SONOS Black Friday Blowout [CONTEST]


It’s that time of year: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, great deals, and great contests. To celebrate the huge Black Friday sale our friends at SONOS are having – you get a FREE SONOS Bridge when you buy a Play:3 or a Play:5 – we’re doing a little contest of our own. Over the next few days we’ll be giving one lucky reader/winner a free SONOS Play:3 and SONOS Bridge to get their house rockin’ for the holidays.

I’m a SONOS customer myself and couldn’t be happier with the product and service it provides. My bridge player sits on top of my router, I’ve got a PLAY:5 in my kitchen/living area and another PLAY:5 in my bedroom. It’s absurdly easy to turn on the tunes remotely with either my laptop or phone and the selection is amazing.

Check out my full review of SONOS but keep in mind, I conducted this a couple years ago and the products and services are even better now. I’ve grown to love SONOS and it’s a convenience that has more or less become part of my regular routine.

Sometimes I dig into my personal library, which has a wide range of genres, but definitely deep in the alternative rock and rap/hiphop areas. Most often, I’ll toss on Pandora or Last.FM and set the station to one of my favorite artists; three stations I’ve grown to love are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay-Z, and Jazzyfatnastees.

If you’re looking for gifts for music lovers, look no further than SONOS (they’re in our 2012 holiday gift guide). If you love music yourself, you definitely need to give SONOS a shot. It’s not cheap, but if you like listening to music while you cook, clean, hang out, do laundry, party, play poker, or whatever else it is you do indoors, you’ll get much more out of it than what you put into it.

So how can you enter to win a SONOS PLAY:3 and BRIDGE? Easy.

  • Leave a comment below that includes TWO things: (1) A link to black friday, cyber monday, or any holiday gift deal you think our readers will enjoy, and (2) The name of an artist or song you’ve currently got on heavy rotation that others may not know and want to check out.
  • We WILL NOT be picking the winner based on thumbs up/down, please ONLY use this feature to help other readers find good deals and good music. That’s the point of the comment contest!
  • Comments will remain open until Monday night at 11:59PM Eastern
  • We’ll randomly pick one comment to win, make sure they included a link and artist and/or song, and they’ll be selected as our winner!
  • Must be 18+ to win
  • If selected winner does not meet criteria or respond within 24 hours, Phandroid reserves the right to randomly select another winner
  • Winner will be chosen at the sole discretion of Phandroid and entrants may be disqualified by staff at their sole discretion for any reason, including but not limited to: multiple entries, excessive use/spamming of upvotes and downvotes, etc…
Good luck and safe shopping out there!
Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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    And I would say everyone should listen to P.O.D. great music.

    1. Wow first comment, thats a first. 0.o

  2. Sick of having to find your charger? Install this where its convenient and just use your usb cable. Its on a lightning deal so act quick if you want it.

    Now that your phone is charged, listen to Macklemore – Thrift Shop. An entertaining song.

  3. 25% off the mentalfloss blog store.

    Listening to MGK, Machine Gun Kelly a lot at the moment.

  4. – Every home and guy should have a multimeter and line detector. Line detectors alone are normally $10+. It’s no Fluke but it’s a quality product.

    Senses Fail – You’re Cute When You Scream.

  5. has a bunch of great titles on sale. Shipping is cheap too or head to one of the other stores for some price matching.
    As for tunes I’ve been spending some time with DeadMau5’s latest album.

  6. for a 3MP Logitech Webcam for those who still have that desktop or gaming rig out there and need a webcam for the low low price of FREE!

    Music: While they may be known, Fun. serves up great music to keep the mood jolly.

  7. Amazon has the Jawbone Jambox for $129.99! $70 off. I have one and I love it.

    Song I’m currently hooked on: Born in a Flash by Mother Mother.

  8. To those in Canada: Staples has $45 ps3 controllers for Black Friday! Original and new. Have a safe day shopping everyone!

    “Clocks” – The SNDCLSH

    Very good song, I usually don’t listen to this genre.

  9. Best Buy has a 250GB PS3 with Uncharted 1&2 and Infamous 1&2 for $199:

    Listening to Murder By Death

  10. I’m seriously contemplating this 3TB drive for data storage that’s 50 bucks off today

    Currently, I’m really digging Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive” and “Lost in the Echo” off Linkin Park’s latest album. Thanks for the contest!

