Notion Ink teases Adam II in first picture


Just when we thought the Notion Ink Adam II would quietly glide into the realm of vaporware, the company behind the sequel to one of the most promising early Android tablets is teasing us with a blurry look at the back of the device. The picture doesn’t reveal much more than the basic shape of the Adam II, which looks to avoid rounded lines in favor of a more square slate. At least we know it exists.

The original Adam was one of the most talked about Android tablets leading up to its release. Many thought it would set the bar for all slates to follow. What we actually got was a fairly buggy piece of hardware that felt more like a prototype than a finished product. We’ve been waiting quite some time to get a peek at the followup, but perhaps that’s a good thing. After the disappointing launch of the original, Notion Ink will want to iron out all the kins with the Adam II before releasing it to the public.

[via Engadget]

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  1. This tablet was a let down, I was one of the 1st like a couple of us to get this tablet and I sold it in about a month to get the xoom, now on teh asus transformer.

    1. I’m with you there. Their custom skin was nice looking but it failed in performance and lack of the play store made it a useless device. Once I got it on a stable AOSP ROM it was passable, but I sold it to a friend and bought a transformer once Honeycomb released.

  2. Only now they got around to Adam 2? It looks pretty thick from the picture.

  3. Adam I was a complete disaster with especially awful bright ambient light mode of its screen. What was the name of that technology I forgot? I also was happy to sell it quickly. My Nexus 7 is a pretty device.

  4. My Adam collects dust. Anyone who has any experience with this company, or has read the countless bad experiences of others, will not touch this tablet.

    1. I’m interested to see how the company improves on what was really just a terrible tablet. The second edition should learn from some of the mistakes, but do we really even want a completely custom tablet UI at this point?

      1. I had BeastROM on mine the day I got it. The Eden UI looked promising, but ended up being clunky and counter-intuitive. Once it was turned into a generic tablet, I didn’t really have much of a problem with the UI, and I had access to the Play store. I am very lucky I had no hardware issues with it, I have seen the horror stories of many others waiting several months for repair, wondering where their tablet was when the company stopped responding to them, etc.

        My next tablet will be a Nexus 7, or comparable 7″ slate. I found that the 10″ form factor was just too big, and not comfortable to hold for long periods. If I want a larger display, that is what my laptop is for.

    2. You should’ve expected it. In fact, I’m just surprised they actually produced something that you could buy.

  5. Keep in mind that we eventually got Duke Nukem Forever too, and look how THAT turned out.

    1. ROFL

  6. Notion Ink = same build quality as Archos.

  7. I for one, am waiting for Adam 2. I’ll never buy something which has constraints like inflexible/conformist environment (iOS), irreplaceable battery and fixed/limited storage.

    Adam 1 failed, yes. But remember, NotionInk had taken a completely different path. Not just for profits but for geeks and nerds and the non-mainstream. It looked more of an “experiment” to me and hence – the prototype. Bugs not withstanding, their SCM and Tech Support was literally non-existent.

    The good thing is – they’re still here! They’ve not folded up and run away. And they’re still kinetic. All reasons for me to look forward to their next release.

    Careful I am, wary I’m not.

  8. I’d like to see how many morons end up giving NI another chance. I say let them file for bankruptcy. A company so unethical, one would think their owner read the biographies of all the famous capitalists from the 19th century. In other words, your basic scum.

  9. It looks like it might have rounded corners I forsee a law suit :-P

  10. I get shudders just thinking about the first one. We’ll see how this goes.

  11. Very excited. Though I don’t intend to purchase the tablet, I’d like to see if they’ve learnt from their mistakes. If they have, I’d consider them for their next release whatever it is. Else, good bye forever. This is your last chance NI.

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