Nexus 4 sells out within minutes of its UK release


Folks in the US cursing those in foreign lands already able to purchase the highly-anticipated Nexus 4 are a bit luckier than they think. While it sounds like a few more hours will pass before the latest Nexus handset goes on sale in the States (signs point towards 9AM PST), some will be waiting even longer in the UK. Though the device went on sale in that country during the wee hours of the morning, reports are saying it sold out within a matter of minutes.

Both the 8GB and 16GB Nexus 4 are once again unavailable for purchase, and you can add the 32GB Nexus 10 to the list of out-of-stock items as well. Google is only offering a non-response, stating that they will not remark on sales figures for the devices at this time.

The LG-made smartphone and tablet by Samsung were released without a pre-order period and will hit several more regions by the end of the day. While we were expecting the low-cost mobile options to be a hit, we must speculate as to whether shortages have more to do with a lack of supply than with an overwhelming demand. Still, if you live in a location where the devices will soon be available, you will want to act quickly lest you are left Nexus-less.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. SSSHHHHHHH I won’t get the phone because of all of you !!!

  2. wow… i guess it will be sold out as well here in the States as soon as it’s available! i want one!

    1. See, its all marketing… they tell u its sold out and u want it even more

      1. not me bro. If that’s the case i’m on to the next thing. Cause for one this was a horrible launch (one thing I can give apple) and two I will go sIII or optimus G despite skins and bloat.

        1. Optimus G is what I am waiting for also. Would have had a 16gb N4 but not now.

  3. Yeah, I was ready and waiting this morning. Had it in my cart not even a minute after the “add to cart” button started working and ended up not getting it because of a shocking checkout experience. It literally kept dropping out of the basket, and the one single time that I did get to any sort of payment screen, that bombed out too! What a totally pathetic experience.

    It wasn’t long before I saw this kind of crap happening (at the time that I found this, it said that there were 5 available, and at a rip off of a price): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Google-Nexus-4-by-LG-Unlocked-Quad-Core-2GB-Ram-Jelly-Bean-4-2-PRE-ORDER-/200845438074?pt=UK_Mobile_Phones&hash=item2ec3522c7a&_uhb=1

  4. Havemy doubts that it will have the same amount of people jumping on it in north america. Because of the lack of lte

    1. Not true, at&t and t-mobile HSPA+ speeds are totally worth it, and often times faster than LTE speeds

      1. no, he’s right, you shouldn’t buy it now. I’ll come back in a few hours and change my position (after I’ve purchased mine) and suggest that you buy it.

        honestly, I don’t think it will make a difference, it will sell out.

        1. -_- I see what you’re doing there samagon. I’m on to your tricks Mr!

    2. If google n lg makes lte version it will be more expensive. They want to keep at a fair price so everyone can afford it.

  5. i would like to play with this phone before having to buy it… i wonder when will TMO will have a display model to take a look at it. Does anyone know when?

  6. 8:12 AM is the “wee hours of the morning”? what time do you guys normally get up??

    1. 8:13 AM. What of it!?

  7. As far as I can tell there were only 8gb ones available and I do not want one with less memory than a fake Chinese import

    1. Are you making fun of my wife????

  8. Also how come all these eBay sellers already have the phone in retail packaging?

  9. I signed the ‘Notify Me’ email option at around 4am [UK] & never got a response. If this shortage IS due to a lack of supply and customers do walk away as a result then somebody needs their ass WUPPED !

    Its all good & well Google taking the bull [Networks // Carriers] by the horn in an attempt to give the customers a better deal and then not being able to supply the demand. That is just poor, very poor (& no I’m not bitter because I didn’t get my N4 as I’m not actually buying mine until Xmas)

  10. This is a major price breakthrough to get an unlocked phone with these kind of specs for under $400. And with all the younger crowd craving a new device every 6-12 months, there should be no surprise how fast it sold out in both UK and now US. However the price difference is not as much as you might expect. In the US, AT&T released HTCX+ today, pre-order. The non-contract price is $549. This is for a 64GB LTE phone. The 16GB Nexus is $349. A 32GB micro SD is about $25, so you still end up with only 48GB, and the price difference is now down to $175. Considerable though. So throw out price and it boils down to how giddy you are over getting vanilla Android Jelly Bean 4.2 or, 4.1 with Sense 4.5 (+) and LTE. For me I got the HTCX+ for $199 as my contract was up for renewal and I want LTE if I’m using locking myself into something for 18-24 months. If you are a penny pincher and are up for contract renewal, upgrade to an iPhone 5 for $299-$499, sell it on E-bay for $850-$1150 depending on what memory capacity, then buy an unlocked HTC with the profit. (Figure in 8% Ebay+PayPal fees though) The bigger picture here is that Google is really headed in a major positive direction with the NEXUS brand.

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