Android Overload: Nexus 4 & Nexus 10 fall behind iPhone 5 & iPad in benchmarks, Qualcomm makes $4.87 billion in Q4, and more


  • Google homepage redesign rolling out. Clears some room for Google’s Knowledge graph. [Google]
  • Green Throttle wireless controller coming to Android from the creators of Guitar Hero. [DroidGamers]
  • OUYA Development Kits now available for pre-order for developers. Only $800. [OUYA]
  • Qualcomm reports 20% increase in profits for Q4. $4.87 billion in sales beats estimates. [BusinessWeek]
  • Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 fall behind Apple’s offerings in benchmark gauntlet. [Anandtech]
  • Motorola vs Microsoft: Court denies Google’s request for rehearing on Microsoft sales injunction. [Electronista]
  • T-Mobile converts 2G network to 4G in Washington DC, Baltimore, and Houston. Get those AT&T devices ready. [CNET]
  • Best Buy releases their Black Friday preview. A few Android tablets discounted. [BriefMobile]
  • eBay app for Android updated in the Play Store. Brings all new refreshed UI. [Play Store]
  • Google Shopper updated in the Play Store. Brings new UI and other goodies. [Play Store]
  • MiHome Launcher updated in the Play Store. Supports MiSpace, fixes bugs, and increases speed. [Play Store]
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  1. Interesting benchmarks… O.o

  2. Anandtechs benchmarking has always been very fishy and in favor of the fruit.

    And some benchmarks doesnt even make sense and cant be accurate.

    1. Beyond that, who cares if the iPhone is faster? We all know it can’t do half of what Android phones do, of course speed is never going to be an issue for them. My GNex is fast, that’s all that matters to me.

      1. Yeah nobody can really tell the difference between any of those phones.

    2. Often overlooked is the OS and of course how theapps are coded. A badly coded app can lead to inaccurate numbers and an OS that could use some coding tweaks could lessen the power of the hardware. I know a lot of devs who refuse to go back and optimize code, “hey if it works… “

    3. Please. Anandtech is the most solid review site out there. They work with facts, and often come down in favor of Android over iOS. The simple fact is that the A6 and A6X are much more capable in many ways than the S4 Pro or Exynos 5 Dual. Denying reality won’t get you anywhere.

      That said, benchmarks don’t change the fact that iOS is completely locked down and a bear to use. They could have a Core i7 and GTX 690 in there and it wouldn’t change the fundamental flaws.

  3. I like how US District Court judges think they have the authority to countermand High Court decisions in other countries.

  4. The benchmarks are raw data and most users have no idea how to interpret it. Therefore fanboys take non-important results and blow them out of proportion. People fail to understand there is no black and white in this industry. Everywhere is grey!

  5. What’s surprising or fishy about Apple products benchmarking better? Anyone who has used an Apple product would know this. Still might not be the best devices for some people, but the UI, apps and games are smooth as butter. Chrome even runs way faster on my 4S than my N7.

    1. Going to call BS right there on that last part since ALL 3rd party browsers on iOS must use the safari webkit that apple provides which has always been gimped compared to when the same webkit runs safari.

      1. Nathan, You are correct that it uses webkit which is why it is superior to Chrome on my N7. It works flawless and very fast.
        ingua2, my 4S provides a much smoother UI experience than the N7. I own multiple Android devices and iPhones. I have no reason to make things up. I buy the best device for my needs regardless of brand unlike Apple/Android sheep.

    2. eh… I’ve noticed lag with my ipad2 since day one. I’ve used my friend’s iphone. Same. I don’t see where people think it’s any better.

  6. I don;t see any problem here, they cost less and whatever speed, they are running what I want them to run, it’s all good.

  7. I don’t see any problem here, they cost less and whatever speed, they are running what I want them to run, it’s all good.

  8. The nexus loses in benchmarks to even the HTC EVO 4G LTE right out the box. Wierd, but interesting.

  9. The people that post on here are funny.
    The latest Apple products get higher benchmarks than the latest Android products: “Something is fishy. Those benchmarks are off.”

    But if the benchmarks showed reversed results, you’d be cheering and saying “Apple is falling behind!”