  11. I mean truly I was torn between my holiday underwear specials or Express. I chose express, 50% off the entire store (the entire store!):

    Music: Frank Ocean – channel ORANGE

  12. newegg has a ton of items on sale this weekend

    Current song on repeat: “Back In Your Head” – Tegan and Sara

    And a question for the community:

    Just moved into our first home and want to set up a sound system throughout all of the rooms. I want to be able to set it up to have zones – living room/kitchen, bed1, bed2 – so a total of 3 zones. I want each zone to be able to play from different sources, but also be able to have them all play from the same source. I can either spend a ton of money on a sonos system (3 play devices and 3 bridges, I believe), or build an alternative system. The alternative would end up being some kind of media pc, AV receiver and miles of cords. What systems have you fine folks installed and what would you recommend? I am a technical person, but have never worked with a nice sound system before. Thanks!

  13. It’s not as good as a Sono, but this little speaker ROCK!!! I’m buying them as stocking stuffers

    HDMX JAM Bluetooth Speaker – $30 (regularly $50);jsessionid=5010662ADA0FBC3284C3B6DDA6C4B813.bbolsp-app03-43?id=1218669149735&skuId=5597543&st=hmdx&cp=1&lp=1

    Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, M.A.A.D City

  14. memory express has awesome deals on ssd’s right now

    Tunes: I am pretty hooked on Dan Mangan and the Black Keys these days. Yes, I know Black Keys are far from mainstream but Dan Mangan I still don’t think has gained popularity in a lot of places.

  15. Gamestop has Batman on sale

    Music: I’m Not Sorry – Meiko

  16. If you want deals on practically any kind of product, simply go to I know this looks so generic, but honestly its the best place to do all your shopping at. And if you want to discover an aspiring singer, youtube search Sam Tsui. He does covers, but also has 2 original songs and lots of medleys done with Kurt Schnieder. You should look him up! :)

  17. Class 10 64GB Micro SD card for $42 on Amazon today:

    I am still listening to Young the Giant. Track 1: Apartment.. is great.

  18. Ok, as far as the deal, here is a killer groupon deal going on. Everybody needs power now and then right? Grab a powerbag to top off your gadgets..

    Music? Stevie F’n Wonder – I wish – I heard this on the radio last week and it has been in heavy heavy rotation ever since. :D

  19. Sams club has a 43″ samsung plasma for only $378!

    Music: Machine Gun Kelly’s new debut album: Lace Up

  20. Galaxy Note 2 international N7100

    Listenin to. Lot of Mumford – The Cave is. Great Song

  21. Music: Immediate Music is a music company that specializes in trailer music and Epic Rock. Personal favorite this week, “Believe”, also released as “Surrender to Hope”. Fan music video here:

    Deals: T-Mobile has the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.2 for Free today on their web site, it appears:

  22. Nexus 7″ tablet at a great price: Also, check out Immortal Technique one of the realest rappers in the game. There is deep thought in his tracks. Dude elevates the art of rap.

  23. 1) The Nexus 7 deal of course.

    2) Ritual Union by Little Dragon. Had never heard of the band or the song until it was the free song of the day in the Play Store. The Tensnake Remix version is even better.

  24. Head to Amazon for a SanDisk 240 GB SSD for $159.99:

    Music: “Just One” – Blind Pilot

  25. 1) Everyone likes tv with free shipping

    2)new deftones album is running regular for me


    Samsung Smart TV 46″ for $800. I’d buy that if I were $800 richer right now, but I have loans to pay in 7 days so I’ll pass for now. current jam is the boys by SNSD and i am the best by 2NE1. gots to love pop.

  27. I got this Seagate 750GB External hard drive at Target for under $40 (reg $6). It’s not a HUGE discount, but it’s a lot of Hard Drive for a little money.

    And for number 2, I would like to say Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. They are getting more popular, I have started hearing them on the Radio, but It’s a different song of theirs that’s always on the radio.


    Lots of accessories for phans like us. Song: / artist: I’m loving “let’s Go” by Matt and Kim off of their “Lightning” album. listening to them a lot.

  29. TigerDirect has Halo 4 for $40. I can’t get it since I don’t have an Xbox 360, but I’m sure people will want to give it as a gift.

    Go listen to the To The Moon soundtrack. It’s awesome.

  30. On daily steals theres a 5,000 mAH powerpack for $15 with two usb ports
    The entire new album by Lupe Fiasco, but mainly Battle Scars is playing on repeat for me.

  31. Cnet has an awesome Black Friday deal on Audyssey Wireless Speakers at$199/ with a promo code. Handy indeed.

    As for music, I have been looping in ‘One More Night’ by Maroon 5.

  32. has lots of good prices on movies.

    As far as music, check out Marc Broussard.

