Samsung Galaxy Camera now available from AT&T


It’s not a smartphone, but it runs Android 4.1 and can now be purchased from AT&T. Photographers looking for a bit more functionality in their next camera can pick up the Samsung Galaxy Camera for $499. The mobile-enabled smart camera can be paired with an optional data plan, allowing users to instantly share their latest shots with the world.

The Galaxy Camera sports a 16MP backside-illuminated sensor and 21x optical zoom with the ability to capture both stills and HD video. A quad-core Exynos CPU powers the device while a 4.8-inch Super Clear LCD touchscreen provides the window into the camera’s Android interface.

While it isn’t the first Android-powered camera we have seen on the market, the options that have come prior have lacked some of the polish we see with Samsung’s offering. But the company is making the proposition that users will want a secondary Android device within the same size range as a smartphone but lacking the ability to place calls (though with a data plan, you could technically do so using a VoIP service).

For many the camera already included in their current smartphone will suffice, but do you number yourself among those that simply needs more megapixels? Head on over to AndroidForums and join the discussion now.

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  1. For $499 I rather buy a “real” camera.

    1. Ya I agree. I’m not buying this phone unless it haz a front and back facing camera..

      1. lolwut?

  2. Not going to happen. If I need to take a quick picture that I absolutely need to share to Facebook, I’ll use my phone. If I need a bulkier stand alone camera, I am going to spend a couple more hundred and get a DSLR and get MUCH higher quality images. Megapixels don’t mean crap!

  3. I’d snatch this thing up in a heartbeat, I want one without a sim slot. I would never use that and if they took it out and it was even just a little cheaper it would be a done dealio for me. I’ve been wanting a camera like this for a long time. Perhaps the next generation

  4. $500 for a point an shoot camera? Not going to happen. Yes, it has a better lens and sensor that a typical camera phone, but it’s not that hard to get pictures off a point and shoot and upload them to make it worth the price difference of $300 or more.

  5. Yeah, it is quite cool, but it is rather expensive for what it is. Now if it could make calls and replace my phone, then I might be more interested.

  6. It kinda worked back in the day with the Sony Cybershot Camera/Phone. But @ $500, Im sure my old Nikon D40 is a better shooter at (now) 1/3 the cost.

    And since I am not a tween, I dont need to upload stuff the TwitSpaceBook right away! This phone has a very limited demographic

  7. If it had a phone, unlocked I would see a huge market for travelers as the one device to carry. At home I don’t take a lot of special photos, but many people carry their camera religiously when traveling but don’t need the same phone features.

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