to injury, @WindowsPhone gave a few helpful tips for those suffering from a virus ridden Android device, and they are as follows:

  1. Wait for your Android phone to get infected with malware
  2. Recover from SMS scam bill shock
  3. Skip steps 1 & 2, buy a Windows Phone and connect with people you care about instead of some hacker plotting in a dank basement

By now your blood is, no doubt, already boiling and you’re not the only one. Seems the relaunched campaign has already caused some backlash with Android fans all over Twitter rising to the occasion, defending their favorite mobile OS with witty sarcasm.

Out of pure curiosity, anyone out there have a real Droid Rage story they’d care to share? We’re all friends here, right? While I, personally, have yet to experience malware “Droid Rage” (Android’s inconsistent back button is a whole ‘nother story), I will tell you about an experience I had yesterday with a family member of mine.

Turns out my aunt was complaining her Android phone suddenly had a “mind of its own.” I decided to provide some tech support only to find that her entire homescreen was filled with spammy icons linking to external websites. While this was more or less adware, I would bet money that whatever could have been downloaded from those links would have been bonafide malware. The cause? Come to find out my little cousin — God, bless her soul — had been downloading any app with the title “Hello Kitty” onto my aunt’s device. I wiped the whole sucker clean and started her from scratch. #DroidRage.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Hello kitty is evil… thats all that needs be said about that.

  2. Microsoft’s marketing approach will most likely backfire. I can’t remember any company or product that was successful with negative marketing campaigns. Oh well that’s how the desperate ones behave.

      1. Is it really negative taking aims at people who sit outside an apple store wait for the next big thing?

        1. I mean… well…….. no ._.

        2. Nope. It’s pointing out the painful truth that sheep will buy anything with an Apple on it.

          1. Simpletonistic iSheep for you… How many would buy an sIII and think it was an iPhone 6 if it had an Apple on the back?

            New “iPhone 6″ user: oh I just love how big it is, and its the first iPhone that had beam and NFC and not to mention a revamped UI! I think its just all around better than my iPhone 5!”

            sIII owner: …that’s a Samsung ………

            New “iPhone 6” user: you can’t fool me, IT HAS THE APPLE STICKER ON THE BACK!

          2. LOL!!!

          3. Someone should try this, haha

          4. Yeah but Apple knows most of their potential consumers are really stupid.

        3. negative is negative, no matter how you spin it.

      2. When samsung made poked fun at Apple, they showed how exemplary their device was and the consumer is supposed to make their own assumptions about this lacking in Apple’s iPhone. Marketing 301.

      3. LOL! I can see it now, a Microsoft ad making fun of all the Android fans lining up outside Google stores to buy the “next big thing” when the smart savvy Windows Phone user demonstrates how much “better” Windows Phone is…

        Yeah maybe in a parallel universe where Windows Phone doesn’t suck.

    1. Samsung… Apple (Mac vs PC and iPhone vs everything). Hardly desperate players.

  3. yeah and i bet only people that have anything under jellybean will complain

    1. under ics probably….

  4. This only worked for President obama

    1. Jesus, get over it already. Your guy lost. Move the eff on!

    2. It was a joke get over yourself Mr. Sensitive. We all lost by the way. Soon we will lose allot of our privacy with new legislation. Anyway that kind of victory I wouldn’t want. Enough said.

      1. I dont know about you but I know that I won. Better than the other options….

  5. What is it with M$ and wanting to hear Android malware stories? It’s like they get off on that stuff.

    1. “Android user, tell me something… DIRTY…”

    2. They have an obsession with screaming about how Android is supposedly an infected malware, virus hotbed. They never point out the pluses of Windows phone and its OS, just the worst possible examples of Android. It’s just a sign of desperation.

      1. Don’t forget “fragmented’.

        It’s funny how all the things they rant against in Android are exactly what made Windows such a big hit. As it did for Android BTW.

    3. It’s meant to be a contest. Other contests have you writing stories about this, that or the other thing. I don’t see why us Android fans need to berate something like this. If you don’t want a win phone, or EVER had malware on your phone.. then this contest isn’t for you. Just move along. I’m going to fake a story just to see if I get the phone. My rezound contract is almost up in a month so it would be fun to try out a free phone for a bit.since HTC sucks and gave up on the phone the day after it was released. Not to mention HTC sold out to Apple.

      The bottom line is in order to not like Win phones you have to actually use them. Too many iOS sheep hate Android without every touching a device. Android fans have more than likely touched iOS devices but not Win devices. No need to be a hypocrite.

  6. My only nightmare was I dreamed I had a Windows phone. Luckily I woke up and had my atrix in hand.

    1. HORROR! Android:complex multi-user system,Photo Sphere,microSD,freedom,desktop as my wish…so terrifying that WP has NOTHING!

      1. They have Instagr- no wait. They don’t :/

    2. a shame you have an atrix.