  33. Sennheiser CX150 Earbud Noise Attenuation Earbuds $14.95
    today only

    Flogging Molly

  34. Newegg has a great number of holiday deals for home theater options here:

    I’ve also been enjoying the new album by The Killers: Battle Born

  35. – all black Friday and cyber Monday deals on amazon link through here.
    Check out “Fortress” by Pinback!

  36. Music: Emerald Sword – Rhapsody of Fire

  37. #1 – – Good deals on tablets and pretty much anything Samsung! TV’s, phones, etc, gotta love their products!

    #2 – This isn’t so much a new song, but it’s one song that I have on repeat at the moment. Acceptance – So Contagious

  38. Link to a good deal on a cool product that I personally love:

    That will probably reflect normal price after this weekend though, FYI.

    Also, Foo Fighters, FTW.

  39. 1) If you’re a costco member you may enjoy their deals. Wicked deals on USB 2.0 thumb drive.

    2) Also, if you like Indie Folk, you seriously need to listen to The Lumineers.

  40. for any Canadians out there. Not a bad deal on a Samsung tab 2, not to mention a good selection of budget ram and memory cards. As for music? Scrillex.

  41. Nearly missed this: Quite boss.

    2) Lunasa is always in pretty heavy rotation for me, so I’d go with that. Can’t beat Irish music with jazz/rock undertones.

  42. Check out this Carbot Micro RC car using your Android phone from Brookstone. Currently, if you buy two you save $10 ($25 each):

    Check out Mumford & Sons. I like the song ‘I Will Wait’:

  43. 1)

    If only this would work with the sonos app…

    2)Regina Carter – Reverse Thread album is unforgetable

  44. 1.)It looks like blueant is having a sale on quite a bit of the stuff.

    2.)I’ve recently been listening to all of celldweller’s songs almost nonstop. This is one of his songs, which has been used, and is still being used quite a bit for movie ads and stuff.

    If you’re not into that kind of sounds, check out one of his other songs, “blackstar”, it’s a lot easier on the ears

  45. 1.)It looks like blueant is having a sale on quite a bit of the stuff.

    2.)I’ve recently been listening to all of celldweller’s songs almost nonstop. This is one of his songs, which has been used, and is still being used quite a bit for movie ads and stuff.

    If you’re not into that kind of sounds, check out one of his other songs, “blackstar”, it’s a lot easier on the ears

  46. 1) Klipsch Image X10 Headphones for $85 today only:

    2) MC Frontalot – the nerdcore rapper extraordinaire. Not new by any stretch and not the first name in the genre, but I’ve enjoyed coming back to his material.

  47. 1) for $229 Nexus 7 w/ 32GB

    2) Listening to songs from Nina Sky

  48. 1) For anybody wanting to make great music to put on their Sonos (which absolutely ROCKS, by the way) Guitar Center has 15% going on today: Use code BLWK15 at Guitar Center, or go to:

    2) Alcest – Les Voyages de L’ame: You can hear a sample of this awesome CD right here:

    1. 1. Amazon has 35% off of Jambox bluetooth speakers by Jawbone (I actually bought one myself):

      2. Any album by Dwele.

  49. 1)MicroSD cards for all those new phones!

    2) The Postal Service – Only because I keep hearing that Owl City guy that sounds so much like the Postal Service.

  50. SGP Store – 30% off CyberMonday. Hands down my favorite SP’s and some nice cases too.

    Been jamming some Cage the Elephant lately, some good tunes.

  51. Sony seems to have a few deals going right now, , though most seem to end at midnight tonight. As for an artist, just as a coworker of mine and he’ll tell you I have been listening to different albums from Yui, a J-pop/pop rock artist, since like start of the summer.

  52. Decent headphones from V-Moda for $75.

    Really been enjoying Salton Sea by Tomas Barfod.

  53. 2TB Seagate Backup Plus Desktop External Hard drive for only $79.99 + free shipping

    Guster – Fa Fa

  54. Awesome monitors at great prices during Cyber Monday! She Wolf – David Guetta

  55. 1)… $400 off a 46inch TV

    2) Jason Aldean’s new album Night Train

  56. 1) – I know most of us would prefer a Nexus 7 but the Kindle at $129 is a phenomenal gift!
    2) Any Jamey Johnson song is great but one of the ones on heavy repeat right now is Can’t Cash My Checks. He sings really country music and has an amazing voice!

