Verizon Galaxy Note 2 officially headed to stores November 29th


The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon has been a tricky one to pin down. We’ve long had notice of the November 27th ship-by date that Verizon posted on pre-sale pages, and with the standard two-day shipping option we assumed November 29th was the day. Verizon never committed to a solid release date for all retail channels, though, and we finally have that today.

The company has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be available in-store and online tomorrow, November 29th, and those who have pre-ordered the device should be seeing shipping notifications for a November 29th delivery soon if they haven’t already gotten them.

Available in marble white or titanium grey, the devices can be had for $300 with a new two-year contract agreement, but those opting to buy one off-contract will be asked to pay a whopping $700. It’s no small price to pay, but the device is big enough to justify it in every way possible.

Inside is a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos processor with 2GB of RAM, a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED HD display, an 8 megapixel HD camera with a 1.9 megapixel front camera, 16GB of internal storage, NFC, 4G LTE, and more. And don’t forget the all-important S Pen that will be one of many main attractions this device has to offer. V

erizon customers are pretty much the last out of all major carriers in the United States to get a chance to own one, but it is sure to be a hot item despite it being out more than a month later than its competitors. Set your alarms and make sure your excitement doesn’t get the best of you when the Verizon stores open tomorrow morning.

UPDATE – Wednesday, Nov. 28: Just in time for the holidays, the Samsung Galaxy Note II will be available for purchase online and in stores starting tomorrow, Nov. 29. Customers who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note II will receive an e-mail alert when their device has been shipped. Customers have the option of two color models, Marble White or Titanium Grey and can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Note II for $299.99 with a new two-year customer agreement.

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  1. Anyone else notice the white one in the pictures of what the phone can do doesn’t show the Verizon logo on the botton

    1. Trust me it’s on there. Saw one on display at Best Buy.

  2. Verizon logo on home button = BELCH!

    1. The button is metal… I’d imagine it wouldn’t be hard to scratch off the logo without damaging it.

      1. They sell a sticker for that button on ebay and amazon so you can cover it up. Check it out if you’re interested~

    2. I actually think many people will end up forgetting about it or not caring after a while. Honestly, how hard do you really stare down at your home button on a day-to-day basis?

  3. takes a long time to stamp all those buttons i just hope this doesn’t start a trend among carriers samsung should not allow this. if it happens more reason for me to make my next phone a nexus

  4. got mine in the mail today. Yes, vzw logo is on the button, but who cares? Phone works great. Multi-window works without a hitch. But this phone is massive. Still undecided on the size. Although it has made for great jokes…

  5. And this is where we see the GNote II sales really take off

  6. I picked mine up last week (Sprint ver) and now The Wife is wanting to trade in her EVO 4G LTE for the SGN2

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