  7. Chris Chavez ‏@Gamercore

    @windowsphone Aunt has an Android. When I looked at her homescreen, it was FILLED with spam icons linking to malware sites. #DroidRage

    1. seriously chris??? wtf???

      1. I want a free phone… then I can sell it, and get my aunt a nice Nexus 4. You know… in 8 weeks.

        1. nice save yo! lmao

          1. on a completely unrelated subject, my Amaze 4G is running 4.1.2 and has better specs than the HTC One S…which im getting in the mail, already posted it on craigslist tho! web only promo got the phone for free lol…nice profit huh?

          2. WOW. Wait- you’re keeping the Amaze and selling the One S?

          3. yezzzir. one s no expandable memory…no thx….no nfc…pass…no removable battery….da fuq…yeah im sellin it for 400

          4. Cheezus. My brother has a One S and he’s having trouble selling it for $300.

          5. Hah Chris you’re a scum bag! Don’t you know? We’re loco! We see everything!

          6. Lol you’re lucky you’re witty! Or I’d…. I’d…. Idk I’m like a dog chasing cars.


            *jumps out window*

          8. ^^^ meets Chris on lower level after the jump…. “how r ur legs Chris?”

        2. To be honest, most providers are having a hard time giving Windows Phones away, yet alone selling them. You should not expect much

          1. hadn’t heard of that problem.

        3. But nothing about your young cousin there, like it happened just because the device runs Android, eh?
          And you won’t even get a free phone for that…

          1. I mean, it’s a 140 character tweet. Couldn’t squeeze in the entire story. Doesn’t make the tweet any less true.

          2. Let me try:
            @windowsphone My young cousin messed with my aunt’s Android, its homescreen was filled with spam icons linking to malware sites. #DroidRage
            See, it fits.

            “Doesn’t make the tweet any less true.”
            Your article says “I would bet money that whatever could have been downloaded from those links would have been bonafide malware.”
            That sounds far less assertive than your tweet…

            Anyway, good luck selling your Windows Phone, I’ve heard the demand for it is pretty low. ;)

        4. good man.. I’ll do it just for a free phone. hell I could use it as another media player, replacing my OG droid.

          1. Good luck to ya, sir! :)

        5. Haha! I know! I would have totally done the “smoked by Windows Phone” challenge. I mean I can’t lose! I either get to humiliate a Microdork or I get a free phone I can sell on ebay and use the cash to buy me the latest and greatest Android handset. Personally I would prefer the humiliation, especially since Windows Phone probably doesn’t sell well on ebay, but either way I’d be the real winner.

  8. And your promoting this crap because….?

    Microsoft is and has always been all about spreading FUD and attacking their competitors in dirty ways. I’m not surprised at all that this keeps happening.


      1. errday. i dun evun curr. YOLO

      2. Only on my Windows 7 desktop.

      3. No, that was his Ballmer impression. It was a little too intelligible, though…

    1. Woosah

  10. My only #DroidRage is that my #Droid doesn’t get malware as much as my windows computer! Gah. I wish it was as secure as windows….wait erm….moving along.

    1. Suddenly your phone bluescreens.

  11. Hm… and since when was Windows known as the “Safe” Operating System?

    Microsoft giving security advice is like a severely overweight personal trainer.

    1. since everyone stopped using it lol,

      1. Good Point. I guess when a Microsoft device is disconnected and powered off in a box, then it is “safe”

    2. There’s one of those trainers at my gym and I can’t figure out why he has clients…

    3. Eh? Did someone mention Steve Ballmer?

  12. I got a great story for them, my galaxy nexus fell on a lumia 920 and broke it >.>

    1. Broke the Lumia I’m assuming…

      1. Oufcorse

  13. Just Microsoft grasping for straws. It’s a bit interesting to see Microsoft in a state of desperation like this. Put the energy used in bashing an already established mobile OS into improving your OS and you might see results Microsoft. *Goes back to playing XBOX 360*

    1. Romeo???

  14. like android has that many viruses, if your chance of getting a virus is 1 to 1 million compared to 1 in 100 with PC’s, Microsoft is indirectly saying don’t buy any of our shiz

  15. “This one time, my Android phone was way better than any Windows phone.”

    Now that sounds like a horror story to Microsoft, and their nightmare is reality.

  16. I think it’s time to start writing some windows 8/Windows Phone 8 malware. ;-)

    1. lol I’m sure it’s already in the works. Eh, Windows is a popular malware platform :p This is going to come back to bite them in the ass I just know it. And I’m going to laugh. Just like I laughed when the Note was successful after Steve Jobs said any device using a stylus has already failed. People just don’t know how to shut their mouths before they take a bite out of their own foot.

  17. Why didn’t you just uninstall the apps whipping the whole phone for hello kitty, that sounds like the cat had a ton of power.