  57. 1.
    2. Les Friction – very cool symphonic rock with members of the former E.S. Posthumus

  58. 1)

    2) Hey Pretty Girl – Kip Moore

  59. 01.) HEROES: Season One [Blu-Ray] for $8.99!!
    02.) David Choi & Clara C, I stumbled on one of his YouTube video’s thanks to a Type-o and absolutely love both of their individual and duet video’s. So does my 6.5 year old. She has que’d it up on our Google TV for the past month! ; ]

  60. 1) Go outside:
    2) Fair to Midland – Dance of the Manitees

  61. 1. – dSLR Canon Camera
    2. The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

  62. 1. (so you can protect all the shiny new gear you’re going to be hopefully receiving)

    2. The Broken by Stars in Stereo (or if you can find it they do a ridiculous cover of NIN’s Closer)

  63. 1) has a $100 gift card with new phones with contract (for AT&T at least, not sure about others). Also the AT&T Note II is $250 with new/renewed contract, so the effective price is $150 (plus activation, etc)

    2) The blind Malian duo Amadou & Mariam :)

  64. Great Deal: Nook Color 16GB – $99 –
    Gotta Hear Artist – Johnny A

  65. 1) Found this under neweggs cyber Monday deals, seems like I could always use another microSD card somewhere.

    2) And now that Thanksgiving is past I can listen to Christmas music, been enjoying Lady Antebellum’s new one “On this winters night”

  66. 1) Everyone needs more battery life.
    2) It’s hardly obscure, but I’ve got Mumford and Sons on constantly at the moment.

  67. 1. Some deep discounts on refurb Dell and Alienware.

    2. All songs by Amon Amarth

  68. The Wii U: this year’s Cabbage Patch Kid?

    My son loves Of Monsters and Men so we’ve been listening to them quite a bit:

  69. 1)
    2) Alice’s Restaurant (it’s a tradition)

  70. 1) Kindle Fire for $129
    Today only, Kindle Fire is available for only $129($30 off). Enter promotional code FIREDEAL at checkout.

    2) Alex Clare – The Lateness of the Hour Album

  71. 24 Hours = 24 deals

    Primus – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver

  72. 1) Better deal on sonos on amazon – buy sonos 3 or 5; get $100 cash back; buy the bridge for $49—One-Integrated/dp/B003CP0FUU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353953521&sr=8-1&keywords=sonos

    2) Dido – love her stuff

  73. 1)
    A good price on a wii if you don’t have one yet.

    2)Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

  74. 1)

    Some great earbuds, with an excellent bang for your buck! It improves your experience while commuting, walking or biking while I listen to podcasts, music and TTS enabled Pocket. And if you’re here it’s because you like spoiling your ears.

    2) SBTRKT, I’m addicted to Never Never, Hold On, Trials of the Past, Wildfire, Something Goes Right. Basically the whole album! Check it out.

  75. 1)

    2) Really liking The Rogues and The Elders right now. Celtic rock.

  76. I’m out of my food coma:

    1) Great gaming PC offers

    2)Don’t You Worry Child- Swedish House Mafia

  77. I really enjoy this brother and sister duo from Mexico named Rodrigo y Gabriela. Here’s a Spotify link

  78. 1) Amazon is having “Cyber Monday” deals all week!

    2) “The Touch” By Van Halen….Yeah, it’s a cheesy song from the 1985 Animated Transformer movie, but I’ve been looping it a LOT lately. See, I was hurt bad in a wreck, put on a lot of weight, told I would walk with a cane the rest of my life…. I’ve dropped 150+ lbs, been doing a daily Boot Camp workout (I do have to modify some exercises), I haven’t used the cane in over a year, and I’ve shaved 5 min off my mile run time in 6 months. So, listen to the words of the song. My Trainer pointed it out to me that it could be about my story!!!

  79. 1)
    2) grace potter & the nocturnals

    enjoy both… thx Phandroid and Sonos!

  80. Free shipping for cyber monday

    Listen to anything by “math the band” I’ve been listening to there cover album lately.

  81. Everyone should have swiftkey and its on sale today

    Jack White – Love Interruption

  82. 1) ….Even comes with a free copy of Assassin’s Creed III

    2) The Heavy – Short Change Hero that is really in rotation at least for me thanks Borderlands 2…

  83. 1)

    2)Tenacious D – Hard F***ing <- really get a kick out of this when it shows up on my car stereo as last listened to.

  84. (1) Asus machine for $749.

    (2) I’m loving Tame Impala and you might too.

  85. 1) I know I may be a bit late but this is a good deal:

    2) Pink Martini — Brazil

  86. 1) Sennheiser CX150 Earbud Noise Attenuation Earbuds

    2)Flogging Molly – Currently speed of darkness but really they are just awesome

  87. 1)
    For all those new TV’s people are buying.

