Wake-up call: Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 go on sale 12pm eastern in the United States


Wake up, wake up, it’s Christmas! Wait… no, that’s not right. It certainly feels like it though. It’s cold outside, my stomach is growling and the gift unwrapping ceremony (ie the launch of a certain crop of devices) is just hours away. I’m talking about the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, of course, and while our friends across the pond and down under have already sucked the Google Play Store well dry of its stock, us folks in the United States are still waiting on our chance to order one.

Google didn’t confirm what time the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 would be available before today’s date so we’ve been feverishly checking since late last night. Nothing ever came of our efforts, of course, but that’s because Google’s going for a 12pm eastern launch (which would be 9am for those of you in the pacific time zone).

You’ll still want to be back well before that time to prepare for the feeding frenzy that’s sure to go down because there’s no telling what’s going to happen when these go live. For starters, Google might very well release it a few minutes earlier than scheduled, and you certainly won’t want to be even a second late.

Secondly, if you know the crowd that typically gets excited for Nexus devices and everything Google, then you’ll know that they don’t play around. More than 5,000 tickets for Google I/O sold out in under half an hour, remember?

Consider the fact that those tickets cost some people almost $1,000, and if you factor in travel… well, let’s just say there’s a dedicated bunch that’s going to be looking for this thing. Judging by the UK and Australian sellouts so far we’d say you won’t have long to lollygag because the difference between getting your order in and coming up short could be one missed click, one wasted minute and one server overload error.

Get your credit cards ready — tape it to your display if you have to. Hell, you might even want to memorize it if you haven’t already. Set your autocomplete forms up so you won’t be snagged up by the dreaded shipping and billing information Google will inevitably ask for. Make sure your Google Wallet account has your card all set up and verify that you’ll be ready to purchase this thing once it goes live by trying it out on a cheap app.

You can never be too prepared for this sort of thing, so god speed and good luck to all those looking to add yet another Nexus device to their lives. Be sure to keep an eye out on the official Phandroid Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts for notifications of its arrival — we’ll be feeding you the links the moment it goes live. And don’t forget to check out the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 sections at AndroidForums.com for great and healthy conversation among enthusiasts like yourselves!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Nexus 4 sells out within minutes of its UK release

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  1. Its going to sell out at 12:00:35pm EST

    1. im fine with that as long as I get mine

      1. same.. 3-5 months left on my Rezound contract. No more HTC/Apple for me. After that I’ll see how N4 stacks up with the Sammy 4GS when that comes out around that time.

        1. Don’t expect the GS4 to come out any earlier than April/June. I don’t think Samsung would release it too much earlier than the previous model.

    2. Looks like google only made like ten thousand phones, no other explanation for these three second sell outs.

  2. Be as prepared as you like, but if the shopping cart experience we had in the UK (and seemingly Australia and the rest of Europe) are anything to go by, it’s not gonna do you any good.

    1. You have rickety old ass carts overseas.

      1. Aren’t they called “trolleys?”

  3. Here’s hoping all you fools are focused on the 16GB version to allow me enough time to snag my two 8GB versions!

    1. Lol, 8gb. Have fun buddy.

      1. Exactly. They’re for two users who don’t do much other than light web browsing and a little bit of flinging of birds. I’d have difficulty with 8GB for my own use over time, but for my wife and my mom, it’s more than sufficient.

        1. who needs a nexus 4 for that use ? 8gb version is still up, the other one is no longer available.

          1. WTF does it matter?

            Mine timed out on processing. No big deal; I’ll just go buy it at TMo tomorrow.

          2. Except you’ll be forking over $499, which is T-Mobile’s retail price…

          3. It’s more than that, frankly. I did some quick math in my head (my situation isn’t as cut-and-dry as the price of the phone), and I’m finding it doesn’t make sense to pay the TMo premium, even after considering the special circumstances of my situation.

            Edit: … aaaand, persistence pays. I happened to catch the Play Store showing a “Buy Now” button for the 8gb version. I was able to click through and process an order. Since it “sold out” after the first half hour or so, I’ve seen the button come back a few times- but clicks generally result in a shopping cart error.

          4. Enjoy paying $150 extra and/or paying $299 with a two year contract. I’ll be enjoying my unlocked phone on a bring your own device plan that offers 5GB of data, unlimited text and 100 minutes (there are workarounds for that ;)

          5. Reading is fundamental.

    2. Store errors out the ass. Good job, Google.

  4. What about Walmart,Gamestop and Staples…….

    1. What about them? Call and ask. Do some work for yourself.

  5. i’m totally going to be first.

    1. How’d that work out?

      1. Totally not first. Did manage to snag a n4 though.

  6. I think I will wait a while to get this for my sister – can’t stand going into busy shops

    1. Its online lol no busy shops. But the chance of you getting it gets lower by the minute hurry.

  7. So happy I stayed up last night -_-

  8. Just ordered on the east coast, 16 gb woooooo!

  9. Can’t believe so many people are interested in this crap. No LTE and no micro SD are enough for me to say “thanks, but no thanks”.

    1. 1. I’m fine with up to 21Mbps on T-Mobile without fancy LTE
      2. I’m fine with 8GB – all content is online (clouds -dropbox, Gdrive etc)
      3. Low price – there are no other devices for the same low price ($299)

    2. The Nexus 4 crap is awesome for me.! Anyways, 16 G would be pretty much enough ffor common users. Anyways, how much space have you utilized in your phone..!!
      Are you expecting a 1TB Laptop space that you can carry along??

      Just know the fact Google Nexus 4 is getting famous..!! ;)

  10. Sales are live! Just snagged mine!

  11. I’m constantly getting
    An error occurred while processing your purchase. Please try again later

    or empty cart ((

    1. it’s over (


  12. Love this article! Have fun in those long lines!

  13. I got mine! 2 minutes after my order confirmation it was sold out. Thank god! My HTC Sensation broke and I’ve been using an old school flip phone while I waited for this one to come out.

  14. The site since 12pm has still said notify me. I guess they sold out in less than 30 seconds.

  15. I managed to buy 3 (2-8gb/ 1-16gb) around 4 pm central.. just keep refreshing!!!!

  16. It was alot like having sex for the first time it was really exsiting I dident really know what I was doing and it was over way too fast…..glad i got my nexus….dident even know i got it till i checked my gmail and had a rescet in my in box…..!

  17. Got one 16gb with bumper case.

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