  18. My blood isn’t boiling. It’s just a phone dude.

  19. This question is no different than asking, “Have you ever kissed a sheep for as long as you wanted to?” It’s not a question, it’s a statement. Whether you say “yes” or “no”, you’re still a sheep-kisser.

    If they wanted to be honest, maybe they should have asked, “Do you have an Android malware horror story that involves something other than you downloading a pirated, malware-infested app to avoid paying for it?”

    Their platform certainly won’t have these problems, not with its code signing requirements. You can’t execute anything unless it’s been “reviewed” by Microsoft and its applicable partners (e.g. carriers). And isn’t that a better world?

    1. So when did you stop beating your wife?

  20. My phone force closed constantly today, then when I rebooted it, it got stuck in a bootloop. It’s fixed now, just that it’s somewhat annoying to get all the stuff back on it because I’m too ignorant to keep backups. It was running Android 2.3.3. Does this happen in 4.1+? I have loved android even while using 2.3. Looking forward to 4.2. :D

  21. My true story: I was kidnapped by a mafia boss. He has ordered me to fix his computer otherwise he will shoot. Seeing a Windows 7 DVD beside the computer, I promptly complied and started the installation. He then turned blue, shoot on the ceiling and threaten “dumb azz, if it is to install Windows 7, do you think I need to go to the troubles to kidnap you? I want to replace that Sh!tty Windows 7 by Linux 64 bits!”.

    I then wiped out completely Windows 7 and installed Linux on his machine. When done, he blindfolded me, drove me back to a mall, released me on a parking and gave me an unopened box of Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.1. He said “nice job, here is a little reward for you. You save my life! One more day with Windows I think I will commit suicide”. I took the Android phone home and returned the WinPhone Lumia 920 I just ordered 2 days ago.

    How can I send this story to that @WinPhone guy? It’s a little bit too long for a tweet.

    1. uw0tm8

  22. No malware yet. Where do people even get malware? Just some over hyped stuff in the news. Plus Android users are the majority, they will be the biggest target. Seriously if anyone knows this, its microsoft and their computer software.

  23. Waiting on an OS upgrade that’s almost 2 years old

  24. Do you have a Windows malware horror story? Yes, decades of them.

  25. Microsoft is talking about Malware?! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL My dad, for whatever reason, bought a Windows laptop the other day and there were 6 hours of updates waiting for him.

  26. You gotta be really stupid to get a virus on your Android phones… Apps like (e.g.) “booty shake” or “nude girls xxx” are most likely the culprits.

    But I wouldn’t know… >.>

  27. >Make up a story
    >Get a free windows phone
    >sell it on ebay
    >buy another android with the $$
    >repeat for profit

  28. They think they are so smart. Dumbasses don’t even realize it should at least be called #AndroidRage. Not all Androids are Droids, gotdamnit.

    1. I think it’s a play on the term ” ‘roid rage.” That’s why. It flows better than AndroidRage.

  29. My only DroidRage would be the battery life of my Galaxy Nexus. Literally everything else kicks Windows Phone’s ass. If I turned the LTE off more often I’d probably save power, but it’s so fast!

  30. @windowsphone I tried to buy a nexus 4 but the device is to popular to get one… #droidrage!!! I wish it was less popular like windows phone

    1. I’m thinking we should begin “Operation Flood @windowsphone Twitter account”

  31. “Android’s inconsistent back button is a whole ‘nother story” – at least there is a back button…I’ve gotten into place on itunes (on my kids ipod touch) that there is no possible escape from…you have to completely exit everything and start over and that is a completely integrated app. Any sway I had towards buying ipads this xmas were quickly dismissed an android tablets are on the way from santa

    1. Yeah, I just wish there was some way to predict what it was going to do. =/

  32. nothing wrong with that.. I applaud MS for doing a little friendly competition from which someone could win something. Apple never gives away anything for free…. nor do they give to charity… Google and MS do.

  33. Let’s not forget that Samsung use the exact same tactics against rivals such as apple – on Facebook [UK] even giving away Samsung Galaxy S2’s in exchange for the intended targets iphone :–)

  34. i find it funny. Its banter. Now it was Apple pulling this stunt oh i would be so mad.

  35. F*** you microsoft.

    the only thing you can do nowadays is to spread FUD

  36. I haven’t run across any malware yet. Run across some poorly coded apps that could be considered malware (cough, facebook, cough) but I uninstalled it and have been fine since.

    But then again I think I ran across one virus (not running, but in a program downloaded) on my PC in a decade. Guess I just dont spend enough time clicking on random crap or downloading dubious software from Russian warez sites.

  37. I think its pretty ripe that the company that gave us “Windows” is telling us to rage about malware.

    That makes me giggle.

  38. As I’ve said before, the weakest point in the security of any system is the user. Thanks for your story confirming as much.