    2) Afrojack – Been downloading all his free sets on EDMTunes


    Why not get an Android tablet!

    And listen to All That Remains latest album!

  89. 1) has video games, technology & music on sale :)
    2) Will.I.Am ft. Britney Spears – Scream & Shout

  90. 1.)

    2.) Fire Fire by Flyleaf. New album New Horizon is pretty good as well.

  91. 1) (40″ LED tv at a shade over $400)

    2)The Lumineers self-titled album (check “Big Parade”)

  92. I have the Play 5 and the connect amp. Love them both.
    1. If you’re getting Sonos, you can get the bridge for free right now:
    2. Modern American Roots: M. Ward –

  93. 1) Kindle Fire on Amazon for $129 using FIREDEAL coupon code

    2)Skrillex remix of Levels by Avici on the Forza Horizon soundtrack

  94. 1.|A3-_-Spcl_Value|BF_SV_BH_Compressor_Buy

    2.O Holy night

    Sonos rules….

  95. Thanks for another great contest, fellas!

    If you want a budget priced tv for your bedroom or den, this is a40″ Sammy that, for a non high end set, has a fantastic display.

    You can get the smart version for $100 or $150 more.

    As for a song I have in heavy rotation right now…who liked the movie The Transporter (the first one)? This song is from that movie and I can’t stop listening to it…. Fighting Man by DJ Pone. Not normally my cup of tea, but I can’t stop myself!

  96. 1)

    I tend to leave my lights on…

    2) Beneath the Sheets

    Give them a listen, they are on Spotify

  97. 1) Best site to one-stop shop all the great deals:
    2) How to Destroy Angels latest release “An Omen” is on repeat!

  98. 1) Microsoft Office 2010 for $89.99

    2) PSY – Gangnam Style

  99. I want one of these. A friend had it an it looks like a super cool system.

  100. This Rosewill dual band router is a great deal!

    And if you like indie poprock you should check out the band “Now, Now”

  101. 1.)
    2.) The Acroos the Universe soundtrack. A bunch of well done covers of Beatles songs.

  102. 1)

    Cyber Monday Deal… Buy anything, get 125 pack of BuckyBalls or Bucky Cubes free!

    2) Since it’s Christmas, Trans-Siberian Orchestra is playing all the time…

  103. Amazon has VMWare Fusion on sale for $30. It’s a must-have for Mac users in a windows world:

    I’m really liking Brandi Carlile::Save Part of Yourself

  104. keeping in the spirit of great sound this great home theater in a box is a steal for anyone breaking into the surround sound scene I have owned this for a little over a year and for the price and capabilities there is no better alternative. a song that has been stuck in my rotation is New York State of Mind by Billy Joel. great artist great song.

  105. 1.If your like me and your Hard Drive just isn’t cutting it, then check out this SSD on Amazon
    2. Right now I have my Christmas playlist on repeat (Burl Ives, Frank Sinatra, you know where I’m heading)

    Would be nice to have this for Christmas, my house really lacks a good sound system

  106. 1) – Don’t forget the furry beasties when shopping today!

    2) Chill at work to some deadmau5, currently listening to “The Veldt”

  107. Getting the kindle fire for my mother-in-law so she doesn’t feel as left out.

    Four Year Strong – Unbreakable is an amazing song! Can’t wait to hear it on the sonos3

  108. 1)
    Any Android-tweaking fan could also be a beer tweaking fan, so here’s a great deal if you do homebrewing and are looking to lager your beer. Get a little more crafty with the temperature control, and you can probably run it or monitor it from your Android phone!

    2) Steeldrivers. Good bluegrass making me think of home this holiday season.

  109. Made In Oregon has a great sale for cool, unique gifts from Oregon vendors:
    Caravan Palace is a unique group with cool sounds.

  110. 1),default,sc.html Hate them or love them, they suck.

    2) The Killers / Runaways

  111. Sweet setup. Perfect for blasting MFDoom throughout the home.

  112. This setup is awesome. Perfect for blasting MFDoom throughout the home. Check out this deal from Amazon snd grab yourself a TV…


    You can always use a lamp.

    I dont know why I’ve been listening to Yngwie Malmsteen’s Rising Force, I Am a Viking

  114. Craftsman
    192 pc. Mechanics Tool Set with Trifold Case

    Ane Brun – One
    on the album It All Starts With One

  115. I don’t think I’ve been as excited about a product since the advent of tablets. Sonos has been around, but I’ve just now experienced the system at a friend’s house. So now, as I listen at home to my most recent audio addiction – Blackbird Blackbird’s “Happy with You”, I can’t help but feel cheated that I have sound in only one room and have to keep going back to my stereo to control my tunes. With Sonos, I could have sound throughout my house while controlling it from anywhere in the house – from my phone.


