iLumi looking for funding for Android-controlled LED bulbs


We’ve seen the Phillips Hue, watched as the LIFX bulb achieved its funding goal, but there is one more contender to consider when it comes to intelligent LED lighting. iLumi has just announced a new intelligent LED bulb, which is seeking backers via IndiaGoGo.

Based around the company’s HyperLux LED technology, the bulbs, which pair with an Android or iOS smartphone app, will be available as both 100 watt and 60 watt replacement options, but will do much more than your average lamp.

Not only does the bulb provide access to millions of color and brightness combinations with a few swipes via an “intuitive interface”, but other features such as proximity recognition (automatically turning on when you enter a room), light-based notifications (your room light can change color or blink to notify you of things like weather and incoming calls, email, and texts), and the ability to support a network of up to 100 bulbs. Your whole home is covered.

iLumi supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth LE, a departure from other bulbs that tie into a home WiFi network. This does offer some distinct advantages over other brands, such as portability and lower energy consumption. The bulbs start at $59 but are listed with an expected lifespan of 20 years, meaning you might pay more up front than you would for a traditional bulb, but over time the iLumi intelligent lighting system will provide plenty of savings.

We’re excited about the future of smart LED lighting, but it has had a bit of a slow start due to pricing and a lack of familiarity with the technology. It’s nice to see another option coming to market, and one that offers a several distinct features. You can never have too many to choose from. Provided their funding goal of $100,000 is reached, the iLumi bulb will ship in April of 2013.

[via iLumi]

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  1. Very cool but I’ll wait a year or two when the price comes down. New tech is always over priced.

    1. Yea… lets spend $1,000 on lighbulbs for a room and a half. No thanks.

      1. The price would plummet if they took that “i” off of ilumi. That’s a clever way to steal money from iDiots

  2. 59 is actually not a bad price compared to how much some other brands are, might be worth a look actually

  3. I’ve already been able to Rickroll my wife from my Galaxy Note II on our Samsung TV while outside the house, and now I will be able to instantly turn the house into a brothel or a disco with one click in an app on my phone? Well played, technology. Well played.

  4. I hate it!!!!! just because the “I”… (you know what I’m talking about) lol

  5. greenwavereality is another controlled bulb coming out.

  6. cheaper than the other two… not bad, i like the movement sensor.

  7. Does it stay “fresh” for 20 years or does it actually last for 20 years? I’m tired of light bulb manufacturers claiming a long life span, but if you read the fine print, it says that it would have a long shelf life rather than it continuing to light for the advertised time.. $60 a bulb is a little steep

    1. What’s worse is when, like the bulbs that came installed in my apartment, the package says they last for 2 years… and then in fine print below it, that is 2 years if used only 3 hours a day. >:(

  8. I got one a while back but bulb burned out quickly. not this brand either. Very cool I must say

  9. lose the i, then we can talk

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