CyanogenMod music app Apollo now in the Play Store


Anyone familiar with the latest version of CyanogenMod knows about Apollo. It’s a music app created by developer Andrew Neal, and while it enjoyed a brief period of time being available exclusively to CyanogenMod 9 and 10 users he wants everyone to be able to enjoy the Holo-themed music player. That’s why you can find it in the Play Store starting today, and we couldn’t be any more happy about that.

Apollo’s list of features is chock full of goodness with things like home screen playlist shortcuts, themes, notification controls, lock screen widgets for devices on Jelly Bean 4.2 or higher, four different home screen widgets, gapless playback, lyrics, a wide range of audio formats and a ton more.

More will be coming down the line, including a tablet UI, Last.FM scrobbling, automatic artist and album info, the ability to specify your own folders for the player to look for media in and more. Users can get a free version, but that comes with ads and we’re sure you lot aren’t too crazy about that. Apollo+, a $.99 upgrade, removes those ads and also brings you updates quicker than the free version so you can get in on all the great new feature before those who’d rather not pay.

From my short time with the media player I can say that this isn’t the end all, be all music experience to have across any platform, but you can do a whole lot worse and it’s worth a download to see this beautiful app in action. Find the free version in the Play Store here, and be sure to find Apollo+ here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. so, does this mean it’s not going to be included in the rom anymore?

  2. I almost always uninstall this app every time I flash a cm10 ROM.

  3. Not that its a knock on the CM team, but as long as Google Music player is the only player that can integrate with Google Music, well, I’m sticking with Google’s version.

    1. I’m sure they’ll work to add Google Music support if Google ever allows the proper APIs. There are ways to hack around the limitations but the CM team tends to hate that.

      1. I’m starting to think that a good API is just a pipe dream for Google Music and G+.

      2. I bought one album off Google play. considering I have yet to find a music player I like more than Samsung’s stock music player I refuse to buy from Google. The album I bought won’t play on any other music play which is retarded. Google did screw up there. I buy from Amazon mp3 app. Good prices and they work with other music players.

        1. You know you can download stuff you buy on the Play Store, right? DRM-free. DL it and load it on your phone like you would any Amazon mp3.

    2. Yea i have no desire to use this app over Google Music. I always Disable the app in CM9/10 installs.

      My only complaints about Music are the ugly gold icon, and its complete inability to work with cover art downloader apps therefore not having cover art on most tracks where as I had 100% of cover art in CM 7.2.

  4. Ads? What ads?

  5. just what I was looking for coming from my epic 4g original since I had cm9 on it.

  6. For some reason on my current NIGHTLY it won’t open – just fc as soon as I try. I don’t mind tho as I have been using Realplayer recently after having AOKP installed for the last 6months. However I would like to get it up and running.

  7. Ok so who else will admit they thought the thumbnail said Illuminati Music

  8. If you’re interested in this, Hive Player is very similar and has tablet support, also has a scrollable widget much like this player

  9. has it been pulled from the store ? I can’t find it…

  10. Can it display embedded lyrics? Specifically ID3 type (used by iTunes)

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