Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 now available from T-Mobile


If you didn’t have much luck picking up the Nexus 4 direct from Google yesterday, you can now purchase the latest pure Google device from T-Mobile for $199. The phone is currently available online and in select stores and brings the same experience as the unlocked version, only it comes tied to a service agreement. That service agreement is something many were hoping to avoid by snagging the phone from the Play Store, but signing away two years to a carrier must sound pretty tempting right now to those not willing to wait a few extra weeks for Google’s stock to replenish.

The Android 4.2 flagship is joined by a Samsung tablet, but it’s not the Nexus 10. No, it’s T-Mobile’s branded version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, which is also available today for a price of $399. The Ice Cream Sandwich slate features a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU and 1280×800 resolution display, specs that don’t touch the Nexus 10, which is available off-contract for the same price. You might want to explore options before signing the dotted line for this one.

Planning to pick up either today? Join the conversation over at AndroidForums by visiting our Nexus 4 and Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 forums.


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  1. If the full non-contract price of most smartphones is in the $600+ range and they go for $199, why does this phone which retails at half the price go for the same $199…

    1. Because I’m guessing T-Mobile needs to make some profit.

    2. If you buy the N4 off contract through T-Mobile it’s $499. The price in the Play Store is subisdized by Google.

      1. See, I don’t know if subsidized is the correct term. Google definitely discounts it, but they are doing so in order to entice more people to get the pure Google experience in their hands. They aren’t doing it to get people to sign two year contracts, contracts that require the signer to spend more money.

        Further, the argument that Google may be losing money by selling it at a reduced price is false, unless it costs them $350+ per unit to buy them from LG.

        Face it, the Nexus program is unique. Tmo should be subsidizing them at about $100, and full retailing them at about the same price as the Play Store. Im sticking with my original opinion (it’s an opinion folks, just an opinion) that tmo is essentially scalping.

        1. i agree.

  2. N4 on T-mobile =irrelevant. G-Note II better in every way as is the S3

    1. That’s rather curious, then, considering I have a Note II and will also have a Nexus 4 later this week.

      Perhaps the pinnacle of Android’s benefit over iOS is the diverse hardware offering- and in that sense, it’s the reason I can also sit here and say the Note I and Nexus 4 are better in every way over the S3… for my needs.

    2. minus the updates, and the better processor, and graphics, and skin. But yeah they are better in every other way.

    3. How is the S3 better in every way? Pretty sure the S3 has touchwiz which is glitchy as hell, a slower processor, a lower pixel density on the display… not really seeing the comparisson? Also, G-Note isn’t for everyone, not really interested in a phablet.

      1. TouchWiz is light years ahead of stock android.

    4. G-Note 2 is utterly pointless for people that don’t want a tablet and want a phone.

      4.3″ is ideal, this N4 is a on the large size…

      After a year of waiting for a good LTE Nexus, this amounted to little more than a second rate phone on a second rate carrier.

      1. in real world use HSPA+ is just as fast as LTE. Maybe LTE can go faster but I’ve never seen it.

  3. tmobile’s version has 42mbit hspa+ antenna vs 21mbit unlocked from play store I believe.

    1. It has been confirmed that both have HSPA+42. They are the exact same phone.

      1. thanks thats great news omg that stinks for the nieve who will sign a contract for 2 bills.

        1. It makes sense if you compare to the $499 price, but certainly not worth it when you can get if from the Play Store (eventually) for $349.

        2. it’s doesn’t stink for someone who’s due for an upgrade and wants to take advantage of tmobile’s unlimited data plan while it lasts. That’s the case with me right now.

          1. isn’t there a difference in off contract rates vs contract, classic vs value?

          2. There might be, but i know that my one phone is due in December for an upgrade and instead of paying the $350 + for the N4, i can get it for $200 or so. I don’t see really any reasons why I should spend the extra money when i’m going to remain with tmobile for the next 2 years anyway.

          3. Because prepay is cheaper than post pay

          4. That may be true but I prefer to have something that binds both parties to their services and promises. I’m already getting unlimited data, can’t see prepay offering that for the next two years

    2. nope they are both 42 mbit hspa+

      1. thanks

    3. Incorrect. The Nexus 4 has a HSPA+42 antenna in it, only T Mobiles network can make use of it.

  4. Uh, no.

  5. Stupid question I’m sure, but I would rather be completely informed… I’ve been with T-mobile since VoiceStream. Chances are above average that I’m not leaving them anytime soon. Over the past 10+ years I’ve been on and off contract numerous times. Currently I have EXACTLY 1yr left on my current contract, (Enabled me to get the HTC Sensation at the time) and I want the Nexus like, RIGHT NOW. My only question is, factor in everything I just said, if I get the phone on my classic plan from Tmobile, does this phone in anyway differ from the phone I would get if I hold out for the Play Store? Meaning, is there any Tmobile branding whatsoever? Any carrier bloat, whatsoever? Any physical connection to Tmobile whatsoever? 6-10 months from now, I want a similar experience on the N4 as I had with my N7 last night, I want to be reading Phandroid at 1:00am, and get a notification that my update to 4.xx is ready to be installed. Not waiting for a damn thing from magenta. No offense to Tmobile, but I want my options open this time next year, but I’m willing to deal as it looks like the N4 will be my phone for the next 2 years.

    1. No difference between the 2. Not bloatware, no frills.

  6. Did anyone notice that the description of the Nexus 4 on T-Mobile’s web site mentions you can add 64GB of external storage using the micro SD card slot?

  7. It should be $49.99 on contract and same price as Google Play out right….I don’t have T-Mobile because I get almost no coverage at work but people who have good coverage should think twice about signing a contract for rip off pricing.

    1. Good tjings ain’t cheap.

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