    To bring me back to the future, I’m considering this cyber-monday deal:

  116. bazinga !!!!!!

  117. 1) is an excellent 1080p television and for that price, how can you resist?

    2) I’ve been listening to the new Mumford And Sons album Babel. I know it’s not for everybody but hey, I like it :P

  118. 1) Plush Droid
    2) Still hooked on ZBB:Uncaged

  119. 1) 50% off O’Reilly books

    2)Kishi Bashi – Check him out

  120. In case someone doesn’t have enough android devices lying around their house, I found a great price in the Nook Color refurbished

    My current jamming song is one I downloaded for free from a Samsung mall display; Some Nights by Fun!

  121. Roku Streamer and $5 Amazon credit,

    My heavy playlist lately includes “The Reckoning” by Needtobreathe and “Science of Flight” by Dirty River Boys.

  122. 1) – Samsung 840 Series 250GB 2.5 inch SATA Solid State Drive – £119.99

    2) Our Velocity – Maximo Park. Went to see these guys recently in Birmingham, such a good live act!

  123. Of course the Play Store deal for the weekend :)

    The artist I like not only recently but in general are several but one group I can suggest is:

    Shiva in Exile: interesting combination of ethnic tunes, goes well with some rpg’s

  124. I thought that Newegg’s free after rebate Kaspersky anti-virus was a good deal:

    Oh, and the Of Monsters and Men CD is really, really good.


    nice SSD w/ great performance.

    I am loving Muse’s latest album ‘the 2nd law’ and most of the songs but my fav is ‘survival’ & ‘the 2nd law: isolated system’

  126. A little extra juice:

    Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

  127. 1) Darned cheap for a Fire! –

    I doubt many share my taste in music but here goes :P

    2) Zach Brown band, all time favorite song from them: Knee Deep

  128. 1) Great discount on TiVo’s
    2) Alex Clare “The lateness of the hour” (yes, the guy who sings the Internet Explorer commercial song)

  129. Dying to win one of these! As a totally different idea, I just got a SodaStream maching and love it! You can get it at here

    I’ve been playing Radiohead non-stop on my GS3 – love them!

  130. 1.PS3 Ultimate Value Bundle Includes:
    Ultimate Playstation 3 250GB Value Bundle
    Choice of Value Game. for $219

    2.Nicki Minaj-Freedom

  131. 1.
    2. Psy – Gangnam Style…. yiiiihaaa

  132. TV from Best Buy

    Kenny Rogers & The First Edition – Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)

  133. 50%off Internet security including security for Android so if you think security for your phone or tablet is needed but too expensive today might be the day

    I’m listening to Cliff Hedley a fantastic singer/songwriter out of New Zealand, love the Indi stuff.


    Amazon Kindle Fire for $129 today (Monday) only! Promo Code -> FIREDEAL

    Not a new release, but check out “You Wanna Freak Out” by My Morning Jacket….

  135. 1. – Incredible game at double the price I bought it for a week ago :P

    2. Kid Cudi – Up Up and Away – Found this on an old mix-tape (yea, a mix-tape). Always great to rediscover old favorites.

  136. A very good friend of mine has this in his home. I’ve been impressed & love visiting their home for long weekends because this system allows us to congregate around the kitchen & back patio with great music.

  137. Still one of the, if not, the hottest phone out this year until it’s successor arrives sometime next year, the SGS III is at an all time low, Price wise of course! …And since my Stereo some how vanished from my dads storage, this would come in handy big time. I can now give my favorite band Flyleaf justice with this :). If you haven’t checked out Flylef, then you might want to. Their new album New Horizon released earlier this month. Amazing.

  138. Here are a couple of cool things!

    Love on Top – Beyonce: Can’t listen to it enough!

  139. 1: – This would be a nice point and shoot camera for somebody’s stocking.

    2: Sigh no More- Mumford and Sons

    I know M&S just released a new album a little bit ago, but I still love this one.

  140. 1. 128GB SSD for 149.99, down from 189.99. With promo code CYBERMNDY55 you get an additional $10 off. It also includes Assassins Creed 3 for free! A $50 value.