  39. Dear Microsoft:

    I had a horrible experience with Android.

    First, the confusion. I couldn’t decide what carrier I should sign up with. Android devices are available on every carrier. Then I was overwhelmed by the choices of devices. There was every kind of size, shape, color, style, feature combination and price you could imagine. How was I supposed to make a decision on what I wanted without someone like Apple or Microsoft to tell me?

    Then if that wasn’t bad enough, when I went to pay I found out that the device I had selected (which had a slide out keyboard, contrary to Apple and Microsoft’s wishes) cost only $1 and came with a $100 gift card. How am I supposed to have confidence in a phone if it isn’t priced like an iPhone.

    Then there was the apps. Tons of apps in every category. Still overwhelmed from having to actually *think* in order to select a carrier and device, I was now in absolute shock to have to select a music player app, for example, or a game. Then to add insult to injury of this shocking experience, I found there was more than one app store I could purchase apps from. This is intollerable! Someone should pass a law or something.

    Then there was the technical mumbo jumbo. Bluetooth. USB. SD expansion cards. Wireless syncing with GMail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, etc. If I edited a contact on my web browser, it was already on my phone before I could pick up the phone and look in my phone’s contacts. Some sort of evil magic was at work here.

    Thank goodness for companies like Apple who are suing every Android manufacturer in sight. And thanks to both Apple and Microsoft for making everything so simple by eliminating the pain of having to think for myself. Better still, both Apple and Microsoft make a real effort to lock me into their respective ecosystems.

    Disgruntled Android User

    1. I don’t think that’ll fit in a tweet.

  40. I personally have never had any malware issues in the 4 years I’ve used android. I never have had AVG or any other virus protection on the phone either. Considering that android is linux with and android UI overlay, I’m pretty sure that its pretty hard to get malware. Linux itself is the most secure operating system and android has been acclaimed for its security.

  41. How about 10 really great Microsoft horror stories … could I get an Android phone for that? How about for a hundred? Bet I have even more than that from all the grief poorly written, over-promised and under-delivered Microsoft bloatware has caused me over the years!!

  42. Note that the tweet requests your STORY, not your EXPERIENCE. So, write – ie, MAKE UP – a story! As SNL’s Jack Handy would say, “Hey… Free phone.”

  43. “Recover from SMS scam bill shock”

    How would having a MS phone prevent this scenario? Do MS phones not have SMS capability? If that’s how we play then just pick up a rock and save your money altogether

  44. Ok, here’s my real DroidRage story. I had a WinMo phone running stock firmware with NO 3rd party software, and the damn thing would crash at least once a week, sometimes several times a day. When the AT&T compatible Nexus One became available I picked one up. But the unit I received was defective, and couldn’t run for 48 hours without rebooting. The thing is, my WinMo handset had made me so used to the reality of a crashing phone that I was almost willing to suffer with my new phone. But I snapped out of it and got a replacement, and have been happily sipping my Android Koolaid ever since (now using a G’Nex, contemplating a move to N4 when the dust settles a bit).

  45. How ironic. I’m a disgruntled Windows Mobile user who finally gave up on them, turned to Android and have been extremely happy with my Android phones.

  46. Do you have Windows maleware horror story? Why yes, every time Winders boots I get a new one to tell.

  47. So I was looking for tentacle porn and downloaded an app from this amazing obscure Chinese app market that required all my banking info and passwords.

    I just found out I have a virus on my Android! What gives Google? Too lazy to make my phone secure? #droidrage


  48. Blood boiling? More like, *yawn*. Microsoft is pushing the “malware on Android” angle but it’s hard to create an Android hating following when the percentage of people who are likely to be victims of said “malware” are equally vulnerable to social hacks and the like on Windows and Apple devices. Or in other words, it’s a friggin myth you dumb@$$ Windows stooges!

    But hey, when you’re that far behind and you don’t have a competitive OS the only thing you can do is bad mouth your opponent.

    …Meanwhile Google is saying, “Windows Phone what? Oh sorry, we were too busy being ridiculously successful to even notice.”

  49. I dropped my Android phone on my foot and it HURT!
    That’s my only complaint about Android phones.

  50. Malware for Windows? Impossible. /sarc

  51. Microsoft had its chance with windows mobile 6 they blew it.

  52. I love windows, but it’s an infected platform too. If you’re not careful it take a couple of minutes to get a spy ware

  53. Microsoft should shut up. They lack BASIC functions. Share through Bluetooth? Nope. Upload videos to sky services? Nope. Lock rotation? HELL NAW. What about the browser? ONLY 6 tabs at a time, you cannot acess bookmarks swiftley and those are just the tips of the ice berg.

  54. I had to wait OVER THIRTY MINUTES for a reboot… Oh yeah, right, that was my Windows 8 Laptop!!!

  55. Haha. Microsoft can’t believe Android is that good.

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