Google releases Android 4.2.1 factory images for Nexus devices


Just as the Android code guru with a three letter name promised, Android 4.2.1 factory images are now available for the Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10 as well as the GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus. The release comes about 48 hours after the Jelly Bean update first started making its way to owners of the Google-branded devices. The source code was made available the same day as part of the Android Open Source Project.

Also available are Android 4.2.1 binaries for the Nexus 10, Nexus 7, and both the “toro” (Verizon) and “maguro” (GSM) versions of the Galaxy Nexus. Oddly, there is no binary available for the Nexus 4 at this time. We’re guessing that version will be available shortly.

While the newly available resources might not be immediately useful, a factory image is always a good thing to keep around should you run into any trouble with your device (especially if you are the type to root and tinker). It will make restoring your handset or tablet to working order a much easier process.

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  1. Nexus 10 image still shows only 4.2. Hopefully they’ll get 4.2.1 up soon!

  2. Still very unsatisfied with 4.2.1 on my GNex. Scrolling on the task switcher is anything but smooth when compared to 4.1.2. The pin entry on my lock screen still isn’t as responsive as 4.1.2. If Google doesn’t address these issues by 4.2.2 I may downgrade. I don’t even want to talk about my Nexus 7. It took ten minutes of pressing the power button last night to start it up, although I’m still running 4.2 on my N7.

    1. get it replaced. i ordered first batch. and had problems. Google customer service is good. they replaced my device it in 2 days.

      1. I ordered my phone from Negri Electronics before Google sold it in the Play Store. My phone is fine. It’s the half baked 4.2+ software.

    2. You are having insane issues. I have 4.2 on my Nexus 7 and it’s running lovely. I have 3 users on there. Mines, a guest account, and a test account. There is no lag when trying to log in. The only lag is when I click on the account and it’s loading the account log in. I expect lag to happen in that case. It has to load the account.

  3. Jmax pretty sure the gnex is still officially on 4.1.2 perhaps thats why?

    1. No. I’m definitely running 4.2.1. My screenshots aren’t cooperating with Disqus. 4.1.2 was a glorious update.

  4. “Oddly, there is no binary available for the Nexus 4 at this time. We’re guessing that version will be available shortly.” There is no “oddly” about it. The Nexus 4 is not supported by AOSP due to licensing issues with the GSM stack, no code, no binaries, no nothing.

  5. sprint? just asking

  6. Sprints Galaxy Nexus is not AOSP. So Google cannot release the binary for it.

    1. Neither is Verizon’s…

  7. Nice but useless, without the Nexus 4 Smartphone or Nexus 10 i can’t use this! Only Nexus 7 owners will be happy about it

  8. My Galaxy Nexus just performed the update.

  9. Bluetooth doesn’t work anymore with the update. Hopefully someone (google) will fix this problem soon.

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