    2. Isosine – The xx, Kanye West, Pendulum, Metric, Eminem – Intro (No Power)

    Free download of the album

  141. 1.
    2. Infected mushroom – Converting vegitarians

  142. I hope this one counts because its one link to a bunch of really good deals but my favorite one is, I bought these headphones over a year ago and they are still working fine. They have great sound quality and i actually bought an extra pair because i couldn’t pass up the price! Now i have an extra pair in case of an emergency if i lose it. They are durable and foldable to fit in your pocket and have great sound for a bluetooth headphone. Oh yeah, and did i mention, you can also answer calls, toggle, through music, it has volume controls all on the right ear peace so you don’t have to keep bringing your phone out? They are awesome!

    My favorite artist to listen to is Timber, Timbre when i’m relaxing on the train. But for working out, i put on Tomas Barfod! His album The Salton Sea is really awesome to workout too! Listen to the song “Came to Party” and you will see what i mean. If you want a Timber Timbre song recommendation, i would suggest the songs “Black Water & Demon Host”.


  143. (1)


    Great speakers at a great price

    Also I’ve been listening to crystal ponies by evening star quite frequently lately

  145. this is an amazing deal. If I didn’t have a galaxy s III I would buy this for the great combined value. Check out Myles Kennedy and Slash-Anastasia

  146. For those looking for some really nice headphones:
    and I’m listening to DragonForce’s Cry Thunder

  147. 1.

    32 inch TV from tiger direct, not bad.

    2. Childish Gambino Camp, nerdy raps are the funniest and the music is really good too.

  148. Kindle Fire is $30 off today only!

    If you haven’t heard this Christmas music you are missing out: Robert Whitesides Woo!

  149. Verizon has several phones on Cyber Monday:

    As far as artist: I’ve recently discovered Aaron Lewis (of Staind) has been doing country. I’ve been playing it nearly non-stop.

  150. some awesome flashlights! Project 86: wait for the siren is getting serious playtime.

  151. I cant afford it. perhaps some of you could take advantage.

  152. 1.,default,sc.html

    -For anyone into sports great deal on ncaa sweatshirts and pants

    2. Wiz Khalifa- his mixtape cabin fever 2- or more specifically his track deep sleep, cant stop listening to it or getting it out of my head.

  153. Yes please.

  154. 1.,default,pd.htm
    Go here to get the Studio Beats Audio Headphones. I have had my set since last Christmas, couldn’t have asked for a better sounding pair of headphones. They have 10% off for Cyber Monday.

    2. Love Zac Brown Band. Their new song “the Wind” is my favorite song right now. Plus, it has an awesome video. Check it out on YouTube.

  155. 1) XBOX Borderlands 2 for 50% off:

    2) Silversun Pickups is huge on my playlist!

  156. Great Headphones.

    And I’m listening to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

  157. been looking for a new all-around camera –Nikon COOLPIX P510 Digital Camera – 16 MegaPixels, 1/2.3″ CMOS
    Sensor, 3″ LCD, 42x Optical, 2x Digital, SD Card Slot, Built-in GPS,
    90MB Internal, HDMI, USB, Red
    Cher’s Woman’s World is playing a lot on my tablet!

  158. Nexus 7 deal. Listening to TV on the Radio. That would sound great!

  159. 1. Not a GTV, but this LED has a Chrome browser built in. Comes with 6 pairs of glasses too…

    2. Old Modest Mouse – The Moon and Antarctica to be specific. That album is soooo good!

  160. 1.

    Skullcandy earbuds…..something inexpensive for the nieces/nephews.
    2. The latest from POD / Murdered Love POD has gone back to their roots with some hard rockin music that, well…! Check it out!

  161. This was a really good deal… And I missed out(sold out woot)
    I’ll be kicking myself later.

    I have been rocking out to Two Door Cinema Club, their new album is awesome!

  162. Tiger Direct has a bunch of headphones on sale for CM that can be used to rock out with music from your phone!

    Song: Boing Clash Boom by Dada Life

  163. 1.
    20 to 50% off I bought the ZAGGsparq 6000

    2. Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas is you.

  164. 1. – $10 for a N router! Linksys too!

    2. Josh Baze – She’s Gold – This guys comin up for sure!

  165. Almost missed it :-) …
    1) hot sauce deals: $10 off $50+ order (use code: BL4); $25 off $100+ order (code: HX4). Got another gallon jug of habanero myself
    2) Been listening to more downtempo stuff lately and have my old fav “Morcheeba” on heavy rotation. Skye has a great voice. Check ’em out:

  166. If I don’t win one here, may have to jump on this Sonos deal….

    Music wise – For the Movies by Buckcherry……not new, but it’s a fav.

  167. 1. A $50 unlocked HTC One phone. Not the X or X+, but still, that’s pretty nuts.

