Android Overload: Google says more Nexus 4’s will be available in the coming weeks, AOKP website compromised, and more


  • Vizio Co-Star receives over-the-wire update. Brings new Google Play Store and improved performance. [GTVSource]
  • Google Play Music arrives in parts of Europe. [VR-Zone]
  • Samsung Galaxy Axiom (SCH-R830) heading to US Cellular. [UnwiredView]
  • Google releases updated take-down requests and censorship data from around the world. [GigaOM]
  • New YouTube update allows for sending of videos directly to your Google TV. [GTVSource]
  • Intel and Qualcomm in talks to invest $378 million in debt-stricken Sharp. [Reuters]
  • AOKP website compromised. Usernames and password exposed. [Google+]
  • Google says Nexus 4 will be available “in the coming weeks.” [Google+]
  • Google Voice broken on Android 4.2. [Engadget]
  • Mexico and US sign pact to combat stolen phone trade. [Mashable]
  • Vuzix M100 smart glasses look to challenge Google Glass. Not so much on the price. [SlashGear]
  • Gmail coming soon to the PS Vita in upcoming firmware update. [GameFans]
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 to receive Galaxy Note 2’s multitasking window update. [TGSpot]
Chris Chavez
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End of the road for Motorola Xoom and Nexus S, wont officially receive Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update

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  1. There was meant to be a “match” services in the European launch of Google Music….. I can’t find this. Anyone know of it? (I have the ability to manually upload, but 10k+ songs will day me around 5 solid days!)

  2. So guys did google REALLY have a successful sell out launch ? or was it just one HUGE clusterf**k ? Also whose fault do we really think it was ? Maybe it was an underestimation of demand due to the price, or is it something to do with LG ? Did they get something wrong with the whole manufacturing side like a lack of parts or did they just sell bucketloads ?

    It seems LOTS of people never even got the ‘Notification email’ confirming stock availability perhaps they had so few devices to sell that they knew that this was coming so realised it would just generate more grief by sending them out. Incidentally I never got my email – just as well I’ll be getting mine most probably on Boxing day !

    1. any news on when more N10 32GB will be available?

  3. sometimes I feel like Google is trolling us, brings out this new hardware and only makes 20, sales earlier than announced then screws up the payment system, WTF.

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