    Same thing with the Apple/Samsung lawsuit. The judge bans Samsung products from import and “She is an Apple fan!” “Apple must be showering her with money and Apple products!”

    The jury turns in a 1 Billion dollar verdict for Apple, and you guys react with, “They must be Apple users.” “They had to have been paid off!”

    But if the reverse decision was called, you’d be cheering! If Apple products ever get banned, you cheer.

    1. Well to be fair, this site IS called phandroid, as in Android fans.

      Additionally, the same thing goes on at the Apple sites. Sooooo…..yeah. O.o

      1. yeah but i see his point, just because you love android doesnt mean you have to loathe apple with a passion. Most people here find any review that says apple isnt shitty to be “biased.” i think that’s where he was coming from, if im not mistaken.

        1. Fair enough…with one correction. Most people who loathe Apple do so due to their lack of ethics and business morality, as well s their litigious nature. Also, the fact that they really don’t innovate the way they say they do.

          Of course, someone will pipe up defending Apple, but if they deny these things, then they aren’t exactly being objective, either.

          1. THIS 100 times!

          2. I’m not saying apple apologists are objective either, I’m just saying there is a difference between not liking apple for the reasons you stated (all valid reasons) and proclaiming any review that says iphone or ipad or ios isnt inferior to android in every single way being completely biased and paid off by apple.

          3. Yeah, but ios, the iPhone, and the ipad ARE inferior to Android in every way. ;-P

            Seriously, tho…they are. xD

            Ok,ok…I get your point, just having some fun…

    2. That’s because they’re all fans. I don’t see a problem with this. It should get lower. It’s a developer phone, not a flagship phone. It’s not suppose to be the most powerful out there. Those who complain obviously don’t know this.

      Now if it were the GS3 then that would be a different story.

    3. I don’t want to ban Apple. Just leave us alone.

  10. Can’t wait until tmo refarms that 2g spectrum around here! No more edge only for international variants :)

  11. Hell yeah Houston baby.

  12. Bench marks mean nothing in the real world.I buy devices based on their features not bench marks

    1. Couldn’t have said it any better. I get so sick of benchmark junkies.

  13. benchmarks dont mean jack. the Lg motion 4g on metroPCs is said to score higher on benchmarks than samsung galaxy s3. the motion can do that because it doesnt have same size screen or resolution and has a whole lot less features than the S3. both phones have the same processor(believe it or not) but the motion has less to carry.

  14. Anandtechs benchmarks aren’t right. The have the Galaxy S2 with a benchmark score higher than the S3. Complete BS.

  15. What’s interesting about the Anandtech write-up is the idea that the Nexus 4’s poor performance is a result of severe power-gating because it overheats. There’s a post on XDA about LG’s shoddy build quality which is rampant on the Nexus 4. If that’s the case, I have a hard time seeing why Google chose LG in the first place.


    1. The thermal throttling during the tests does worry me, but should also negate these results, or at least put a gigantic asterisk next to them.

      I don’t put much stock in that xda article at all, and some of his points really don’t make sense. It’s a low res picture of an unreleased device with some shoddy wikipedia engineering speculation thrown in.

  16. The whole iOS/Android war would be a friendly rivalry or mere ideological difference if Apple wasn’t so egregiously litigious. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: nobody is mad at Apple for making iPhones and iPads and iOS; people hate Apple because they sue everyone for stupid things like the shape of a rectangle or the *ability* to use a stylus. Apple builds great hardware, and iOS, from an engineering standpoint is solid. The hand-laid-out die on the A6 really is something and obviously results in a tremendous performance boost. It’s admirable engineering-wise. I even understand the model and reasoning behind a curated app store, as much as I hate it. But the bottom line is this: the reason we all hate you Apple, is because you sue everyone and act like complete ***holes and lock stuff down too tightly. Learn to be cool, Apple… Be cool like you used to be.

  17. Um… It’s the Nexus lineup. Developer devices, not flagship devices. This is to be expected. If a developer device surpassed a flagship device, then there is something wrong there.

    The GS3 is a flagship device and that’s what needs to be compared. LoL!!

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