Samsung Captivate Glide gets Ice Cream Sandwich November 10th


AT&T today announced the forthcoming availability of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Captivate Glide. The upgrade will bring the usual enhancements which Ice Cream Sandwich is known for, as well as a few Samsung-specific things that you probably won’t see in other smartphones.

AT&T has mentioned the addition of a new browser with tabs, a new lock-screen experience that now allows you to unlock a device straight to the camera, text or phone apps (in addition to the usual homescreen option), face unlock, a new typeface for better readability and more.

The upgrade will be headed to the forefront of your device starting tomorrow, November 10th so you’ll have all weekend to play with it before work and school ruin all the fun.

Jelly Bean it is not, but I’d go for some custom ROMs for that because its arrival is looking a tad doubtful at this point. More details should go live here by this time tomorrow so be sure to reference that page if you find yourself not sure what to do.

[via AT&T Consumer Blog]

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  1. i forgot this phone existed

  2. I guess this fixes the bad ICS update from 2 months ago?

  3. “the usual enhancements which Ice Cream Sandwich is known for” – so the phone will become unusably slow and every application launch will be preceeded by a wait/force close/report dialog?

    1. Not sure where those issues present themselves but they’ve never been issues for me.

  4. GPS works again, Keyboard backlight works, and the phone app hasn’t crashed yet. Those were the top 3 issues my wife had with the previous ICS update. Oh, and the phone is still quite fast. I use a Samsung Stratosphere and would take the RAM/Tegra2 in a heartbeat.

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