Dec 16th, 2011

Earlier this week, Microsoft went on an Android bashing spree with one of the members of their Windows Phone team, Ben Rudolph, offering free Windows Phone devices to Android users fed up with Android’s growing malware problem. A condition known as “Droid Rage” according to Microsoft.

So, just how many Droid Raged users were willing to swear their allegiance to WP7? According to Microsoft’s Bill Cox, who revealed the results via his Twitter today — they received over 3,200 applicants who shared their Android “horror stories.” in an effort to gain a free WP7 smartphone. Now, I wouldn’t exactly call this a “win” for Microsoft or Windows Phone 7. Exactly how many of these “stories” were completely genuine and how many were fabricated in an effort to gain a new $600 smartphone, remains to be seen.

What’s more, in a bitter twist of irony, a security flaw in the newest version of Windows Phone 7 Mango that was exposed this week, allowing for anyone to send an SMS to a user that will completely reboot their device and completely disable the messaging app altogether. Those in glass houses, Microsoft…

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