    2. I’ve been listening to a lot of Savatage, which is the 80s and 90s metal band that would become Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

  168. im gonna go diff and go clothing go to very awesome clothes. and also a band everyone would love is boy hits car very awesome band and music

  169. has some good cyber Monday sales. I’m always ready to listen to some Jimmy Buffet. I realize he’s not new but he’s always good.

  170. Deal on Kindle Accessories.

    And for my artist, Rob Dougan, Furious Angels album. One of the best albums you’ve never heard of.

  171. 1. $100 credit with purchase of sonos play:3 or play:5

    2. Probably not new, but recently I recently found Mirage (Alex Popov Remix) by Armin van Burren.

  172. This is a great deal on Meritline,com for Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad

    for those having Google Tv. Also usable with Tablets, Have look at this deal.

    Also look out for this Album 21 by Adele…


    Sweet deal for a big ass TV

    and I have been reliving my high school days by listening to “The Impossibles”

  174. 1. – A great deal on a Playstation Vita Call of Duty bundle for $200

    2. Dj CUTMAN – WiiU Grooves – An awesome remix album of the WiiU menu music. Very relaxing and ambient. Great for listening to at work!

  175. Just bought one of these to take with me in my care after my car stereo was stolen and it has some amazing sound Currently listening to It’s Only Rock and Roll by the Rolling Stones that I got for free off the play store.

  176. 1. Dell XPS 8500:

    2. I would listen to Carousels by Beirut. Amazing tune from a fantastic band.

  177. 1) – for the porn

    2) Sam Tsui

  178. I know my Phandroid friends will enjoy this wireless/wifi scale! Why not? We shall automate everything in our homes!

    As for music, please listen to the the Dethalbum III by Dethklok…specifically the track Crush the Industry.


    everybody needs a good priced Samsung!

    listening to Avenged Sevenfold- Nightmare! great song, great album!

  180. 1. – good deal on the stocking stuffer I’m looking for, Able Planet noise cancelling headphones for about $60.

    2. Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe – this is one of my favorites and currently running a Pandora playlist selection, great classic from a true master.

    Coffee and a gift card

    MfXant get enough of Dry the River!

  182. Awesome deal on Pentax tele lens:

    Song on rotation is “Why we Fight” by the Decemberists.

  183. Zagg Invisible Shields 50% off free shipping if you more than $30.


  184. 1. — Handy to mod any gadget.

    2. Kid Rock-Lets Ride from Rebel Soul


    Check out Boyce Avenue, pretty much bought their entire music collection.

  186. 1. HP Elite L2201x 21.5-inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor for 79.99 w/ free shipping

    2. Check out Calvin Harris – Born in the 80s

  187. 1. – Free Wireless Mouse…after rebate…but Free!!!

    2. Canon – I search out Christian Hip-Hop (that doesn’t always have to “sound” christian) and he delivers.

  188. – A great external hard drive with network capabilities AND through root apps can be used for Nexus storage!

    Passion Pit would have to be my favorite as of late. The unique style of music is something I didn’t even know existed, but I love it.

  189. Looking for a Samsung Chromebook? As of right now, the 3G version is still in stock at Staples:

    Looking for a free hip hop mixtape? Try “10 Day” by Chance The Rapper.

    Both deals are hard to beat.

  190. 1) Free Beer Brewing Starter Kit w/purchase

    2) Hanuman by Rodrigo y Gabriela (listen and you’ll see why)

  191. The Sonos 3 is amazing! I used to sell it but I could never afford to buy one for myself! It’d be awesome to win!

  192. Asus Tablet for $278

    Michael Kiwanuka-UK soul artist

  193. 1. – Who doesn’t like tools?

    2. Devildriver – Before the Hangman’s Noose – Great for listening to, while picking things up and putting them down

  194. 1. What? I have a 3 month old. I need diapers and lots of them.

    2. Tool – 10,000 Days. That whole album is gold. Oh and I have the Rockabye baby version of Tool too for my little man.

  195. I think everyone would agree this watch is amazing….
    On top of that, I have listened to Kendrick Lamar a lot, I got his CD on Google Play for their cyber sale. You should all check him out, he rocks!

  196. I found a decent deal on this Samsung Galaxy S III Spare Battery charger and stand.
    – Free shipping as well.
    Current rotation consist’s of the Stones, and J-Zone!

  197. 1 –

    2 – Absofacto! A good indie “band” or something, I really love most of the songs they have!


    Also, check out The Dan Band. They were featured in the movie “Old School”, and are a heck of a lot of fun.

  199. great new/big phone

    Roger Waters Radio K.A.O.S. yeah its old but so am I.

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